7 Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android [Free]

Has it ever happened to you? – You have been remembering your best friend’s birthday or your anniversary or any important event for a month but in the ruckus of daily life – it just slipped out of your mind.

I am pretty sure that such a situation must have arisen! Forgetting such important events can prove a menace to your relations and business.

So, in this era of technology, here are some of the best SMS scheduler apps for Android that will keep your life well-going with harmony.

Best SMS Scheduler Apps for Android [2021]

Here are the best SMS scheduler apps for Android devices.

1. Do It Later

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android
Best SMS Scheduler App for Android

Do It Later, one of the best and straightforward SMS scheduler apps for android. This app incorporates a very nice and minimalistic interface that makes it smooth to use.

Scheduling SMS, emails, phone calls, social network status, etc.- all this at one platform – Do It Later just makes it possible! 

They allow customizing the exact time to send a message. Moreover, users with dual SIM phones can pick which SIM to send the text to.

You can set a repeating reminder and get an alert when the task is finished. This is the place where you can manage everything at once from a neat list view. 

2. Boomerang Mail

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

Rather than an SMS scheduler app for android, it is a complete replacement for e-mail. Boomerang Mail very seamlessly syncs with Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange Accounts.

This SMS scheduler app for android is loaded with advanced features like snoozing emails, scheduling emails for later, response tracking, etc. Also, it has ‘push notifications’ and ‘send as’ features.

3. SMS Scheduler Free

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

However new in the league, this SMS scheduler app for android never let its users down. They render good management with a simple and user-friendly interface, gestures, and impressive characters.

They allow you to send messages to multiple recipients via speech recognition (voice to text), pre-set templates, etc by syncing contacts.

You can specify as many recipients as you want by specifying numbers, separated by commas. They also enable you to add, change, and delete templates.

Apart from all these traits, you can set the frequency of a message, ranging from 5mins to every hour. Furthermore, they provide you with a history of sent and delivered scheduled messages.

4. Auto Message 

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

Next on the list is Auto Message – a simple SMS scheduler app for android. As its name suggests, you can set automated replies auto-answer call function, etc. 

This app can be used as an SMS reader, quick forward, and auto-responder. They permit you to create a group or list for sending messages to multiple recipients.

Further, you can modify or review SMS scheduling time. By entering keywords in the search box, you can find contacts. And, in a critical situation, you can trigger the location tracking feature.

5. SKEDit Scheduling App

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

As their tagline says “Put your communication on autopilot. Save time and Kill stress!”, they stand on it. SKEDit Scheduling App – the most popular and encompassing SMS scheduler app for android.

With a very simple interface, you can save time by scheduling WhatsApp messages, SMS, calls, and emails to be sent later automatically. It is currently used by millions of users.

6. Handcent Next SMS

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

Handcent Next SMS, the finest and best SMS scheduler app for android on this list. This full-fledged SMS app caters a bouquet of features to its users and thus, makes texting easier.

This is a highly customizable app that gets you powerful and heavy texting. It easily syncs with PCs and allows text messages from the computer.

Above all, the highlighting feature is its privacy box that stores private conversation. The privacy box open with a preset code. Other features include SMS backup, eCards, emoji, stickers, and plenty more.

7. Phone Schedule

Best SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

In the end, we have got an awesome SMS scheduler app for android. Use this app to remind of important events, schedule calls, SMS and even to set music time.

Users can also employ it to schedule messages on third-party apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. Interestingly, they allow you to schedule even to be notified to run a certain application or open a particular website on the browser!

Moreover, they provide users with a smart timer with multiple options. For example, you can choose a message to repeat by week, month, or year. You can transit from ‘Normal’ to ‘Vibrate’ to ‘Mute’ notification mode without any clutter.


So, these were the best SMS scheduler apps for Android.

Though, there are numerous such applications. But, in the above list, we have cherry-picked some of the best apps out there in the market. We would love your suggestions and positive criticism. Drop your suggestions and experience in the comment box below.

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