10 Best Garage Sale Apps For Android & iOS

Buying and selling second-hand products online has become very popular these days. Now you don’t have to drive around searching garage sales to buy or sell something. Even before smartphones came into existence there were sites like eBay where you could find cool things to purchase.

But now there are tons of other alternatives giving tough competition to eBay and Craigslist. By sitting at home you can have your garage sale shopping or even host a garage sale in your neighborhood. If you wanna buy or sell locally then this article will show you the best garage sale apps for Android & iOS.

Let’s get started.

Best Garage Sale Apps

Here are some of the best garage sales apps which work for both android and iOS.

1. VarageSale (iOS/Android)

Best Garage Sale Apps

VarageSale… well the name here itself shows its purpose. VarageSale is an app where you can sell your used and new items or products online.

You can say it’s more like a virtual garage. Unlike completely anonymous Craigslist, VarageSale is more user-friendly as it connects Facebook and makes it more personal & community-driven.

VarageSale communities are led by admins that mean you have to be approved by one of the local admins which reduces a lot of spam. You also have to be in a distance where they can come and meet you just like a garage sale.

People sell all kinds of tech or electronics from n64 games, old/new consoles, cameras, laptops to speakers at amazing prices which is cool. Moreover, the interface is pretty decent and easy to use and then you are connected via Facebook so it feels personal as you know who you are talking to and barter.

2.CPlus For Craigslist (iOS/Android)

Best Garage Sale Apps

CPlus For Craigslist is another good app if you are looking for garage sales, car sales, job ads, etc where you can search all types of classified ads in multiple cities at a time.

It’s free to advertise and is popularly known as the public online marketplace. You can also tag the ads that interest you and everything loads quickly. There were no annoying ads earlier but now they are asking to pay for ads. At first glance, the categories look quite easy but later on, you will realize it’s hard to navigate scrolling through endless sale items.

Though many users are aided by Craigslist and this site is popular enough. False ads at great prices by scammers are often used here to steal money from victims which is a shortcoming of Craigslist.

3. Wallapop (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

It’s one of the leading applications these days to buy anything you need at the right price and also sell what you don’t need. Using geolocation you can find the items you need.

Features include- you can get in touch with the vendor via internal chat, search what you want by categories and collections such as sports, technology, the products are sorted as per their distance to your area.

The plus point here is users don’t have to pay delivery or shipping charges. The app also promotes the users to meet the transactions in person if possible. It’s easy to use and is exclusively made for various products. And yeah, users cannot purchase and post through the website, they have to install the app and all transactions are to be made by their account within the app itself.

4. Yard Sale (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

So this one’s for those who want to buy or sell products from yard sales. You can view local yard sales with all related details, photos, and directions on this app. Some of its features are searching by day, location, etc, can see yard sale ratings, warnings, view the street of the yard, can sync sale routes across all your devices, etc.

It’s an app by which you can access garage sale listings within 20miles on your mobile. With the free version, you can see the sales on Wednesday and Saturday.

It also gives you directions to the sales so that you don’t get lost. If anyone needs additional features then one can buy a paid version that has a small annual price and unlock features such as sales on other days, search for particular items, etc.

5. NextDoor (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

NextDoor is another app where you can instantly connect with people, happenings such as garage sales, lost things, etc in your neighborhood and buy or sell anything.

It also gives you related news and information from public agencies, businesses, neighbors. People use next door to seek recommendations when in need.

6. Listia (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

A marketplace where you can buy the item you want and sell things you don’t need anymore. It works out like, the more you give the more you get for free that means one can sell their unwanted things and earn credits, with those credits, can buy anything they want to.

Through the geolocation feature, you will know what nearby people are selling, will allow you to bid on things you want, notifies when the item you are looking for is expiring soon.

7. OfferUp (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

So, OfferUp is one of the best garage sale apps and is 100% free. The idea of this app is to create a mobile marketplace where you can sell anything from electronics, furniture, cars, etc locally.

OfferUp does better in terms of customer service when compared to other apps. Through in-app chat, all communication between buyer and seller can take place.

Once you download the app create an account and buy or sell things locally. It also allows you to make in-app payments in some markets. The shipping fee is applied if you prefer it.

8. Garage Sales by Map (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

Garage Sale by Map is another garage sale finder which links to Craigslist.com, oodle.com, Gsalr.com, and many more with Google maps and shows up around 60-70000 sales every week.

Not just that, as the app fills in the whole country, you can check what’s available in another location too. The good thing here is you can see the days and hours of the sale.

You can either view it on a map, as a catalog, or in photos. This app is mainly for garage sales and can both post and find garage sales.

9. YardHopping (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

Yard hopping also focuses on buying and selling in a local community especially yards and garages. It uses your location to show you the sales in your area.

One can search for their products by the categories or specific keywords. It’s quick and easy to use.

10. TallySheet (iOS/Android)

Garage Sale Apps

Here we are at the end of the list with yet another good app but a little different. This one manages all your transactions and necessary things if you are planning to make a multi-seller event where you wanna sell yards, garages, rummage, or any of the things.

It increases the precision and reduces the annoyance of your event offering you many features. You can also ask your friends as cashiers to the event.


We all understand no matter what users are vulnerable to scammers, so everyone’s always required to take precautions and whenever you meet the seller it’s always recommended to meet in a public place such as a mall, cafe, etc.

There are many such websites for buying or selling, though if you are looking for apps then the above mentioned are some of the handpicked best garage sale apps. However, do let us know if we missed any in the comment box.

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