10 Best Sites Like Reddit You Should Check Out Now

We all know how popular Reddit is and how fast it is in letting you know what’s happening on the internet. Reddit gives you the info even before any other news site.

From technology to entertainment and inventions, it covers everything. Its instantaneous nature and the fact that everyone can discuss and express their views on various topics made Reddit popular. 

Nonetheless, you may be looking for sites like Reddit for any reason. So here, in this article, we have listed the 10 best sites like Reddit that you can explore and quench your thirst. 

Best Sites Like Reddit [Reddit Alternatives]

Here are the best sites like Reddit you can consider. 

1. Steemit

Now this one is a little different in our list of sites like Reddit. Steemit is a blogging and social media platform. It’s based on cryptocurrency, Steemit rewards its users for writing content on its site with its own Cryptocurrency STEEM. By the votes and comments on a post, the payout of the post is decided. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

There are also curation rewards for upvoting and getting content. Now that cryptocurrency is getting popular, it’s quite an interesting and exciting site. 

2. Imgur

Imgur is one of the best sites like Reddit that is focused on social gossip. It’s an American-based image sharing and hosting site. Imgur got popular because of its easy functionality, features. By creating an account, you can manage all your images like editing, deletion, creation, and also comment on viral images. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

It also has a meme generator, creating animated gifs. Imgur has the most viral collection of images and its members can like, comment, and earn points and trophies like the best post of the day, month, year, or comment of the day, etc. 

3. Slashdot

Slashdot or( /.) is another great one if you are scanning sites like Reddit. Slashdot presents all the stories from science, technology, politics, etc. These stories are furnished by users and site editors. Every story like this turns into a discussion by slashdot’s users, and the summaries are made by them. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

One can rate comments as moderate, normal, off-topic, interesting, and many more. It has around 5.5 million users per month and has won several awards like 20. And yeah it happens often that a link in a slashdot’s story causes heavy traffic on the linked site that it also collapses. 

4. Digg

We now have Digg that will keep the internet audience updated with its variety of content on politics, science, and viral videos and images. You can also share content on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

It’s a very popular social news site where you can also upvote or downvote called digging and burying and Dogg’s user interface is much neater and uncluttered with easy navigation.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is yet another decent one in the list of sites like Reddit. Here you can discover content on a variety of stuff from around the world. You have to sign up first which is absolutely free and simply choose the topics you are interested in and get recommended pages of your interest. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

Other than discovering content, you can also add your views, knowledge and give points to it and also follow like-minded people. Also, you can save the content to read later and have a great time browsing trending stories. 

6. ProductHunt

If you like exploring new products every day then this site is for you. ProductHunt is an American site where you can share and upvote or downvote products. The one with the most votes will be on top of the site. There are 4 categories, Games, Books, Podcasts, Technology Products in which all the products are composed. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

All the products are organized into four categories- technology products, games, books, and podcasts. Product Hunt leads to the discovery of new products every day across different companies. 

7. Quora

This one’s not new and is very popular. We can call quora a more question and answer site where you connect with various individuals with different opinions and insights on several topics. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

You can ask questions on it and get answers from others, and also answer others’ questions if you have good knowledge of it. One can also follow people, topics, and comment or upvote, or downvote the posts. 

8. 4Chan

4Chan is a notoriously famous imageboard site and the fact that users are entirely anonymous is its strength. Users can upload anything under any alias, however, it was started for discussion of anime and manga in 2003. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

You can post anything from images, videos, music, anime, technology-related, so on…being completely anonymous and also comment on your favorite boards. It has categories like video games, Japanese culture, creative interests, and miscellaneous. 

9. Hubski

Hubski is another one among sites like Reddit, where you can share content and are encouraged to also post original ones. You can follow the people, tags, domains whose posts you like and see their feed.

Best Sites Like Reddit

You will find interesting stories and events that interest you. One can post, comment, share, like, and filter. Also, receive email alerts. 

10. 9gag

And on the 10th spot of our list sites like Reddit have 9gag. This is a great site to get the most popular memes, breaking stories, viral videos, etc. You can upload various content from other social sites. It’s got really popular among Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Best Sites Like Reddit

It’s best for memes and is fun and you can comment or upvote the stuff. However, know that you have to bear many ads. 

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So, these are some best sites like Reddit, if you simply wanna see what other sites are like and use them. They are more or less similar and have the same features as Reddit. 

Hope you liked the article and let us know if you have any good ones and which one do you think is the best site like Reddit. 

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