12 Best Prank Websites To Troll Your Friends In 2022

Pranking, trolling are always fun and at every age. Back then people used to prank in person with several schemes and strategies. However, now things have changed and everyone’s become so clever, that doesn’t mean pranking has ended. Now, the community pranks digitally and is smarter enough to trick in the best ways possible.

So, you have come to the perfect place if you wanna troll or prank your friends and are in search of some awesome prank websites. 

There are lots of prank websites so we have chosen some best sites based on their popularity and features. Without any more ado let’s quickly uncover the list and learn different ways of pranking to experience joy like never before. 

Best Prank Websites List

Here are the best prank websites you can consider to have tremendous fun and make some memories.

1. FakeWhats

The first spot on our list for best prank websites is fakewhats. FakeWhats is a site where you can create a fake convo with anyone you want to prank with, yes particularly friends.

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It has quite a few settings like time, delivery status, background, etc which you can explore to make your chat look more authentic for your friend to fall for it. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between real and fake chats with this generator. 

2. Love Calculator Prank

As the name indicates, with Love Calculator Prank, you can mischievously discover who’s your friend’s crush or lover. For this, you have to first register yourself then a link will be generated that you can send to your friends.

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It appears as a love calculator to your friends in which if they enter, for instance, one enters his and parents name they receive a msg that it was a prank and the names have been sent to the email of the link generator. It’s a playful prank to discover your pal’s fascination.

3. Message Bomber

Another prank website for you to annoy and prank by bombarding their phone with thousands of messages that are fake like craigslist pranks, cat texts, crazy texts from satan, and memes.

You can send them anonymously and also choose how fast you want them to receive.

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It will take only 1 minute to set up and the pranks are really funny and all are different. Imagine your friend receiving some 1000 messages at a time, how much joy it would be looking at them and the fun will be doubled if he isn’t aware of this kind of pranks.

So, go for it and let your friend receive texts from Lucifer himself or any other one.

4. Peter Answers

This is another nice one among prank websites where you can fool your friends by typing in any question and it gives you all the stupid answers. 

prank websites

It has 2 fields one is the petition and the other is for the question. There’s also a trick If you are quick at typing and can hide it from your friend. What you do is in the petition field type anything like Peter please answer my question next a period(“.”) and your answer. Then your question in the question field. And click on submit then you will get the right answer thereafter, your friend will be perplexed that how come Peter knows the right answer.  

5. Fake Update: Windows

Fake Update: Windows as it sounds is a site through which you can keep your friends away from your PC or prank them. What happens is the user or the person who sees thinks the computer has gone into an update mode to like Windows 98.

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It’s harmless to the PC and is relatively simple and also supports the MAC version now. You can resume once your friend is convinced by pressing F11.

6. Geek Typer

Another best among prank websites is Geek Typer with which you become a hacker and prank your friends. It has around 24 themes like alien theme, umbrella corp, and so on. 

prank websites

All the themes have various sound effects and alarms that will make others believe you really hacked into someone’s account or official government site. 

You can make your friends believe and fool that you have passed over the dark side of technology by using this site.

7. Crash Browsers

It’s always fun annoying your friends to hell and for a fact, I pranked this with my friend and it did work. Crash Browsers is another prank website by which you can crash or hang your friends’ browsers by sending them a link.

The crash lasts usually 1-2 min and then you can recover your browser. It works for all devices- laptop, PC, phone browsers. Make your friends fret by crashing their browsers for a while.

8. PrankDial

It’s so much fun pranking someone with phone calls.! And the PrankDial adds more to it as you don’t have to do anything. On this site, you get many small recordings varying in several categories like angry, sad, money, scam, happy, love, etc.

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Not only that you can also edit the recordings as per your wish. Choose any of the recordings after listening to them, enter your friend’s number. And the conversations are so well-timed that they look practically real. 

9. News Of Future

News Of Future as the name says the site has articles for every date from now till 2050 and they are written in such a professional manner that no one will ever be skeptical about it if they are original or not. 

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Also because the articles are written based on current facts and news anticipating future technology, industries, developments, etc we can make our friends believe in such stories and facts and make them fool as they don’t know if the stories are original or given rise to one’s.

10. Great Big Stuff

So Great Big Stuff.? How would our small things look when made big? Absolutely merry and silly as well; I suppose. Great Big Stuff is an e-commerce site that sells our stuff that is way bigger than usual.

prank websites

So, now consider giving someone a gift that’s so large would be completely crazy and fun at the same time which could be called more or less like a prank, so it is included in this list. 

Let’s move on to the next best one in our list of prank websites. 

11. Prank Candles

Prank Candles is another one on our list of prank websites and is both nasty and fun. So Prank Candles is a site that sells scented candles. These scented candles at first smell quite nice and then the smell degrades badly enough.

prank websites

All those candles have a different look and the smell also varies. Prank Candles is relatively a fair site to trick your friends.

12. Fake Status Generator

Fake Status Generator is yet another amazing site among prank websites. It lets you create fake Facebook status. One can upload profile pictures, choose the number of likes, write status and comments. 

prank websites

It looks certainly real so send a screenshot and make them reckon it’s true to have some crazy pastime. 


These were some of the best prank websites that will certainly make your day. Have some exciting fun if you are bored and troll or prank your friends, colleagues, anyone you wish to. 

And yeah, it’s nice having fun through these sites though remember misusing them will land you in trouble. Also, let us know if we missed any more amazing prank websites.

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