9 Best Free Premium Link Generator Tools [2022]

Do you wish to download all your files at the best speed from premium file-hosting sites? For this, you will need a premium link generator. Indeed, there are several link generators available however, not all are free. 

Therefore, free premium link generators are the best option to download your files at considerable speed and you don’t even have to register or log in.

Here in this article, we’ve experimented with some best free premium link generators that worked fine with different links through the file hosts they support and explained them in pretty detail.

Nevertheless, before we look at the best free premium link generators, let’s quickly know what they are and why they are important.

What Is A Premium Link Generator?

In natural words, premium link generators are websites that have premium accounts. 

They have premium accounts of file-hosting sites such as Rapidgator, Keep2Share, Uploaded, Nitroflare, Icerbox, etc. 

Users who haven’t purchased premium accounts of these file-hosting sites can enjoy the premium features using a Premium Link Generator. 

With a premium link generator, if you wish to download files, you just paste the link of the particular file in a premium link generator and that will take you to a download page where it provides you a link to download your file. That’s all.

Why You Should Use Premium Link Generators?

Some people download files every other day off the internet. And who’s gonna leave the premium features if they come all for free. 

Of course, most people download through IDM, torrents, and yeah IDM certainly downloads as fast as possible as it is unrestricted by peers and seeds.

However, some use premium link generators. Many people upload files on file hosting sites, some of which are free, and others are paid.

Because of the speed it offers, security and storage premium file hosting services are at their best. Still, when you are a free user of these sites, it takes a lot of time to download and the premium price is quite high.

This is where free premium link generators come into the picture that has premium accounts through which users have access to premium features. These free premium link generators earn by displaying ads.

Best Free Premium Link Generator

Here are some of the best free premium link generators that are working perfectly fine.

1. DeepBird

If you are in search of free premium link generators, you must have heard of DeepBird. 

DeepBird is a premium link generating service that allows access to multiple file hosts and from which you can download files.

With a single DeepBird account, you can access around 80 file hosts, and as it boasts using 70 streaming services, making it a speedy service.

free premium link generator

Yes, DeepBird has a free plan. Can download up to 4 files each day with the maximum size of each file being 1.20 GB and you will be given a single unique IP.

If you are a frequent user then you can opt for its premium version which supports all the 80+ hosts, no limitations, and some other plugins. 

  • It has plans for 30 days- $4.99, 90 days- $12.99, 180 days- $19.99, and 365 days- $32.99.

How To Use:

  1. The file that you want to download, copy its link(make sure you choose files from the supported hosts) and paste it in the text box which says “Enter your link”.
  2. After pasting click on the Generate that’s present below. You can also reset your link if you have entered the wrong link by clicking on the reset option.
  3. Now you will see a link through which you can download the file with no trouble and can also share if you are a premium user. 

2. Dasan

Dasan is also a decent premium link generator that supports over 50 file host sites. You can also pause or resume while downloading your files if there’s any problem with your network. 

free premium link generator

Some popular file hosts that Dasan lends access to are uploadgig.com, filefox.cc, keep2share.cc, rapidgator.net, upstore.net, filejoker.net, takefile.link, uploaded.net, novafile.com, and so on…

Dasan’s plans are also pocket-friendly like its monthly plan is only $2.99.

How To Use:

  1. Primarily register an account here.
  2. Then purchase your chosen plan.
  3. Insert the link you copied and click on generate option. 
  4. After the link is generated, you can start downloading.

3. NeoDebrid

NeoDebridis another free premium link generator that is well-known because of the effective features it offers. 

So this service offers around 30+ hosts from where you can download files. It has an easy-to-use user interface. 

NeoDebrid provides a nice privacy guard that protects your IP address and if you are skeptical about your privacy then you can also remove your account.  

free premium link generator

Moreover, users can upload as well as download files through the cloud system. With its free plan, you will have a passage to download 5 files with each file being 1 GB maximum.

In its premium plans, you have access to unlimited downloads and 30+ hosts. When compared to other services, NeoDebrid charges a little high price.

  • 30 days- €9.99, 90 days- €26.99, 180 days- €44.99, 365 days- €84.99.

How To Use:

  1. Usually, all the link-generating services have the same process. Initially, paste the copied link and see that it’s compatible i.e you have selected the file from the offered hosts.
  2. Now click on generate option and after few seconds, your link will be generated through which you can download the file. 

4. CocoLeech

CocoLeech is also among the free premium link generators and supports more than 25 file hosts.

