12 Roll20 Alternatives – Sites Like Roll20 For Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop games are amazing and thanks to advanced technology and softwares like Roll20, it has become a much better thing. These softwares help you play the games on your device with other people online. It’s not difficult to use, you will find this convenient option for you to play online tabletop games.

Roll20 is one of the best softwares for tabletop gaming but there are some other Roll20 alternatives as well. Read this article to know these options then you can use the software that is best for you. 

What Is Roll20?

Roll20 is a tabletop gaming software that you can download to play games with your friends online. It has an amazing interface and several pre-installed games that you can play on any of your android and iOS devices. The app also offers several premium features that come without a paid account, you can get features like dynamic character sheets, better interaction tools, automatic dice rolling, etc.

This is a popular platform as this has over 2 million users, this is amazing but you may find some other software a better option. There are several features you need for a great experience which is why you need to know about the alternatives. 

Why Look For Roll20 Alternatives?

The main reasons why you may need to search for the other alternatives is to get better features. There are several other software which has a better feature that makes it easy for you to play tabletop and role-playing games with others. It is always right to shift to a better option, other alternatives will help you to play the game as you prefer.

Best Roll20 Alternatives – Sites Like Roll20

1. D&D Beyond

roll20 alternatives

D&D Beyond is free software that has proved itself to be worthy as an alternative for Roll20. There are several amazing features in this software that makes it more amazing compared to many options that you find over the internet.

It has a vast collection of data so you can find different kinds of spells, characters, etc through this. You can play different types of games that include role-playing or any kind of tabletop game so it depends on you, whether or not you will choose this for yourself. 

2. Fantasy Grounds

roll20 alternatives

When it comes to tabletop and role-playing games, this would be right to say that this has everything you need. Fantasy ground software offers an amazing online gaming experience so you can play with your friends whenever you want.

You can prefer this when it comes to online games, there should not be any doubts about this. If you want to share your results and stats, you can also share this online with your friends through this software. Everything proves that this is a better option to choose over Roll20. 

3. Rolisteam

roll20 alternatives

You can use this software in any of your operating systems and especially for Mac. This is best suited for playing role-playing games, you can also expect this to work perfectly for tabletop games.

It fits perfectly as an alternative that you are looking for, it would be better to give this a try once before others if you usually play roleplay and tabletop games on the Mac devices. There are many other amazing features such as character sheets, automatic dice rolls, drawing tools, etc. 

4. MapTool

roll20 alternatives

This is one of the alternatives that we will recommend because it’s an amazing user interface. It allows you to have an amazing experience when it comes to online games, you can play conveniently with your friends anytime you want.

You just need a compatible device and a good internet connection for this to run smoothly, it is compatible to use this for java 6 and above software. It has a feature that allows your internet speed to increase which helps when it comes to playing online, you don’t have to pay for anything it’s completely free however you can still donate. Make sure you give this a try if you like role play games and tabletop games. 

5. Mipui

roll20 alternatives

This is a good alternative when it comes to a simple interface and online role-playing games modes, there are enough features to provide a smooth gaming experience. It works perfectly as the mapper and as a virtual table, your data is stored in a cloud backup.

You can generate a link and share it with anyone who you want to play with, it is easy to use these shareable links and you don’t even have to pay any charges for this. 

6. Beyond Tabletop

roll20 alternatives

This is almost similar to Roll20 which makes it a good choice if you want to use an alternative, it works better with touch screen devices. There are so many amazing tools in this software so you will not face any inconvenience while playing the games, this includes tools like maps, character sheets, etc.

It is designed to support a smooth experience while using online characters, you can compete with your friends whenever you want. The character sheet is also customizable which is an amazing thing so you should give this a try. 

7. Battlegrounds

roll20 alternatives

This is one of the popular applications like Roll20, you can say that it is a competitor of Roll20. There are many reasons why this is a better option for you to choose, this has more features compared to many other applications on this list.

It helps you play online with players from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. You can play any kind of games, including tabletop and card games. It is compatible with most devices and there is no problem with using its features. 

8. Epictable

roll20 alternatives

This application fits perfectly on the standards of being the best alternative, it has an amazing user interface and navigation system. It makes everything convenient for the users to control and helps you play games on any type of device.

You can also use any third-party plugins in their system so you can improve your experience with that. 

9. Standard Action

roll20 alternatives

You will like this application because of how simple this is to use and the customization options. You can customize several things in this application so you can play games as you prefer. This has several amazing features such as chatting with other players, rolling the dice, customizing the characters, and several other things.

It is perfect for playing role-play or tabletop games whenever you want. It’s simple and easy to use which makes it better than others on this list. 

10. GM Forge

roll20 alternatives

This is not free software but this is still worth paying the money for the features. You can play any kind of game that you want to play, there are several options for you to choose so make sure you invest in the right option.

It can be used for everything you need in a tabletop or roleplay game, everything is available at a reasonable price of 30 USD so you should try this once. 

11. Power Virtual Tabletop

roll20 alternatives

This is another amazing alternative like Mipui, the strong point about this particular software is its customization feature. You can customize the maps as you, there are several options such as adding images, layers, texts, and importing the assets.

This offers an amazing experience when it comes to role-playing games and works fine with other types of games as well. You don’t have to pay anything for this, it is completely available for free so you should give this a try as well. 

12. PlannerAlly

roll20 alternatives

This is one of the best choices when it comes to battle maps, it has several amazing tools that make it easy for you to use it for roleplay games. It improves your gaming experience as can use features like a virtual map, it is in the development process but still works perfectly if you want to use this.

This is also available for free in the market and after a few developments, it can become better than Roll20. PlannerAlly offers several bonuses which is why many people use this application despite this being in the development process. 


Roll20 is one of the best options but these roll20 alternatives can be used in their place because they have similar features and some of them also have special features.

You will be able to experience the same things and play games as you prefer. You can choose any of these for yourself to play your favorite tabletop or roleplay games. 

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