13 Best Sites Like SockShare To Watch Movies Online [2022]

Undoubtedly many of us like watching movies and are fans of Marvel, DC, Web Series, anime, etc and the urge to watch the latest movies instantly is always there. Not everyone can opt for Netflix, Hulu, or prime subscription plans.

Thus, many pirated sites have come up offering free content with ads. And one such site is sockshare. If you are into these sites you might be knowing sockshare. 

Nevertheless, let us see what sockshare is and why we are in search of sites like sockshare. 

What Is SockShare?

Sockshare is an online streaming site for all your favorite movies and shows. Many movie fans flock to sockshare as it offers so many latest movies in various languages with subtitles for free.

sites like sockshare

However, the site shut down recently and its users are moving to sites like sockshare or its alternatives.

So, without any more ado let’s now look at sites like sockshare. 

Best Sites Like SockShare List

Here are the best sites like sockshare to obtain free access to movies and shows.

1. Go Stream

The first site among sites like sockshare is Go Stream whose popularity and users are rising every day. It gives you a whole lot of movies from Hollywood’s classics to the latest ones. 

sites like sockshare

On the homepage, you will uncover the latest movies and it also gives you a search bar as well as various genres to select from like animation, drama, fantasy, science fiction, war, etc. Other categories include, most viewed, top IMDb, and latest. 

The movies are available in HD resolution and you adjust it as per your wish. Also, the interface is straightforward to navigate. Moreover, it has a broad library that includes movies and also TV shows, and many that will entertain you. 

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is another nice one in the list of sites like sockshare and this site works quite differently from others. 

sites like sockshare

It has a search bar that lets you search for any of your favorite movies or shows and it gives you links to the sites where you can watch those movies; it doesn’t directly host the movies on its site rather gives you sites to watch them. Doesn’t make it completely legal though. 

However, you will find all the latest content quickly and in HD quality and it is worth a check. 

3. YifyTv

Yify TV or yify torrent sites are all very famous and are some of the best sites like sockshare. Yify TV offers almost all the latest movies in the best possible quality and you do not have to register to use it. 

sites like sockshare

You will find featured movies, movies, TV series on its homepage. Users can search for shows and movies from its broad range of genres, in the search bar or by release year. 

To make it easier to find your movies there are also categories like movies, TV series, ratings, etc. The site updates itself quickly, fetching you all the latest content as fast as they release. 

4. BMovies

BMovies is again an excellent one among sites like sockshare. It has a huge library of movies and shows that are overwhelming. BMovies has a classic interface that looks absolutely cool and all the genres, categories are ordered in the best way. 

sites like sockshare

You will find various genres like action, biography, family, mystery, sitcom, etc, and not only English content you can also watch content from other countries. You can either search in the search box or go for its categories- movies, TV series, IMDb, orA- Z list.

5.  PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is another free movie streaming site that is really easy to use. The site is similar to Tubi TV or Sony Crackle and is (avod) a supported video-on-demand service. 

sites like sockshare

We cannot change the resolution of movies and shows so the video quality is quite considerable but it isn’t at high resolution for sure. The site also has a particular section for kids called PopcornFlix kids. 

One can search in the given search bar or by genres provided. Also, there is a viral video section that is entertaining. Yeah, it’s completely free but has ads. 

6. Solar Movies

There are many sites like sockshare and Solar Movies is one of the best among them. It has categories like featured ones, movies, TV series, genre, country, release year, etc. 

sites like sockshare

The site has a huge follower base because of its good streaming experience and movies of better quality. It has a collection of all Hollywood’s latest movies and shows. There are also movies other than English and it has an easy-to-use interface. Like other sites, you inevitably have to bear ads a little. 

7. PrimeWire

Movie addicts will surely like this site too as it has abundant new movies and also popular ones. Users can set their quality and also have subtitles. 

sites like sockshare

Here also you can browse various genres like fantasy, adventure, war, family, mystery, etc. You can also search for the advanced search bar given or country-wise too. PrimeWire shows all the details of the movies along with reviews.

8. Movies4K

Now movies4k interface is pretty impressive displaying all the latest and popular content. Like other sites, it also has a search bar to find your movies quickly and numerous genres and categories. 

sites like sockshare
Movie4K Alternatives to Watch Movies Online for Free

However, I found the site takes time to host all the latest movies and you may not find them as soon as they are released or even after a month. Still, it has quite a good following because of all the features it has. 

9. 123Movies

Again this site is very much traditional and has many proxies as it goes off now and then. 123Movies is another online streaming site that provides all the content free.

sites like sockshare

You don’t have to sign-up or register to stream through this site and you will find all the newly released movies and series. 123Movies has a variety of content on it and around 12 sites with the common domain that made it popular. Movie fans will definitely like this site.

10. SeeHD 

SeeHD- yet another amazing site filled with all the popular and exciting movies to stream for all the fans of movies and series. This site is a fair one in our list of sites like sockshare that lets you continue streaming with no hassle and easy navigating.

sites like sockshare

To make searching easier, you can sort by release date, voting count, popularity, etc. And also choose from various genres and release years. SeeHD does make finding your fav movies easy and the only downside is it also has ads. On its homepage, you will discover shows airing today, top-rated movies, etc. 

11. Flixtor

Flixtor is an incredibly amazing site and has to be one of the best sites like sockshare. This site updates with all the latest movies and series as quickly as possible. It furnishes content in normal and high quality along with subtitles in whichever language you want. 

sites like sockshare

And the interface is also good and uncluttered. In the menu, you will find genres and other categories to locate your movies effortlessly. Flixtor’s search bar also works just fine. Just make sure your internet connection is good. Yes, ads are displayed here also. 

12. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is also a wonderful site that has an endless catalog and lets you stream all the latest content right away as it searches from all the highest quality torrent sites constantly. 

sites like sockshare

You will precisely have a seamless experience using Popcorn Time and streaming your favorite movies and shows. The site has its application and is compatible with almost all devices making it easier for you to stream your movies. 

Also, another good thing is you can watch all the movies in either sub or dub and HD quality all for free bearing a few ads!

13. CMovies

CMovies is again a decent site where you will find quite a bunch of new movies. Does take a little time to get in the latest one’s but has some biggest hits and famous movies and shows. 

sites like sockshare

And the drawback is its ads that are just too many and are really annoying. Other than that it’s a nice one among sites like sockshare with a good user interface and considerable filtering options.


There are tons of sites like sockshare and the above-mentioned are some of the best ones to stream your favourite movies. 

Almost all the sites have the same features, and no site is exempted from ads. You can use an ad-blocker for that. The only thing in which the sites differ is the quality and how quickly they host the new movies- like Flixtor, BMovies, Popcorn Time, YifyTV.

Hope you found the article helpful, lets us know if you have any more good sites like sockshare. 

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