Top 5 Best Roku Web Browsers (2022)

Roku though established around 2002, they haven’t developed a native internet browser yet.

Through the write-up, I will be unfolding top Roku web browsers. Before moving ahead, let’s briefly discuss Roku!

Roku is a company that makes media players, which turns your standard TVs into smart TVs. 

Roku devices act as the home for all of your entertainment so you can simplify your setup, replace your expensive cable equipment, and watch what you love – all while saving money.

Further, you also get easy access to free TV, live news, sports, movies, and more, so you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing.

Best Roku Web Browsers Reviewed 

Roku Web Browser

They only host two web browser channels which include the Media Browser and the Reddit Browser. Neither are actual full-featured web browsers.

However, several third-party browsers can serve the purpose. Besides they also enable the casting using which you can stream content directly from your PC or phones.

But, we will restrict ourselves to the list of the best Roku browsers.

1. Media Browser For Roku

Roku Web Browser

Media Browser is a suite of applications that will allow you to stream media from your computer to your Roku-connected TV (and other devices) through your local network.

The browser presents a captivating theme blended with proper alignment to draw in users. Their greyish background gives it a classic appearance.

You can browse all your favorite movies, music with the Media Browser for Roku. You can even watch your favorite movies and stream live TV.

Roku Web Browser

But the only shortcoming of the Media browser is that you can not load or play videos.

You must have a Media Browser Server installed and running on a local network to use it. You may download the server at the link given.

2. Firefox

Roku Web Browser

Next on the list comes the most famous and certainly the best Roku browser – Firefox. It will truly upheave your experience on Roku.

Using Firefox, you can do anything on it – be it reading delighting content or streaming favorite movies. It hosts unexpected features.

Roku Web Browser

Moreover, it also initiates some of the latest details and on the goings-on in the community.

Firefox can fill the void you feel on Roku and thus you can hail it as the best Roku browser.

3. FilmRise

Roku Web Browser

Next, we have a browser specifically for movie lovers – FilmRise. It delivers unlimited FREE instant streaming of popular movies and hit TV shows.

They provide an extensive collection of movies over 10K and TV spanning all genres, that too at absolutely no cost.

You can stream hits like Forensic Files, Women Behind Bars, and Urban Legends. Though you don’t get old stuff here; you can discover new movies.

They also offer favorite films like the action-packed thriller, Red Scorpion, as well as great comedies, romances, dramas, horror films, documentaries, award-winning foreign language films, and independent cinema.

Roku Web Browser

All FilmRise movies and TV shows are available instantly. FilmRise is the premiere Roku channel for absolutely FREE movies and TV!

Without any subscription, you get a theatre at your home! Hence, FilmRise can be proclaimed as the best Roku browser for binge-watchers.

4. Poprism Web Browser 

Roku Web Browser

The Poprism browser is interesting for an experiment, but the average Roku user won’t find it to be useful.

Poprism is billed as an experimental browser that lets you “surf the web on your Roku.”

The app is text-based. Its plain interface makes it the best Roku browser for readers. They are compatible with websites with heavy text content. However, you can’t view images.

The browser does not recognize line breaks, so long stories end up as one long paragraph.

There are no graphical user interfaces, Javascript won’t run, and style sheets don’t work. This cause user to juggle with unformatted fonts.

Thus, to convey some comfort in navigation, you can use the Left, Right, Up, and Down keys on the Roku remote.

5. The Roku Browser

Roku Web Browser

The Roku Channel is named after Roku. It is powered by Roku Itself.

Unlike other browsers, the content you see on Roku Channel is particularly drawn from yahoo, which is also famous for its fastest updates.

You can enjoy an always-changing selection of free movies, shows, kids, entertainment, and more.

Roku Web Browser

You can even stream Hollywood hits, classic TV series, kids and family entertainment, and more – all free.

This can be an ideal choice and can be entertained as the best Roku browser, inbuilt in the Roku device itself.


The thing is that Roku lacks an inbuilt proper browser that stops users from utilizing their products extensively.

However, if you just want to stream your favorite shows from services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc Roku is a sensible option.

So these are a few best Roku browsers. Every option has its specialties, and every browser is popular for its basic qualities.

Though you may experience some problems with POPRISM about navigation. Anyhow, you can ignore it as it doesn’t irritate you for you can use the remote buttons for easy navigation.

And if you’re a movie lover, no wonder, FilmRise is going to hold you. Media browser, Firefox, and the Roku channel are full packages to have.

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