12 Best Sites Like Mercari To Buy & Sell Stuff Online [2022]

Wanna sell or buy your stuff online and make space in your closet or want to grab stuff at a reasonable or half of its original price.? Yeah, there are many sites where you can buy and sell stuff online. Nice way to earn some money as well as clear the clutter at home. 

And Mercari is one such site and also quite popular. It was initially a Japan-based site however as it entered the US market it crossed the 45 million mark and gained great attention. Also, unlike other sites, it has many shipping options, great deals, easy returns, etc. Nevertheless, it has cons like allowing very used items, limited search filters, etc. 

Since you are here, we understand you are looking for sites like Mercari. Therefore in this article, we have listed a few best sites like Mercari that are worth checking out.

Best Sites Like Mercari List

Below is the list of sites like Mercari for you to bring in space by selling and stuff by buying online. 

1. eBay

Now this one doesn’t require any intro. As we know eBay is an online auction company since 1995. eBay is known for auctions however also evolved being a significant one in fixed-price sales.

sites like mercari

eBay is available in many different countries and is a go-to site for online merchants. One can open an eBay account for free and can be either seller or buyer. It’s an incredible site with some good features like an advanced search bar, anti-fraud system, notifications, user-friendly interface. 

You will find almost everything here and even things which you don’t find locally like the antique ones. People flock here for its extensive selection of items and their prices. 

Moreover, one can search for things locally, nationally, or internationally and if you are a seller there’s some listing fee that depends on the stuff you put out and how long you put in. 

It’s certainly a nice one among sites like Mercari to buy and sell things online. 

2. Vinted

If you have got your wardrobe full of clothes and you wanna get rid of them, then this one’s the best site for it. It has over 12 billion buyers and sellers that are increasing every day. And one can download its app from the play store or iTunes. 

sites like mercari

Moreover, the app is completely free for sellers i.e there are no listing fees and clothes can be swapped. Taking the picture, adding description and price along with parcel size is all you have to do and the buyers can directly message you to know the details.  However, the app is a little glitchy, and customer service isn’t that nice. 

3. ThredUp

This one’s another nice one among sites like Mercari to buy Preloved clothes that are not rattled and are in pretty good condition. 

It’s an online store that offers everything from clothing to accessories. 

sites like mercari

If you wanna look fabulous and get your branded stuff at half price then this one will not disappoint you. Selling is extremely easy here, you just have to order a clean-out kit and put your items in it for processing. 

Once processed, you can choose the payment mode either upfront or consign. One can monitor their consignment by downloading the ThredUp app. 

Buyers are also very much satisfied with all the products sold here and the site also has various categories to choose from.

4. Tradesy

Tradesy is yet another site where you buy and sell designer wear from shoes, wedding gowns, accessories, handbags, etc. 

If you are a fashionista then tradesy is the right place to get your high-end clothes at reasonable prices as they are second-hand ones. You can either be a seller or a buyer. 

sites like mercari

Buying on tradesy is easy and simple and another good thing is you can return the product within 4 days if you have a valid reason. However, tradesy takes a quite high commission from sellers when compared to other sites, like it earns 9% commission for its services and when you pull out your money from the account, you pay a 2.9% transfer fee.

5. Carousell

Carousell is again a decent site if you are looking for sites like Mercari that also lets you buy and sell stuff online. One can be sellers or buyers and just like other sites you have to take pictures of the item, put a brief description and select the category to post in. 

sites like mercari

It has a user-friendly interface, also uncluttered. You can download its app from the app store or play store to keep track of everything. 

Moreover, it has many categories to look into for buyers like women’s or men’s wear, computers and tech, home appliances, beauty, and personal care, videos gaming stuff, etc. sellers have relief as It doesn’t have any listing fees for sellers and is completely free. 

6. Poshmark

Okay. Now this one’s another great one in our list of sites like Mercari and does provide quality and high-end stuff.

sites like mercari

It has divided categories into women, men, kids, and home. There is stuff from various brands like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Gucci, Nike, Chanel, carters, Disney, etc. This one’s a nice site if you want to sell accessories and clothes.

