10 Best GBA Emulator For PC & Android [2022]

GBA, Also known as Game Boy Advance was a very popular and useful emulator for gamers. It allowed them to play several games without any kind of issues, this is Game Boy Colour’s upgraded version. It will help you play your favorite games on your PC and Android, you can find several GBA emulators but not every one of those emulators is of that quality. There are several options but only a few can accurately emulate the GBA games on your PC and Android device.

You need to know about the best options, an emulator must have some amazing features. Through this article, we are going to explain the 10 best GBA emulators that you can use. These emulators are based on their features, whether they provide a fast and smooth experience.

Best GBA Emulator For PC & Android 

1. mGBA (PC)

best GBA emulator

This emulator has some serious features that make this a better emulator than others, also this is available for different platforms. You can use this emulator for windows, macOS, Nintendo, 3DS, PlayStation, etc. You can use different features such as solar sensing, tilt sensing, and also the emulation of extensive hardware. It also has the most needed features like, save and load game data, cheat code support, fast-forwarding, etc.

2. Pizza Boy (Android) 

best GBA emulator

You must use this emulator if you are an android user, it will help you play games without any issues. There are several features in this game that are mostly needed in an emulator. By using this emulator, you can have a smooth and fast gaming experience. This emulator is Ad free which means you can focus on your games only, there is nothing else to worry about. It offers all the features you can expect from an emulator, along with providing you with a fast 60fps gaming experience. 

3. Higan GBA Emulator (PC)

best GBA emulator

This is the best option if you have a powerful PC, it requires a lot of CPU usage but this works better than any other emulator. You can run any emulator game that you want to play in a high FPS. There are several options you can have but nothing has a perfect emulation as this GBU emulator does. It also has features like Save and load data, resumes that game, and control configuration. It may be a little messy with the interface but you can later customize this easily and use it to play the high-end Nintendo games. 

4. BatGBA (PC)

best GBA emulator

BatGBA is free to use emulator and one of the best because of several reasons. It requires you to have Win9x, Nt, XP with Direct X7 or 2000 and BIOS image to run. You can run games in 60 FPS if your CPU is fast and powerful, it needs to be at least 8000mah. It comes with all the amazing features that you need from an emulator, you can use it to run your games fast and smooth. There are features like saving progress, resuming, etc which must be in an emulator so this will not disappoint you if you keep in mind the fact that this is available for free. 

5. RetroArch (Android)

best GBA emulator

This is available for android and also without any cost, you can use it for free on any of the android devices. There are several features of this emulator that you should know, some of the main features are key configuration, supporting cheat codes, and language support. You can use them for free without any cost, also this helps you get a better experience compared to most of the other emulators whenever you want to play games. It is tested regularly and supports every Android device if you face any issues that it will always be solved in their future and timely updates. 

6. My Boy! (Android)

best GBA emulator

This is one of the highly-rated and best GBA emulator, it’s not available for free but this is worth paying for this emulator. You can use this emulator on any android device to play the games, it offers several amazing features. It is one of the fastest and smoothest emulators that he maintains for every device.

It has features like saving the progress, sync data to Google Drive, external connection support, and battery-saving without requiring any BIOS file. This is a perfect emulator if you can pay a reasonable price for these amazing features, it will run smoothly on every android device.

7. ClassicBoy (Android)

best GBA emulator

This is another amazing emulator for Android if you love playing games. You can use this for your android device without requiring anything special such as a BIOS file. It can support four players so you can classically play with your friends, it saves your progress automatically in the game so you can resume from where you left.

It can run the games of PlayStation, GBC, GB, GBA, Nintendo 64, and several others. This is going to provide you with the best gaming experience, if you love playing games then this should be your best option. 

8. VisualBoy Advance (PC)

best GBA emulator

This is a free emulator but the features are as amazing as a paid emulator. If you want to play the games without any issues and want to run the games smoothly and fast then you should try this. It has many highlighting features such as external joystick connection support, audio, and video recording features, full-screen mode, etc.

It can play different games of GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance ROMs, etc. You can use this on different platforms including Windows, Linux, BSD, BeOS, macOS, etc. You can use every feature for free without any issues 

9. No$GBA (PC)

best GBA emulator

You can play your favorite GBA( Game boy advance) games on your PC, you just need this emulator. There are two versions of the game and it can run both operating systems which are Windows and DOS. It provides multiplayer support so you can easily play with your friends, it also has features for controller connection that can be used for external control support. 

This has every common feature that we have mentioned in another simulator such as saving progress and fast-forwarding, etc. The two versions of this emulator are debugged and gaming versions, you can run GBA or DS games smoothly. 

10. EmuBox (Android) 

best GBA emulator

You can run different types of games, this is an all in one emulator for GBA, NDS, NES, GBC, and PSX games for your android device. This can be used for playing different types of games on android without any issues. It has features to make your gaming experience much better on any android device, it can optimize the performance of games on your android device.

This emulator also offers all the basic features of an emulator such as saving the progress of the game, restoring the progress, fast-forwarding, and several others. You can download this from the play store and play your favorite games as you want.


An emulator allows you to play games that are run on any other device, in other words, it emulates the game. This emulator will help you play GBA games on your android device and PC, they all have amazing features that help you enjoy the game. There is no harm in using these emulators they are all legal, whether paid or free. 

Each of these ten emulators is one best GBA emulators, you can enjoy playing games on your android device or PC. You can choose any of these, all of them has features to run the games fast and smooth. 

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