10 Best Sites Like Fingerhut To Buy Now And Pay Later [2022]

Everyone does shopping now and then and sometimes it becomes so difficult to manage expenses and wish we could pay for things we bought later. We may keep our house, family, and well-being in good condition and often when we are making huge purchases it turns a little hard on the bank account. 

However, Fingerhut and sites like Fingerhut make buying expensive things or simply purchasing anything feasible with the money you have in. And Fingerhut is a site like that. Your presence says you are looking for sites like Fingerhut, and are on the exact article as we have documented some best sites like Fingerhut. 

Therefore, let’s briefly see what Fingerhut is followed by its alternatives. 

What Is Fingerhut?

Fingerhut is a site that lets you buy your items and pay them back later in monthly installments. Monthly you can pay as low as $6.99. It also has a credit card which you can use to buy. You can buy household items, electronics, appliances, etc. 

But there are many other sites like Fingerhut to get your shopping done with the comfort of paying back later worth checking. So, let’s start exploring the best sites like Fingerhut. 

Best Sites Like Fingerhut List

Here is the list of sites like Fingerhut to buy and pay later with convenience.

1. The Shopping Channel

The shopping channel is a great one among sites like Fingerhut and everything displayed on the show is available on its site. It’s one of the best choices if you wanna buy now and pay later as it has a credit program that’s like Fingerhut’s and you can shop in so many categories like fashion, shoes & handbags, beauty, kitchen, electronics, home & garden, and also coins. 

sites like fingerhut

Other than that it also has features like you can add items to your shopping bag, can create your wish list, etc. It boasts over 1000s of products and the shopping channels site’s interface is relatively similar to other shopping sites and is very impressive. 

2. StoneBerry

StoneBerry is another best of for sites like Fingerhut but here customers have the credit option only when they purchase from StoneBerry or its brands like Masseys, filth & glam, K Jordan, etc. 

sites like fingerhut

Before you start shopping you will first complete a qualification form and get approved then add items to your cart, and shop. You will have a credit limit of $1000 when you first apply and over time it may increase. Nice one to get regular shopping done without overwhelming your bank account. 

And the monthly payment for your purchases can be as low as $5.99, also there are no membership fees. Coming to what you can buy here.. almost all regular household stuff from electronics, kitchen, etc. 

3. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is a similar site to the country door and has almost the same features and process. Here you will discover all the home stuff like bedding, electronics, bath products, outdoor, kids and women wear and their accessories. 

sites like fingerhut

The site also gives nice service to customers and top-notch quality products. It has no hidden bills and membership charges and you can pay in installments of $5.99 and it’s the best site if you want to buy electronic products as you find so many of them here like the latest phone models, toys, TV sets, etc. Putting all its features together makes it one of the best sites like Fingerhut. 

4. Ginny’s

Now this site- Ginny’s is much similar to Seventh Avenue from the interface to things it sells and also lets you have the option of buying now and paying later. The categories you find here are updated home furniture, gifts, healthcare, etc. 

sites like fingerhut

Also, you will uncover some awesome colorful kitchen stuff, shoes, and exciting electronics. Moreover, you can pay back your purchases with low monthly payments that start at $10. This site’s best if you want to enhance your home decor or in need of household items. 

5. Zebit

Zebit is another great site in our list of sites like Fingerhut and you will get a maximum of $2500 to shop at zebit. Yes, Zebit boasts there are no hidden fees or interest. And that’s really good when you purchase some expensive product as you can pay over 6 months in installments. 

sites like fingerhut

It also verifies your identity, income before you can start shopping on zebit. What you can buy here? Well, some fashion, home decor, kitchen stuff, and electronics. 

6. HSN

HSN or Home Shopping Network is yet another best site like Fingerhut that is rather comparable to the shopping channel in terms of originating from a famous TV channel. Home shopping network-the name itself suggests you will find all home-related stuff, personal care products, and also other things like crafts and sewing, electronics, luggage, etc. Also, there’s a category for sports fans too. 

sites like fingerhut

It does give you a choice of BNPL which you can complete in monthly installments and also have to create an HSN credit card. The repayment depends on the price of the item you purchased. HSN is a reliable site and an old one that operates worldwide. 

7. FlexShopper

Now we have FlexShopper which’s again a good one if you are looking for sites like Fingerhut. You will first have to apply then get approved and start shopping. 

sites like fingerhut

So, it offers more electronics and appliances and some tires, furniture, kitchenware, and mattresses. One can shop for items worth over $2500 from 1000s of products and can pay over a year. That means if you can repay your purchase in one year then you can buy the item. 

8. LendYou

As the name sounds, lend you basically lends you money and is different from the other sites in our list of sites like Fingerhut. Lendyou connects you to financial institutions and the loans you receive will be around $2500 that pretty much and the repayment options are flexible. 

sites like fingerhut

And you must know that lenders or people who lend you money will set their own terms and conditions aside from lendYou. Lenders should be above 18, income- at least $1000, and few more requirements. You first have to register yourself to borrow money and it’s fast and easy. Furthermore, it safeguards your transactions with OLA and McAfee. 

9. QVC

QVC is one of the flexible, reliable, and affordable sites among sites like Fingerhut that offers almost everything from expensive clothes, basic household items, electronics, and the quality is just like Fingerhut having some great deals. 

sites like fingerhut

Like other sites, you can pay over time in monthly installments of up to 3 months. And no extra charges or interests. You will also find a few channels like QVC live, My Channel, Kim Gravel, etc to shop and discover. QVC provides repayment options that are very flexible and friendly and you will find here almost everything you desire. 

10. The Swiss Colony

Till now all the sites we talked about offered clothes, appliances, and electronics. None offered food! So this site The Swiss Colony lets you buy food you like and has the option of buying now and paying later in installments. 

sites like fingerhut

Like other sites, you have to open a credit account with Swiss Colony and can start purchasing. What food? Candies, cakes, chocolates, desserts, nuts & snacks, sugar, and gluten-free items, sausage, etc. And you can pay monthly as low as $10 back. 


You might be interested in Fingerhut but these sites are no less and you are certainly gonna enjoy shopping on these sites. 

The above-mentioned sites offer BNPL service as well as a decent shopping experience and let you buy even if you have a bad credit score as most of these sites do not have a credit check. 

Hope the article assisted you and let us know if you are aware of any more good sites like Fingerhut. 

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