Top 10 Best Sites Like Affirm For Buy-Now Pay-Later Shopping

Affirm is a very popular and leading site for you to buy stuff and pay later. And Affirm offers various repayment options for any purchase you make. It doesn’t affect your credit score as it does a soft credit check instead of a hard one that involves a loan application. 

Okay, all together it has various features and is convenient. However, it’s still one of the best sites for buying now and paying later, not the only site. Therefore, there are many other sites like Affirm that give you more or less the same features or even more. 

So, if you are looking for its alternatives for any reason then this article will help you out in finding the best sites like Affirm. 

Best Sites Like Affirm List

Here are the best sites like Affirm that you can consider and buy your favorite stuff and pay later. 

1. Zebit

In our list of sites like affirm, the first spot has Zebit because of its good reviews and all the features it offers. 

Zebit is an online platform where you can buy items and pay over time i.e 6 months. The best of Zebit is it’s interest-free and offers credit up to $ 2500. So, whatever you buy your payment will be split into 6 months and these payments can differ counting on eligibility. 

sites like affirm

Electronics, computers, appliances, accessories, health equipment, etc are the categories of products it offers. 

Users can pay for the purchase made using a debit or credit card and also a zebit line. Zebit line is the credit of you have financing products. Also, to improve your Zebit line make sure that you have a good payment history.

Also, it has no membership or any other fees and doesn’t influence your credit score.  

For you to open an account you should be above 18, employed, or retired. 

2. AfterPay

Another among the best sites like affirm is AfterPay which allows you to buy now and pay later. So here you can pay back in four installments i.e 25% each and these installments are due every two weeks from the date of purchase. 

sites like affirm

Pretty nice that you pay only 25% of the purchase and you receive your order just like regular pay. 

It focuses more on stuff like accessories, beauty, fashion, and homeward things so, one can search through their favorite brands. Yes, it is also interest-free and you can sign up for free. AfterPay is praised for its convenience and reasonable repayment plans and also reminders that help you pay on time. 

Moreover, you should also know that you will be charged an $8 late fee if you make your repayment late. 

3. Sezzle

Here comes another great one in the sites like affirm to buy things and pay over time. It’s got enough popularity in the past few years among millennials and Gen Z. Sezzle offers interest-free loans that vary relying on your history of repayment and your first purchase will have a smaller limit like $50 to $200. 

sites like affirm

Through Sezzle loan, you can browse among 25000+ stores and you will need a credit or debit card and active bank account. 

However, once you have failed to pay, you are given a 48 hours deadline to clear the payment and if you don’t meet the deadline you are charged $10 and cannot place any new orders and Sezzle has limited customer service. Moreover, you can reschedule your repayment only once. 

4. ViaBill

This one’s also a nice site if you want to buy now and pay later. Like other sites with ViaBill also, one can split their purchase into four installments and pay them monthly giving you more time than other sites and is interest-free.

sites like affirm

You can purchase among categories like fashion, electronics, sports, etc and ViaBill has thousands of vendors so you will certainly find what you want. 

Moreover, it also has a dashboard that makes it really simple to manage all your purchases so that you buy and relish all your favorite stuff at a price that serves you. 

5. Splitit

Splitit is yet another decent one among sites like affirm. Just like other sites Splitit also doesn’t charge any interest and the purchase amount is split into four installments. The first one should be paid at the beginning itself and 3 others can be paid monthly. 

sites like affirm

Not only it is interest free but will also not charge any late fee. However, that doesn’t mean one can make the payment late; because Splitit will charge interest at the user’s card’s APR.

Nonetheless, Splitit has limited payment methods and retailers and accepts only Visa and MasterCard. Moreover, it doesn’t affect your credit score, has no fees, no application process, and can also make early payments. 

6. Klarna

Now, this is another site among the best sites like affirm for easy purchasing of all the clothes, accessories, and stuff you want to. Klarna fact a popular site for purchasing stuff or buying now and paying later.

sites like affirm

With the help of Klarna, you can split your purchase into 4 equal halves and pay them later as per your convenience. For better usage, you can also use its application where you can pay. One can also pay through the site and Klarna accepts visa.

Another good thing about Klarna is it will not affect your credit score in any way. You can also earn $ 300 by referring this site to your friends and you will find great deals and coupons to shop from online or in-store.

7. is again a popular one in this list of best sites like affirm. This site can be useful for many things like flexible plans for merchants, medical bills, invoicing, shopping, collecting, etc.

sites like affirm

online stores that use are growing as days are passed and these stores provide customers with suitable and convenient payment plans. Every time you visit this site you will find new merchants are added.

Moreover, no credit check is required to use this site and one can pay back within 3 months of purchasing. Also, has good customer reviews and provides proper customer support.

8. Uplift

In this list of best sites like affirm we now have uplift. As the name suggests it does help you in purchasing what you want in convenient ways and with no trouble.

Also, uplift doesn’t impose any kind of fees whether it is late, penalty, prepayment, etc. One can split their purchase into monthly installments which are flexible and you can purchase on behalf of your friend, etc a travel.

Moreover, you can also set it to auto-pay so that you don’t have to remember the dates and uplift makes payment easy. Overall the site’s interface is also simple and makes navigation easier.

9. Marcus Pay

Marcus Pay is another great site like affirm to purchase things online with convenience. It lends you affordable loans that have a good credit score. Not to forget, Marcus Pay can only be used by people who are living in the US and any accounts other accounts will not be checked

sites like affirm

Marcus pay also does not ask you for any kind of fees. Also, it will give you various repayment options and you can directly pay the creditors.

this site is best for those who want many customizable features, whose FICO credit score is higher than 660 or equal, and those who think of consolidating debt. You will have 9 ways of repayment like for 32, 35, 39, 45, etc. Also, there are no late fees but you will have to pay the interest of the period if you missed any.

10. QuadPay

Now QuadPay has collaborated with Zip and the new name is Zip.

Here’s the last site in this article of best sites like affirm. And yeah this one is also quite popular and is used as Affirm alternative. You can purchase anything from the site’s zip supports and split your purchase into 4 installments. One can pay the amount in 6 months.

sites like affirm

It has many benefits like you can use it anywhere from booking a cab, trip, online shopping, or any trips to ordering groceries.

Its interface is also decent and easy to navigate and you can shop by categories. There are thousands of retailers which support zip and are loved by many. Also, you can download its application if you use iOS.


So, these were some of the best sites like Affirm that do not charge any interest and are free. Yeah, they help us buy things beyond our financial capability. However, it’s recommended that you make payments quickly as it doesn’t take much time to fall into the debt trap if you aren’t responsible enough. 

Hope the article assisted you and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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