In its free version, you will have access to 13 file hosters like Nitroflare, Icerbox, Rapidgator, Uptobox, Zippy share, Hotlink, etc. Here, the only discomfort is pop-up ads.

free premium link generator

Users can download 10 files per day with a size between 512 MB and 4 GB. The speed of the download is quite decent and is better than paid ones. 

Moreover, the website shows you the last 100 files downloaded by users. However, the premium version offers torrent support, no captcha, 35+ file hosts, no ads, etc. 

How To Use: 

  1. Visit the CocoLeech website. Then paste the copied link in the box.
  2. Then click on generate.
  3. You can download the file as the link will be generated in a few next minutes.

5. HungryLeech

Now comes HungryLeech, yet another great site that lets you download your files in no time. 

Unlike other link generator services, HungryLeech provides 4 file hosters namely- Rapidgator, FileBoom, Depositfiles, and NitroFlare. 

free premium link generator

Though it offers only 4 file hosters it is well known for rendering quality and free premium links. The only shortcoming is you will have to go through a little longer process than other link generators. Let’s look at the steps of that process.

How To Use:

  1. Again, go to the site and paste the copied link.
  2. After this, verify that you aren’t a robot and check the box to agree with their terms and conditions
  3. Now click on Generate Premium Links.
  4. Click on the premium links generated so that a dropdown appears on which you have to click.
  5. Now you have to select your file and click on Request File.
  6. After which you will be redirected to a new page on which you have to click on Leech it.
  7. Lastly, you will get a few ads, URL shortened menu, with 5 seconds counter. 
  8. Finally, you will be at the download page and begin your file direct download

6. Hyper Debrid

Hyper Debrid- as the name says, it downloads your files at hyper speed for free from around 34 file hosters like uploaded, rapidgator, depositfiles, nitroflare, icerbox, etc.

free premium link generator

Users don’t have to register or make an account even. Reviews of this site are also good and it has many other features too. 

This site works fine and you will have an error-free experience using it.

How To Use: 

  1. Visit the Hyper Debrid site.
  2. Copy the link of the file you want to download and paste it into the given box.
  3. Then click on generate.
  4. After a few minutes i.e after you bypass all the ads, the link will be generated and starts downloading.

7. Uploaded Premium Link

So this one’s another good free premium link generator- Uploaded Premium Link. This site has some features to explore like server host, statistics, usage, server limit, and traffic. 

Server limit lets you know if one file host isn’t working then you can switch to another host and complete your action. Furthermore, they give you info about your file, usage, etc.

free premium link generator

Uploaded Premium Link supports file hosts like uploaded.net, ifichier, file factory, etc.

Again, for you to reach the download page it takes a little longer because of the link shorteners and ads. However, it downloads quite faster once you get there. 

How To Use:

  1. Visit the Uploaded Premium Link site.
  2. Now, look at the stats to see which file hosts are available to use.
  3. Copy and paste the premium file hosts link and click on Generate.
  4. Before you reach the download page around five URL shorteners will appear along with ads, skip all of them, and then you can start downloading.

8. Leechall

Leechall is also a satisfactory free premium link generator that permits you to download files from file hosters. 

It has access to around 50 file hosts. You can download from sites like uploaded, rapidgator, uploadgig, turbobit, share-online, icerbox, and many more…

free premium link generator

If you don’t register you can download up to 3 files at a time and the size limit for each is 10 GB. That’s precisely good as you can download 30 GB for free! 

Moreover, it supports auto delete i.e the links you generated will delete after 8 hours, and downloading takes place at considerable speed.

How To Use: 

  1. Visit the Leechall site. 
  2. Paste the link of the file you prefer to download.
  3. Then, click on download.
  4. After you bypass around 5 ads the premium link will be generated and you are all set to download your file from it.

9. Leech Ninja

And the last one- Leech Ninja is also a free premium link generator and works and appears more like the hungry leech. 

free premium link generator

Some of the sites or file hosters it supports are NitroFlare, Rapidgator, Keep2Share, Uploaded, etc. 

Its procedure to download files is also the same as hungry leech- not a click away.

How To Use: 

  1.  Visit the website. 
  2.  Copy and paste the link you want to download.
  3. Similar to hungry leech, verify you aren’t a robot, accept their terms and conditions and click on Generate.
  4. After a few ads and URL shorteners, you can download your file.


We hoped you liked the article and it was fruitful to you. These were some best free premium link generators that would let you download the files you wish for free.

Do let us know if you have any questions regarding the same and if there are any more good debris/ link generators that we might have missed.

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