12 Best Games Under 1MB For Android [2022]

Small size games are always fun to play and give you a lot of joy. Android allows us to have tons of games, both huge and small. 

Not all games are compatible with low-end devices and if you don’t have more storage then these games under 1MB will surely light up your face and bring in enough enjoyment. 

Therefore, if you are among the ones who do not have more space or simply wanna play these kinda games. Here’s the list for you that has the best games under 1MB.

Best Games Under 1MB List

Here are the best games under 1MB for you to have tremendous joy in your free time and also if you have less storage. 

1. The Archers 3

The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter takes the first spot on our list for games under 1MB. I guess you must have heard of this game and also played it in your free time. 

games under 1mb

Here in this game, you are the stickman and your world is invaded by the birds. Therefore, you kill as many birds and earn coins. Moreover, you also can upgrade the archers’ bow and arrows along with moving to higher levels by earning special apples.

Become a pro and overcome 500+ challenges in this game of bow and arrow hunting the colorful birds. 

2. Bubble Shoot

Bubble Shoot is yet another well-known among games under 1MB. As the name indicates in this game you shoot bubbles. You have to make bubbles of 3 or more combinations and shoot, clearing all of them to jump to the next level.

games under 1mb

The game is fun to play and will not bore you. It has around 1860 levels that you can clear. Of Course, the game difficulty level rises as you move ahead which makes it more interesting. Moreover, the game is compatible with all devices and resolutions. 

3. Escape: The Room

Escape: The Room- the name itself makes it clear that you are trapped in a room and you aim to get out of it i.e escape. 

games under 1mb

The game is quite fun to play and also gives your brain some challenging puzzles and tricky clues that you have to solve to come out of the room. Also, it’s free and has no ads so that you can completely focus on your game. 

Moreover, the game is easy to play as the controls are simple and the game’s size is only 146 KB. So, go for it and test your mind’s capacity.

4. Ludo Champion

Now comes Ludo Champion in our list of games under 1 MB. Undoubtedly, I suppose everyone will be aware of this game for sure. However, let’s talk about it briefly. 

It’s a board game in which 2 or 4 members can play. 

games under 1mb

You have 4 tokens that you move forward by rolling a dice. Like this, you make a round of the complete board to get to the finish line before someone else. Of course, the game is based on sheer luck and is entertaining playing with friends and family. 

 5. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe. Who will not know this game? Back then this game was initially played in person with a pen and paper. Evolution in technology made everything digital and also refined giving you more options.

games under 1mb

You can either play with Al or with your friend. It has classic, 3×3, and 4×4 modes i.e you connect 3 or 4 to win. You will definitely enjoy playing it and be relieved after a tiring day.

6. 3D Cube Puzzle

And here comes Rubik’s cube or 3D Cube Puzzle game. Again, you all might be knowing this one too. If you love puzzles, riddles then this one’s for you. 

games under 1mb

Let your brain start thinking and solve the puzzle by rotating all the colors to their right places and make each face have only one color. 

Moreover, you have 5 modes here and you can choose any of them depending on your skill. One can shuffle and rotate to get started by solving one side. 

7. Atomic Bomber

Atomic Bomber is yet another best one in games under 1MB. In this game, you play the role of a NATO ground attacker who has to stop the Soviet Union from invading Europe. 

games under 1mb

The graphics and sounds of this game will not let you down. Also, dodge missiles, anti-air guns, etc. Nuclear weapons add more to this game that makes it more fun to play. 

It’s certainly a nice game with some good reviews and ratings to pass your time and enjoy. 

8. Word Search

Word Search is also an amazing game if you like puzzles, brainteasers, etc. This game in the list of games under 1MB will put your mind into working. 

games under 1mb

Here, you have to find the hidden words and color them with different colors. The more words you find the higher the score and get on the top of the leaderboard. There are also popular free brain games for adults to play. 

Moreover, you also have categories like animals, beach, computers, education, etc. It has 5 levels of difficulty that are easy, normal, hard, huge, and mega with modern design themes and can also play offline.

9. Cooking Master

And now become a chef.! As the name suggests you are the chef and your job is to provide for the hungry patrons. 

games under 1mb

Also, you should keep customers happy and prepare delicious food as quickly as possible before they leave. The game has some amazing visuals and sound effects and has casual and time modes. The casual mode has 3 difficulty levels.

Take the lead by becoming a star chef on the local or online leaderboard. It’s a nice one among games under 1MB to have fun in your leisure time.

10. Doodle Cricket

If you are a fan of cricket then this one’s for you. It’s a lightweight mobile cricket game that will give you enough fun. You can play as many shots you want as there are no over limits.

games under 1mb

Some of its features include challenging Al’s opponent, its dynamic ambiance, camera angles, awesome graphics, and realistic physics. Moreover, the controls are also easy and I’m sure you will love the game. 

11. Chess For Android

Now in our list of games under 1MB, is Chess. As most of you may already know the game chess, I don’t think any introduction is needed.

games under 1mb

Chess for Android is quite similar to all other games and has pretty good visuals and controls. However, what makes it stand out is its size that is less than 1 MB and gives you awesome features. 

You can also play against powerful third-party engines and also tournaments. It also supports online play at FICS(Free Internet Chess Server)

12. 5 Little Clues

Here is the last one though, not less entertaining than other games- 5 Little Clues is yet another fun and addictive one in the game under 1MB. 

games under 1mb

Here you have to find the hidden word, popular expressions, synonyms, etc from the clues given. Usually, the clues are 5 or less than 5. 

Keep your mind sharp and guess the words. There are around 200 puzzles and they are available in French, English, and Russian. 


So, these were some of the best games under 1MB that you can play and have exciting fun. You can always play them when you are bored or if you don’t have internet. 

And I’m telling you, you will definitely feel nostalgic playing these games. Also, you don’t need more storage as these games occupy very little space. Hope you liked the article and let us know which are your favorite games. 

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