 If you are selling for over 15$ then you pay 20$ fees and 2.95$ for everything under it. Like other sites, buyers can explore and negotiate and buy. However, this site is quite expensive for sellers. 

7. OfferUp

To make money out of your old clothes and stuff, instead of keeping them aside, OfferUp is another great option that is quite famous and now it has also merged LetGo in it making itself an ideal one in our list of sites like Mercari list. 

OfferUp is one of the best apps which can be used for buying or selling second-hand stuff. You can use it to buy or sell a variety of items from shoes, clothes, household goods, and many more. 

sites like mercari

What I like about this app is it is very simple to use and you will have to finish the TruYou verification process so that your identity will be officially verified to avoid scams.

To sell items, one has to upload the photos, a bit of description, followed by price and location to post it. While listing the items you can choose between local pick-up and nationwide shipping.

This app also allows ratings and reviews so you can have an idea of how reliable your buyer will be before meeting them.

8. Depop

Do you want to buy clothes from your favorite fashion bloggers or popular influencers? So, here is one of the best apps for buying or selling stuff that is largely used.

Out of all the sites like Mercari, the Depop probably is the most flair one and is another go-to in the clothing resale community.

sites like mercari

Many popular personalities and fashion bloggers use this site for selling their old clothing to their followers. This app also has nice social features which let you follow people with unique styles you like and know their closet updates using this site’s app.

In fact, many Depop sellers also launch their stores on Instagram and Tik Tok platforms that help to improve following and give a boost to some sales.

On sales you make, the Depop charges only 10% and the transactions are done through PayPal which is good in terms of currency exchange and security.

9. Craigslist

And now comes Craigslist in our list of sites like Mercari which isn’t new to anyone and is super popular having 20 million active users. 

sites like mercari

It operates worldwide and you can find almost everything from home appliances to clothes, cars, etc. Not only that, one can rent a house, sell their puppies or even find a job. Moreover, it’s very simple and easy to navigate. 

 Now since it is for so long, around 15 years, it did attract many buyers and sellers, not to forget crooks also. Yeah, you have to be a little more careful about scams and frauds with this site. 

10. LetGo

Here’s another site among the best sites like Mercari. If you wanna sell your stuff second-hand to others then LetGo makes it simple and easy. With LetGo you let go of your old stuff and it becomes someone else’s new one. 

Sites Like Mercari

LetGo is straightforward and is absolutely free. It is used by many people around the globe like it has 100+ million downloads. One can use the built-in chat to communicate with others and see or buy items. 

One can also check others users’ profiles and see what ratings they have got along with reviews to get a clear idea of buying from them. You simply have to take a snap of your item or thing and put some info about it and then post it if you want to sell. 

11. OpenBazaar

This is another site where you can buy and sell your stuff online. When buying or selling here there’s no intermediate person and things are done directly. On OpenBazaar you will see shipping options like express, standard, overnight, etc. You can choose anyone according to your wish. 

Sites Like Mercari

Moreover one can also communicate with others on this site by using the inbuilt chat feature made available. Buyers can also ask questions to the seller regarding the product and the seller can also confirm shipping, etc making things apparent. 

Openbazaar is an open-source application, anyone can use it, also it is secured to prevention from fraud. It makes selling second-hand stuff easily without any fees or middle people. One can also earn money with cryptocurrencies here and you can buy almost anything like music, clothing, games, jewelry, etc. 

12. StockX

If you love sneakers then StockX is the right place for you to buy second and branded sneakers which are authentic. You will find shoes from various brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Van, etc and the site is also safe to buy and sell. 

Sites Like Mercari

Moreover, you will also find other things like watches, jewelry, handbags, collectibles, other accessories, and also streetwear. The site has really good reviews and is trusted by many people globally. It also has an application that has millions of downloads. 

You can also track the changes in the value of all the things you uploaded. The site is featured in ESPN, The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, BBC, TechCrunch, etc. 


The above-mentioned were some best sites like Mercari that you can consider. And it’s always advised to be more careful when you buy or sell anything online to avoid getting scammed.

Nevertheless, we hope you liked the article and was helpful to you. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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