10 Best Free Locanto Alternatives To Post Classified Ads

Locanto is an e-commerce site known for buying and selling second-hand stuff by posting classified ads. The site has a decent user interface and is quite easy to navigate around. 

With Locanto you can post ads of any kind like maybe rent a house, job, sell home stuff, or anything and it gives you a wide range of categories to put your ads in. It also lets you manage or keep track of ads easily. 

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One can post pictures of their products and make your ad as you want with all the features Locanto offers. Well, Locanto is used by many, however, your appearance here tells us you are looking for Locanto alternatives and yes you are in the right place. 

List Of Best Locanto Alternatives

Here’s the list of best Locanto alternatives that you can consider. Go through all of them to get your hands on the one that satisfies you. 

1. ClickAds

Here’s the first one on our list of best Locanto Alternatives- ClickAds. This software certainly helps in creating ads quickly with ease. This site provides you all the stuff to create your best ads to save heaps of cash. 

To create your ad simply choose the template you like and then enter the details of your products and then make it creative and hit publish. 

Also, it has a beginner-friendly dashboard where you can manage all your ads perfectly and create 100s of ads and publish them on Google or Facebook. Ad graphics and ad copy are all done automatically, and also set schedules for special events or holidays. 

Moreover, you can buy anything from the categories present and also directly contact the seller or buyer. You can also set the price or make it negotiable. And premium ads are highlighted in green color and highlighted ones in yellow. 

2. Sale Spider

Sale Spider is yet another best one among Locanto alternatives to post free classified ads. Sale Spider is a very trending site with its layout and as it is in collaboration with some biggies like Walmart, Macy, and Amazon. 

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You can post all the ads of any kind here easily in the categories mentioned and also grow your network by linking yourself to multiple businesses around the world. 

Customers who wanna buy stuff from big chains will find their way here and get your offers. One can advertise for as little as $5 per day, can manage campaigns, and is perfect for limited-budget ones. Sale Spider has around 2.2 million users and the count is growing every day. 

3. Quikr

So this one’s an Indian-based classified advertisement company and is quite popular. It’s a free site where you can post, sellers can post their ads to sell and buyers can buy. 

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One can discover several things on quikr in different categories like cars, real estate, phones, jobs, etc. Also, there are around 1000 cities in India where Quikr is listed. It’s like the best site where a large population sells its utilized things from bicycles to occupation and lands, etc

And if you are interested in selling any of your things then you can do it by posting an advertisement with Quikr. So if you live in India you can certainly consider Quikr for posting classified ads and buyers get a wide range of choices and categories to select from. Moreover, if you are an Android user, you can also use its mobile application. 

4. GumTree

Gum Tree is another marketplace and a good site for you to post your classified ads in various categories. GumTree is quite popular and receives millions of users every year. The categories include cars and vehicles, real estate, jobs, boats and jetskis, accessories, services, etc.  

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The site is available in France, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, and a few more. The site is free for buying and selling; however, if you want to post jobs here, it costs around $4.99 to $92.99 in the UK and varies according to the country you live in.

The site is simple and easy to use, with a quick registration process. An applicant tracking system that is inbuilt, numerous job categories, and millions of job seekers explore this site every month. Nonetheless, if you want a more international audience there are some other better options like Indeed. 

5. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime is another great site and as the name suggests, you can post free ads here. The site is very user-friendly and you will have no trouble posting ads and customizing. 

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All categories and setup are clear and you can post the ads with or without an account. One can keep track of the ads posted by creating an account or if you didn’t create one then you will be notified by them through email and the links for you to edit the listings will be sent. 

However, you have to know a little about how to code in HTML so that you add a backlink manually. You can post ads along with photos of them and you can put those in categories like pets, vehicles, apartments, local jobs, houses for rent, etc. It’s definitely a worthy site if you are thinking of posting classified ads for free. 

6. Craigslist

Okay, now Craigslist is no new site and is certainly a popular one in this list of Locanto alternatives. A site where people sell anything from their home appliances to apartments and also get their jobs and a lot more. 

Craigslist operates all over the world and almost everything is free to access and posting an ad or job is quite easy. Also, there are few countries where you can post for free although this feature isn’t available in the US. 

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The only downside here about this site is the site is scammed a lot as it is very popular and followed by many. So you just have to be a little careful while buying stuff here. 

Moreover, it’s a nice site where you can find jobs like blue-collar ones or less senior ones, for executive-level roles you can opt for sites like LinkedIn.

7. Oorgin

Now if you are an Indian this site will be useful to you as it is based in India and is one of the nice Locanto alternatives you can opt for. The site is user-friendly and is navigable to post ads. 

You will find various categories in which you can post your ads and attract an audience accordingly. There are categories like housing, appliances, cars and vehicles, rent, real estate, jobs, matrimony, etc. 

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Posting on Oorigin is highly convenient and brings more audience from your local areas. 

More or less Oorgin is also a good site if you are willing to buy anything online or sell something locally, making it a nice advertising site. 

However, if you didn’t like this site scroll down to know what’s next on our list of Locanto alternatives.

8. OLX

OLX is an online exchange marketing company and it is owned by Prosus, the division of the international asset of the South African multinational Naspers. It is the biggest forum for buying and selling goods.

Also, It is recorded that in India, around 99% of its listings are related to mobile and electronic tools and devices, used home appliances and home goods, and second-hand cars & bikes.

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It is said to be a global market spot that is presently operating in 45 countries and is among the vast online evaluated ads companies in some countries like India, Brazil, Poland, and Pakistan. 

Nonetheless, OLX has become a commonplace for fraud, mainly sellers here sometimes publish fake advertisements and buyers fall prey after giving the advance payment, should also be a little cautious with buyers too. So, one has to be careful not only here but on any other online site. 

9. eBay

eBay is an e-commerce company that is based in America that solely promoted sales among buyers and consumers online through the website. This popular site- eBay was set up by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. 
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Currently, eBay operates in 32 countries. The company has started an auction and shopping website online through which people can buy and sell a variety of goods. eBay has mainly drawn the attention of economists who have to refer to this website to explore the buying and selling setup and its auction strategy.
This website is free for buyers and it is charged for sellers according to their selling price on the website, some of the eBay sellers utilize this platform to sell intangible goods (information, software, or data of various kinds that’s delivered entirely virtually) but it has some regulations and withholds work according to some policy

10. MercadoLibre

Now comes MercadoLibre, an Argentine-based company, again quite a popular site that had around 174.2 million users in Latin America making it gain fame.

This e-commerce site can be used to post ads and also buy from here. Like the above sites, posting ads here is pretty easy. 

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MercadoLibre operates in countries like Bolivia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, etc. Customers here pay for the price set or bid for products and the items are delivered after the payment.

Also, the customers can provide feedback and if you want to list automobiles and properties a monthly fee should be paid. 


The above ones were some of the best Locanto alternatives which you can consider if you are looking to post free classified ads. Locanto is certainly a good one however, the above sites are no less and will satisfy you if you are on the hunt for Locanto alternatives.

E-commerce has made buying and selling flexible, making everything online. Hope you liked the article and that it was helpful to you. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section. 

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