12 Best Sites Like ThinkGeek: ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

Have you ever struggled to find a customized mobile cover? Or, for your geeky friend’s birthday, you find it hard to have an idea for gifts you can present to him. Or, are you fond of collecting clothing and novelty items?

And, if you love a few accessories used in movies or want to purchase amazing tech-savvy things. Then, ThinkGeek was the ultimate haven for you!

What Is ThinkGeek?

ThinkGeek was an online retail store dedicated to computer enthusiasts and geek culture. They carry a full line of items from apparel to shoes, to furniture and toys, bags, etc. They create products that are more than imagination. In short, this is a wonderland for geeks!

Why Look For ThinkGeek Alternatives?

Sadly, in 2019, ThinkGeek merged with its parent company GameStop and thus got shut down. However, having choices are never bad. While there are sites and stores like ThinkGeek that offer a comparatively fair price and better customer service. 

We present to you some of the best sites like ThinkGeek. So, you can still buy awesome and cool tech stuff. So, go through the list and check out other options available to you!

Best Sites Like ThinkGeek

1. This Is Why I’m Broke 

Site Like ThinkGeek

This Is Why I’m Broke (TIWIB) is one of the amazing online shopping mall sites like ThinkGeek, that has a bunch of novelty and geeky items. If you are looking for techy stuff, then you just need TIWIB; nothing else!

Rather than focusing on their product line, they prefer to procure deals from different shopping sites and leading retailers.

You can get Power Rangers Dresses, Star Trek glasses, a retro typewriter keyboard, and much more. Besides, they enable you to search for gifts by “Gifts by Recipient” (men, mom, friend, dad, etc.); “Gifts by Occasion” (Halloween, Christmas, 21st Birthday, etc.); or “Gifts by Category” (Golf, Wine, Security, etc.).

However, the exceptional aspect of TIWIB is their lowest price for every stuff compared to the other e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

2. Wish.com

Site Like ThinkGeek

Next on the list is Wish – one of the best and valuable sites like ThinkGeek. It has more than 100 million quality products available at reasonable prices.

They cater to you a high-quality product at an accessible rate by connecting buyers to several manufacturers. Through this, they succeed in providing you with a 60-90% discount or at least 50% off on every item.

With a very smooth and user-friendly interface, you can easily find products varying from phone to home appliances, home security.

In the end, take it as advice – ‘ Never go for what they make you see. Always read the description before purchasing!’ However, if you don’t find an item good after buying, you can easily return it and get a full refund through its customer-friendly refund system.

3. Archie McPhee

Site Like ThinkGeek

The next addition amongst the sites like ThinkGeek is ‘Archie McPhee’. Their name syncs with the whole idea behind their brand.

If you are geeky whose imagination knows no bounds; then this is the ideal destination to find weirdo and unusual items, that you won’t get anywhere else.

With the stupendous range of products, you can purchase gift items, masks, horror figures, office items, and much more.

They even incentivize you with free shipping over purchases of 35$ or more and a gift on each order.

Do check out their gift section for amazing gifts at an exceptional value for your loved ones. You can search for gift items either by themes or by categories. Moreover, they allow wholesale purchasing.

Check this amazing alternative site like ThinkGeek. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Entertainment Earth

Site Like ThinkGeek

A wonderful website like ThinkGeek which survived the .com explosion. They are not only about selling retail items but also functions as a wholesale unit.

Once you get registered with them, you get to know their new launch, discount deal, timely updates, and a lot of other features.

This is a fantastic source for toys, action figures, statues, clothing, and a lot more. You can find entertainment stuff or products related to Marvel, DC, WWE, Power Rangers, etc effortlessly.

Furthermore, you can get a great collection of amines and digital arts at a fairly low cost. Even you can get lesser-known characters like Blue Marvels and the Sentry. Though the site is not much geeky, yet you still gonna love it!

5. Jinx

Site Like ThinkGeek

Primarily, a US-based geek clothing line. Jinx is one of the best sites like ThinkGeek. They mainly look for video game-inspired products only.

