12 Best ROM Sites That Work In 2022

Which phase of life were your golden days? Most of you will say “Childhood”.

Games (either outdoor or indoor) preoccupied our childhood. Now, if you are an 80’s or 90’s kid, then you must have witnessed the square-shaped disk cassettes that had few MBs of ROMs. They used to come with their consoles and were played by attaching to television.

Meanwhile, the rise of PCs and their expansion to the household have overthrown those games. If you still miss those games; then here’s a list of best ROM sites along with their consoles emulator software sites where you can download them safely and securely for free.

Best ROM Sites That Work In 2021

Below are some of the best ROM sites that work great and will help you relive the memories of playing your favorite childhood games.

1. Gamulator

Best ROM Sites

Gamulator is proclaimed as the best ROM collection website. It is regularly updated. It contains an extensive list of games, emulators, and ROMs for every console-like GBA, NES, SNES, NDS, etc. One can find older ROMs to the latest one.

The security they provide against unwanted ads and pop-ups along with excellent navigation tools justify its name to be on the list. Besides its convenience of usage will attract you.

 2. DopeROMs

Best ROM Sites

DopeROMs is one of the most popular sites.  This is an interactive site for video games that allow playing backups.  The hallmark of this site is the ability to allow playing games in more than 20 preferred languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Coupled with the mentioned features, their exceptional search tools make them stand out in this list.

They provide various ROMs for every single console. Moreover, by allowing direct and manager based downloads, they create a safe and secure environment. And, if you are a beginner then this site is a resource for you to study emulation concepts.

3. Retrosic

Best ROM Sites

As its name goes, this is one of the best ROM sites for retro products like N64, NDS, Atari, etc. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

Recognized as one of the safest and legit sites to download without worrying about viruses and .exe files. The site recommends emulators to help run ROMs. One must check this site if you are nostalgic about those fascinating childhood video games.

4. ROM Hustler

Best ROM Sites

ROM Hustler is regarded as the oldest ROM site. It is one of few sites which cross-check downloads so the user gets the best version of games. The site has enlisted ROMs and emulators based on users’ ratings and thus are authentic. They present a well-designed user interface.

With totally malware and virus free content, this site is optimized for mobile phones. So, if you are looking for ROMs that can be compatible with your mobile, then ROM Hustler is the ultimate choice.

5. ROMsUniverse

Best ROM Sites

Though ROMsUniverse is a relatively new website, it is highly admired between different gaming circles for its massive ROM and emulator database. Though most of the games are small, you can play them online over here.

This is the site where you can find almost all the classical games. They facilitate you to search for the most played games with the number of emulators and ROMs. The sweetest aspect of the site is that they allow ROM and emulator download free from unwanted ads and pop-ups.

6. ROMsmania

Best ROM Sites

The ultimate space to download any ROM for free. This site holds ROMs for over 100+ platforms. Ranging from most popular to least popular ones. They cater to very well-designed navigation and a powerful layout. While browsing a particular section, the site gives a top 10 list of ROM for that platform. Users can filter results based on the number of downloads and ratings.

One of the striking features allows users to bookmark frequently visited ROMs. If you want to enjoy a better gaming experience without compromising safety, then you must try a hands-on at ROMsmania.

7. CoolROM

Best ROM Sites

CoolROM hosts safe and legit links that are easy to use. This site is fully loaded with features like ratings, screenshots, gameplay previews, and videos of games. Moreover, their recommendation system is awesome – they provide users with the best games ever produced.

Besides they display the top 25 ROMs. You can find files within seconds using either the genre option or the alphabetical list. However, their characteristic feature is the safety they provide by not letting users misled through ads and pop-ups.

8. Emuparadise

Best ROM Sites

Next on the list is the biggest retro gaming website, Emuparadise. They let users preview the games on the browser. Besides ROMs and emulators, the site offer games, ISO, videogames, music, guides, movies, etc. to download. It is super safe with no ads and pop-ups.

You can search either by keywords, by genre, or by letter (alphabets). Playing directly in the most secure environment is a luxurious option they provide. You can share and discuss any issue with the community they have built over the site.

9. Emulator Zone

Best ROM Sites

Emulator Zone offers an extensive collection of ROMs for all kinds of consoles and OS. They are known for their reliable services. One can find any ROM and emulator for almost any new or classic gaming platform like GBA, SAGA, Playstation, XBOX, etc.

The site has an appealing and attractive interface. They also update users about the rating for all files they download, emulator scam, etc. Use this site if you are nostalgic about your favorite childhood video games and would like to replay them.

10. RomUlation

Best ROM Sites

Now we have a truly outstanding ROM site, RomUlation. With the unique operational concept for downloading, they provide you with various ROMs for every console. As soon as you sign up; they put 10000 points in your account. Using these points users will download ROMs at the exchange rate of 10 pts/10MBs. This is done to prevent abuse of data.

Once points in your account get exhausted, users can earn 500 points daily by visiting the site. One can keep earning till 50000 points. Once you utilize all these points, you have to take their subscription.

11. CDRomance

Best ROM Sites

If you have been looking at some original artwork game, then this is your haven. As its name describes, this website focuses on DVD and CD supported games. Loaded with features like additional details regarding games e.g. date of release, the region of ROM files, their genre, and information about upcoming games.

These features make them unique on this list. Further, users can utilize screenshots to analyze graphics and thus take inspiration to play those games.

12. WoWroms

Best ROM Sites

Finally, on the list, we have one of the best ROM sites that we have enlisted – WOWROMs. If you own an older PC like Apple I, DOS, Acron, etc., then WoWroms is what you need. They allow you to play ROM files online without downloading them directly.

This site has ROMs available for more than 30 emulators. And, if you are facing trouble with other ROM downloading or ROMs are not working on PC, then simply head over to WOWROMs.


Go and download one to unleash your awesome childhood days. We have mentioned the best and safe ROM sites. Though there are several ROM sites available those in our list will give you satisfying results in 2021.

Our list of the best ROM sites is purely backed by thorough research. We hope this article will help you find safe and reliable ROM and emulator. Comment below if you have any questions.

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