20 Best KLWP Themes You Must Try In 2022 [Latest]

We all know very well that Android has an edge over iOS when it comes to customization of the device. 

One can customize nearly every element of their smartphone and make it appear the way they want. Similarly, you can also change your home screen’s appearance. 

Earlier we had Zooper widgets that used to let us get those nice home screen widgets and themes. Nonetheless, presently we have KLWP Kustom Live Wallpaper and Kustom Widget Maker that let us customize our android smartphones home screen in a more efficient creative way.

Without any more ado let’s straightaway see what KLWP themes are and the best KLWP themes 2021.

What Are KLWP Themes? 

KLWP stands for Kustom Live Wallpaper, which is an app that lets you create themes inside a live wallpaper. You can customize your theme the way you wish to add texts, widgets, change the way your clock appears, and many more elements to your home screen making your device look more unique, beautiful. One cannot do all this stuff with a widget or launcher but KLWP makes it possible. 

The Pro version of KLWP also lets you import presets from other developers. Before using these themes you have to install a launcher and KLWP Pro. One can use any launcher to use these KLWP themes, more preferably Nova launcher, and the Go launcher works with this. 

So, there are lots of KLWP themes available in the play store that will let you change the way your home screen looks. Therefore to make it easier for you to decide, we have listed the 15 best KLWP themes 2021 that you should literally try once.

Best KLWP Themes For Android [2021]

Below are the best KLWP themes that you can make use of to give a new look to your smartphone. 

1. Material Home KLWP Theme

Material Home KLWP Theme is a delicate and organized theme that emphasizes more on Google assistant and search bar. 

klwp themes

When you swipe left, you have a Google Now page that is pretty different from the usual ones. Here you have all the Google apps on the top then a few articles. Below which are the apps you use most. 

If you swipe again you will now arrive at settings where you can change your wallpaper, disable or enable dark theme, etc. It’s a nice looking, clean theme and you can give it a try without a doubt.

Price: $1.09 or Rs. 85

2. Plexiglass For KLWP

The plexiglass offers themes that are pleasant and functional. It was made by Emplexx Studios.

If you have the free version of KLWP, it will not let you import presets that are in this app. So you will first have to download KLWP and also buy KLWP pro.

klwp themes

Themes are optimized for all aspect ratios being more flexible. Iced, Jejune, RedLine, Tinko, Stack, Saturn are some of its themes. 

Now they have redesigned their theme and also improved reusability that made it more easy to use and fascinating.

Price: $1.49 or Rs. 110

3. Minimal Home KLWP Theme

Minimal Home KLWP Theme is yet another one among the best KLWP themes 2021. This theme doesn’t have an application icon, unlike other themes. And the first or front page is super tidy that has purely date, time, and weather info. 

klwp themes

Then there is an app drawer at the bottom and next to it is a plus icon, on tapping which you quickly get to the camera, messages, email, etc. 

Again, next to the +icon you have an arrow that takes you to articles, news, calendar, music, etc. Moreover, if you swipe to the left you will see your profile with apps like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. 

You will also have a dropdown on the right side of your name through which you can quickly change a few settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, dark theme, navigation bar, etc.

Price: $0.99 or Rs. 120


As the name indicates CALMWAVE is a minimalist and wave-like setup that is elegant and refreshing to look at. 

On the home screen, you see a live wallpaper that has the date, time, and weather on the top half, you can also switch between dark and light themes on the home screen itself.

klwp themes

Furthermore one can also place a few of their apps on the home screen and with the hamburger icon, you can open the app drawer. 

It supports all theme ratios, and you will need KLWP pro for it to work efficiently and a compatible launcher, you can prefer Nova. 

 Price: $1.49 or Rs. 140

5. Cassiopeia For KLWP

Cassiopeia is a great theme that certainly ranks among the best KLWP themes. It has different setups that let you select one based on your taste. Yeah, this one also supports all ratios. 

klwp themes

Cassiopeia is best suited for those who want more functionality yet being simple and with multiple setup options. For instance, Nacho-Notch setup- single screen, Serta- two screens setup that has reev icon pack, and so on… 

  • It is free to download.

6. Only Boxes For KLWP

Only boxes- yet another decent one among best KLWP themes. For customizing themes you can explore the options given on the home screen itself.

klwp themes

 The good thing about this theme is it automatically adjusts its elements as it supports all the ratios. Since presets can be exported one can also save their home screen setups.

This one’s certainly best as the presets and features it offers are worth checking out. Moreover, the theme includes a navigation bar, nice animation, weather forecast, etc…

Price: $1.20 or Rs.75

7. Gradient KLWP Theme

As the name says it’s a gradient-based theme i.e it has a light blend of colors and looks truly elegant. It has two different screen versions that are 18:9 and 16:9.

klwp themes

It has 3 pages with simple animations. Here a search bar is on the top of the home screen and clock/time in a rectangle. After that few options like messages, emails, calls, etc.

On the next page, you will find all the necessary applications in circles. Now the last page has a music player, also a sidebar for shortcuts. You will need a KLWP pro to use this theme. 

Price: $1.01 or Rs. 75

8. Flow For KLWP

Flow is the finest and premium KLWP theme and has around 15+ wallpapers. It has a decent collection of animation and design that makes it attractive. 

klwp themes

You will have to download KLWP pro and a compatible launcher preferably Nova. Flow has minimal design and looks flawless. 

Price: $1.39 or Rs. 95

9. Pixelize For Kustom KLWP

As the name suggests pixelize has a pixel kind of look and appears pretty cool. It shows up with many preloaded features and has a minimal user interface. 

klwp themes

Keep in mind again to use pixelize one has to download KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker, KLWP live wallpaper pro along with Kustom unread plugin and Nova launcher or any other one. Supports all ratios and formats.