They have partnerships with many video gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment and have produced products for games like Star Wars, Minecraft, etc.

They are specialized in selling apparel with printed gaming and techy graphics. Here, you can find gaming-based printed T-Shirts, hoodies, shorts, and, even underwear.

However, their prices are a bit higher, you get trusted and quality products. And, if you’re into tech, love gaming, ninja, robots, etc then you must try this site on. 

6. Paramount Zone

Site Like ThinkGeek

Paramount Zone – A very similar UK-based shopping site like ThinkGeek is founded in 2000. It is one of the leading e-commerce sites in the country.

They primarily deal with electronic items, toys like alcohol checkers, programmable frisbees, and tons of unique products.

You never need to worry about the quality of the products you buy here. They have a team that evaluates each new product and put it worthy for its users to buy.

Recently, they have added a RoboShooter to their product list which throws discs and records voice messages and reads them aloud.

7. Sharper Image

Site Like ThinkGeek

The US-based retail company that particularly targets lifestyle products and gear and gadgets. This makes its entry on this list perfect – Sharper Image, a great alternative site like ThinkGeek.

They are known for selling their men’s accessories through various retail units online as well as offline. They are very popular among the new generation of youth.

They offer a wide range of products like Personal Care, Man Massage Care, Sleeping Solutions, Games, and Travels, etc. They also feature thousands of innovative, exciting, unique, and funny gifts.

Besides, for a better customer experience, they offer information videos regarding products, customer reviews, order tracking. Further, they deliver very user-friendly customer care services.

8. FireBox

Site Like ThinkGeek

The versatile site like ThinkGeek on this list – FireBox. This is the place for buyers with infinite stupidity and imagination. They have various strange but cool items.

They have an outstanding range of products featuring lifestyle accessories, homewares, unusual alcohol, the latest tech, and a lot more. You can even get personalized stuff like a pillow with a custom face on it.

They also provide bulk products to retailers smaller than them. Though they mainly ship within Europe and the U.S.; they have expected to start international shipping soon. They even offer perks for students.

FireBox has made it utmost simple to access its platform. 

9. Gadgets and Gears

Sites Like ThinkGeek

As its name suggests, this online retail site provides a good security solution. However, they not only sell security cameras but various types of spy cameras.

Their innovative ideas include cameras in no suspicious objects like an alarm clock, book, and air purifier.

In addition to that, they also provide hidden camera systems and an anti-surveillance system like noise generators, camera detectors, and many more.

10. Bless This Stuff

We have seen many similar sites like ThinkGeek. However, this is unique and different in its approach and modus operandi. 

It is not a shop like other sites on the list rather a discovery place. It haunts down amazing things available in different parts of the world.

They purchase products devoted to men which feature all sorts of things like technology, apparel, lifestyle, sports, vehicles, and more.

11. Mental Floss Store

Site Like ThinkGeek

A great magazine for intelligent nerds and a digital retailing company that serves millennials only. This is a very similar site to ThinkGeek in terms of their approach and products offered.

This site all about digital creation, e-commerce, structure, and print. You can find categories like books, homes, apparel, magazines, games, etc.

These sites like ThinkGeek suit perfectly the new generation because the graphic content is so relatable to youth. Besides, they have a separate section for knowledge junkies where you can find quizzes, facts, trivia for fun, and info.

They also deliver items to international locations. And, you can claim free shipping if you are shopping for 60$ or more.

12. Neatoshop

Site Like ThinkGeek

In the end, we have another trendy and unique site that is all about gadgets and technology.

They have a stunning collection of edgy and artistic designs. They cater perfect designs for comic lovers, scientists, geek. They have got hoodies, t-shirts based on amine, manga, politics, etc.; comic books, horror, Sci-Fi, and much more.

This is the finest online store to purchase hoodies, artist-designed shirts, and more. They fondly boast of excellent customer service. 


Through the article, we have enlisted the best-handpicked sites like ThinkGeek. We hope you find the article helpful to find out the collectibles and tech-savvy stuff. Write your suggestions, queries, and experience in the comment section below. For more such informative posts, do bookmark this site!

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