15 Sites Like Humble Bundle For The Best Gaming Deals [2022]

Humble Bundle and sites like Humble Bundle are a great way to expand your collection of games at affordable prices and also to do your part of charity work. 

Humble Bundle offers a comprehensive and huge library that ranges from major AAA titles to indie games having a straightforward interface.

sites like humble bundle

Although Humble Bundle focuses on video games, it also offers video editing software, programming tutorials, RPG guides, comic books, etc. 

The humble bundle is definitely the best place to buy games while doing charity. However, there are also other sites like Humble Bundle that are worth looking into and if you are in search of them you are in the right place. 

We have listed the 15 best sites like Humble Bundle to expand your options. 

Best Sites Like Humble Bundle To Buy Cheap Games

Below are the 15 best sites like Humble Bundle to buy your favorite games at a low price.

1. Green Man Gaming

So the first spot on our list has Green Man Gaming. This is one of the biggest and best sites like Humble Bundle in the gaming distribution platforms. It’s a nice place to search for modern and mainstream hits. 

sites like humble bundle

You can browse the games by genre, franchises, etc. Green Man Gaming’s homepage displays upcoming games, new games, best sellers, the games on sale and you will find something here for sure if you are a PC gamer. 

It also has discounts and hot deals which you shouldn’t miss. The site is very flexible and should be one of your sites to purchase games. Moreover, it also has a play-fire social network that lets you connect with your friends. Also can add games to your PC and track record.

2. Groupees

Another good one is Groupees that is a little different from others. And this one is similar to Humble Bundle. Also, the site offers a decent collection of music, ebook, and comic bundles.

sites like humble bundle

Moreover, you can exchange messages in the Groupees community, and create your bundle. There are small, indie games along with larger games and the prices are incredibly low.

3. Indie Gala

This is another among the sites like Humble Bundle. They sell both standalone and bundled games. And, the standalone ones are a little expensive and the bundles are amazingly low priced to buy.

sites like humble bundle

This site offers more discounts for hit games like elite dangerous, doom eternal, etc.

You can also set a part of the revenue for charity. On this site, the bundles are small however as the price is low and you obtain a considerable number of games. Mostly Indie Gala focuses on PC gamers.

4. Lazy Guys Bundle

If you want some best gaming deals Lazy Guys Bundle is a nice one among the best sites like Humble Bundle. The site is very Flexible and the working mechanism is quite fast due to which you don’t have to wait much.

sites like humble bundle

You get your games at a low price as there are 10 games in the Bundle and this site focuses on Bundle games. Sometimes you receive special deals, extra prices on purchasing if you are among the top contributors. Moreover, each bundle lasts for a particular time like a week or two.

5. Bunch Keys

Bunch Keys is yet another site like Humble Bundle if you are looking for great discounts. You will find almost all your favorite genres. Till now around 1.5 million games are sold on this site and each bundle has 15 games at an unbelievable price of $1.49.

sites like humble bundle

Furthermore when steam keys and other products through giveaways and Bunch Keys put up discounts on bundles every week so make sure you check it out.

6. Fanatical

Fanatical is a considerable website from a long back. Usually, this one is a gamers’ primary choice. This one also focuses on bundles and does good work by donating some part of their earnings as charity. 

sites like humble bundle

The discounts on games here are real good as sometimes you get 99% off on your favorite games. You can obtain mystery games by purchasing mystery keys and often the bundles are season-themed. Also, Fanatical off nice deals on comics, and large sales game news. 

7. Itch

Now comes Itch. Again a decent website that not only offers great deals but also supports small developers by putting up indie games. One will get something here as they have various genres from which you can select and play your game.

sites like humble bundle

Here, the site offers nice discounts and sometimes sells even for free. You will find in the large sales the expensive games. Wanna help indie developers? then you must visit this site. 

8. Game Thrill

Game Thrill as the name says it will never let you Game Thrill go away as it has some great deals on many games. Here you get almost all popular indie games, AAA titles in several genres. 

sites like humble bundle

Moreover, Game Thrill puts up amazing games on the first day of every month in your member zone for you to grab. Video games here support multiple platforms and also Steam, Origin, Battle.net, uPlay. Game Thrill is a good site among sites like Humble Bundle that will serve you best. 

9. Bundle In A Box

Bundle In A Box is a well-known and loved site by all the gamers to buy their thrilling games at reasonable prices. The site has a well-maintained user interface that’s easy to navigate making it easier to find your games in different genres like poker games, RPG games, mobile games, sci-fi games, etc. 

sites like humble bundle

Also, the site has reviews of games written by the previous buyers which will help you select and buy the games. 

10. Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate opens all the gates of games for both Mac and PC users. One can choose from around 6000 various games at an affordable price giving you plenty of options. It also provides a feature called blue coins which can earn by reviewing, buying, ranking, etc. 

sites like humble bundle

Moreover, the site has no involvement with the third party so it’s quite safe and is worth checking out among the impressive sites like Humble Bundle. 

11. Epic Bundle

There are many sites out there to get the best deals on your favorite games and Epic Bundles is another good site like Humble Bundle that will not disappoint you. The site has vouchers, nice deals, and also free games. This one also focuses more on bundles. 

sites like humble bundle

This site has a different mechanism of working as it acquires bundles from other well-known distributions like Indie Gala, Groupees, etc. Along with bundles Epic Bundle also provides ebooks, music, and software. 

12. Is There Any Deal

Is There Any Deal will give you epic deals and is yet another nice one among sites like Humble Bundle. The site has a nice user-friendly interface and doesn’t look messy.

sites like humble bundle

On its home page, you will find the details of all bundles with days left to expire. It also offers giveaways and you can search your titles in the trending, time, game rating, deal rating categories as well as from stores like Amazon, Blizzard, DLGamer, etc. Overall, it’s a nice alternative to Humble Bundle.

13. Good Old Games

GOG or Good Old Games is undeniably one of the best sites like Humble Bundle. You can look for games in the categories like games on sale, bestsellers, and new releases also in various genres- adventures, racing, sports, shooters, etc. 

sites like humble bundle

Along with games Good Old Ones also sells DRM-free movies and gaming videos. It’s a must-visit site for you to get all kinds of games from old, classic, indie, to top AAA games. 

Good Old Games is a completely legal site and sells the games in the shape of DLC free installers to download supporting the makers too. 

14.  uCrate

uCrate is yet another good site if you are looking for Humble Bundle alternatives. Here each bundle has 10 games and you can download any premium games to play. 

sites like humble bundle

It has 4 subscription plans for 1,3, 6, and 12 months and yeah 12 months one is cheap and best. You get access to 10 games per month, Elite Crate Entry, save big on RRP games, boost packages, etc. For a fraction of the retail price, you get great games on this site. 

15. Story Bundle

We are at the end of our list and here comes the Story Bundle and is also a decent one among the sites like Humble Bundle. 

sites like humble bundle

Story Bundle concentrates on bundles of books that are jotted down by indie authors. Also like many others and Humble Bundle, Story Bundle also contributes part of its revenue for charity.

You will find both single and bundle books here. Each bundle has around 6 to 9 titles and you can decide the price you want to pay for the books.


Humble Bundle has its rich features and advantages making it good however if you were looking for its alternatives then the above ones are the good ones you can consider. 

You can buy amazing stuff and games at a lower price than usual on these sites, doing a bit of charity also. 

We hope you liked the article and that it assisted you well. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section. 

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