Price: $0.99 or Rs. 80

10. Moshi For KLWP

Moshi is a free KLWP theme though it requires you to download Kustom live wallpaper maker pro. Also a compatible launcher like Nova launcher. 

klwp themes

You can switch between dark and light modes of themes and it supports all ratios. One can also change 4 wallpapers and the theme color goes with it. 

Price: Free

11. Fluo For KLWP

Fluo has got enough popularity due to its simple though effective interface. Like other apps, to use this app you foremost need to download KLWP and purchase KLWP pro. 

klwp themes

If you want a minimal and good functional setup Fluo gives you it all. The free version of KLWP Pro will not grant you the flexibility to import presets of this aap. It has themes like Lar, Cards, Splenda, Nylon, etc. It says that additional themes will be added soon.

Price: Free

12. Dynamic KWLP Theme

Like above many apps Dynamic also expects you to download KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro, and a compatible launcher like Nova to serve.

klwp themes

It has some very good wallpapers such as two scrollable wallpapers which change images during day and night, a black minimal wallpaper that changes between dark and light themes. 

Furthermore, clocks like vertically scrollable, retro flip, animated mechanical, and have their unique features based on the themes. All the presets support all ratios and are inter-compatible.

Price: Free

13. Orion For KLWP

Orion was particularly designed for Samsung devices however is compatible with other android devices too. 

klwp themes

The app has multiple presets and is updated regularly. You can modify colors, background, and other stuff by accessing the global tab. You are required to have the KLWP live wallpaper pro to efficiently use this app. The themes are more like chic one’s and look refined.

Price: Free

14. Ember For KLWP

Ember for KLWP is another amazing app that has a pack of beautiful and best KLWP themes. You have to purchase and download KLWP pro before using this app. 

klwp themes

It has some of the nicest home screen setups/ themes that fit all ratios. It has around 15+ themes like Senjo, Orchid, Waterfall, Seva, Prisma, Hinnoya, Imzo, etc.

Price: $1.49 or Rs. 110

15. Minimus For KLWP

Now comes Minimus which is another versatile app containing some real good presets. Minimus boasts that it takes dark mode to a whole new level saving your battery though if you don’t like black you can also change that using color globals.

klwp themes

All the presets it has are customizable and they update the app quite regularly giving you rich new features and tweaks. 

Price: Free

16. DashCards For KLWP

Another nice one in this list of best KLWP themes is DashCards and yeah for this one too you will need KLWP and KLWP Pro key to use this theme. With this theme, your home screen will be clean and elegant. 

KLWP Themes

In DashCards you will get 5 presets of KLWP and also KWGT widgets. Every update will bring new features to the themes. 

Some of the features of DashCards are minimalistic design, highly customizable, smooth animations, unique music player, full-screen note view, can reorder your cards, switchable tabs, and a smart theme. 

Also, every preset available from DashCards is compatible with all screen sizes excluding landscape mode on tablets. 

17. Rabbit For KLWP

Now this one is again a beautiful preset from Rabbit which requires you to have a KLWP pro application and also a compatible launcher. But remember this preset is only made for an 18:9 screen ratio. 

KLWP Themes

And some features of this preset include current weather and forecast information, events, music player, RSS news feed. Based on neomorphism you will find 3 different themes which you can choose. 

This one’s a new one in this list and it says many more presets and themes will be added as the updates are given. Also, it has pretty good reviews. 

18. Slider For KLWP

Slider is again a good one in this list of best KLWP themes and this one also requires you to have a KLWP pro application and also a compatible launcher, you can prefer nova launcher.

This one has 3 pages of wallpaper and fits all screen ratios.

KLWP Themes

Some of its features include 2 great themes, a binary clock, 2 different and unique wallpapers, and a minimalistic music player. It has some good reviews and the best part is this slider theme is free, unlike other themes. 

Price: Free

19. Wind For KLWP

Here’s Wind, another decent one in this list of best KLWP themes. As the name suggests it provides you with lightweight and simple presets for your home screen. All the themes are minimally designed so if you like things simple you can choose this one. 

KLWP Themes

Features of Wind include powerful customization options like changing colors, wallpapers, one can also switch between a variety of designs, on every preset you will find smooth animations, yeah also wind has 15+ unique preset designs and info like the time, date, weather, system or basic data will be apparent. 

Also for this app, you will need KLWP pro to use this and also customize the themes.

20. Lucid For KLWP

Here’s the last one in this list of best KLWP themes called Lucid. Well, this one also furnishes beautifully designed presets for your home screen. 

KLWP Themes

Yeah, you will need the KLWP Pro key to use these presets, and lucid supports all the aspect ratios. Now features of lucid are great combination and appearance, supports dark and light mode, customizable, gradient wallpaper, change colors of the user interface, one can adjust notch, navigation bar, etc. 

Moreover, it also includes the current weather forecast, music player, dynamic calendar, and beautiful animations. 

How To Install KLWP Themes On Your Android Device

If you are thinking of how to use and install these KLWP themes then below are the steps to follow and it’s quite easy and straightforward. 

1. Download any of the themes given above from the play store along with KLWP Pro and launcher. 

2. Now long-press the home screen of your Android smartphone. 

3. Then click on wallpapers from the bottom option given.

4. After that you have to navigate to KLWP design and choose anyone and then explore to add widgets and icons. That’s all. 

To understand in more detail you can check here


So, these were some of the best KLWP themes that are minimal and good and are a must to check out. Customizing your device and making it easier for you to work with is always a nice thing to do. 

Do let us know what are your favorite KLWP themes and if there are any more worth checking out one’s that we might have missed. 

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