12 Best Sites Like Rabbit [Rabb.it Alternatives 2022]

Rabb.it was an amazing site that was really popular enough. It paved a new way to bring people closer virtually in time when they are apart or during pandemics. It allows friends and family or even strangers to stream together movies and shows like what is seen on their device is seen on yours too with many features like you can chat, videos call, playback, and audio commentary which makes it stand out. 

However, we now know that rabbit has ceased its service as it isn’t receiving enough funding to keep the site working. Nevertheless, there’s always a way or many ways. Similarly, there are many sites like Rabbit that are free with decent features to go on having the seamless experience of streaming with your closed ones. 

Best Rabb.it Alternatives: Sites Like Rabbit

Below are the best sites like rabbit that will make your nights into virtual movie nights.

1. Netflix Party

Netflix party now renamed to TeleParty is the best one among sites like Rabbit if you are into streaming content from Netflix more than any other service. So it’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you and your friend to stream together. Yes, every one of you should have this extension installed. 

sites like rabbit

Once you install it and log in to your account then create a party called ” teleparty” and invite your friends to it. You also have the option to chat with your friends while streaming. One can build teleparties on Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO sites and have long-distance movie nights together!

2. AndChill

AndChill as the name sounds, chill around with friends and family is an outstanding and one of the best sites like Rabbit to unite with your friends or family and stream or watch movies and shows together. 

sites like rabbit

The best thing is its user interface that is very user-friendly and will take only a few seconds to share videos, audio files, etc. Not only you can create groups but also join chat rooms by seeing what content they are watching and who they are. This way, you also meet new people around and share diverse thoughts. 

3. Rave

Rave is yet another site that integrates you and your friends wherever you are. Rave definitely tries to be a pure social media app and has some robust features with a clean user interface. Like others, Rave also supports chat rooms where you can gossip, banter while binge-watching shows and series with whoever you are with. 

sites like rabbit

It has apps for Android and iOS and is best for people who prefer smartphone apps over the web. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Disney+, etc are what it supports. Moreover, you can upload and share all your content and manage them. 

4. AirtimeAirtime | Home

“Come together live, do what you what” is the tagline airtime has synonymous with what it does. And this one is among the best sites like rabbit for mobile users. 

sites like rabbit

It has apps for both Android and iOS with some wonderful features. You can share anything on your smartphone whether it’s movies, videos, or music, and watch together. Around 10 people at a time can join a room and that’s great I suppose. 

You can chat, send GIFs, animations, send videos, short clips, etc while streaming. Another good thing is it supports media playback and audio msg or comment concurrently. 

5.  MyCircle.TV

Again, a decent site to have fun together when you are apart is MyCircle. tv that supports Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube. And the best part is it’s completely free and there’s no need for you to register or sign in. 

sites like rabbit

It’s a web-based platform where you can create your groups and also make them private and share videos or stream for YouTube. Also, upload your playlists or own videos by uploading files to myCloud. One can also join in new groups here apart from created ones. 

6. Explorii

Explorii boasts to be one of the best apps to stream together with your friends from any site from videos, movies, sports, shows, to anything. Just like other sites allow you to chat with your friends in real-time while streaming, explorii also does. 

sites like rabbit

One can watch videos or movies in public or private rooms according to their wish. Can also join virtual rooms from around the globe. Provides all the ways like emojis, stickers, cool backgrounds, instant text messaging, video calls to express yourself. Moreover, explorii has apps for both Android and iOS users. 

7. TogetherTube

Like all other sites, TogetherTube has all the features to have fun and excitement with friends. You can share videos, music, etc. Also, can chat in public or private chat rooms.

sites like rabbit

Anyone in the group can add videos and there’s also an option of voting the videos and the video which got the highest votes will be played next and this feature makes it different from other sites. And, there’s no need to sign-up. 

8. Caracal

Caracal- a decent one to have long-distance movie nights with your friends and family where you can stream Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, anime, or anything you wish to without any trouble. It lets you have a new browser without installing an extension and signing up is required though.

sites like rabbit

One can create a room and invite people and also chat in the group chat feature. It’s an intriguing one among sites like rabbit and also has a comprehensive user interface. 

9. Invited

Okay, so this name is quite interesting itself. Invited is yet another site like rabbit to have the virtual movie, show nights together. 

sites like rabbit

This one likewise lets you create and host parties for your friends. All you have to do is send the link of your room to your friends to let them join and then you can share anything from movies, shows, YouTube, shopping sites, music anything and also chat with them. Not to mention, It has its own virtual machine that enriches your experience.

10. Kosmi

Many apps let you come together virtually with your loved ones to watch and stream and kosmi is again one of the best on our list of sites like rabbit. 

sites like rabbit

Well, this site like the above ones also supports sharing anything from videos, YouTube, Vimeo, etc, and creating rooms whether private or public to binge-watch with family, friends, or random strangers. 

Moreover, it doesn’t need any installation or sign-up process and does make online hangouts easier. 

11. Lets Gaze

Umm, let’s gaze or more like let’s watch together no matter where we are. Here’s a Let’s Gaze site that keeps you connected with people who are far. 

sites like rabbit

Create a room and share videos, music, all other stuff with your friends and watch along with them. Everything syncs- play, pause, seek suitably. Furthermore, chat with your friends or have video calls and talk as if you were there, and it’s incredibly easy to share and stream video and audio in multiple formats. 

12. Synaptop

Synaptop is another amazing one in the sites like rabbit list. This site is completely free though you have to create an account or sign-up. Yes, it also syncs everything with friends or family without much hassle. 

sites like rabbit

Initially, you add a few apps from which you can watch movies, shows, play music, etc which are all web-based so you don’t have to download anything. Also, chat or have video calls in real-time and play games. 


These are some best sites like rabbit. Almost all of them have the same features, that few are web-based and few have mobile apps and differ in user interfaces. You can choose any one of them by seeing which equips you best, however, all are pretty much good.

Hope you liked the article and let us know if we missed any more good sites in the comment section. 

Happy Virtual Movie Nights!

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