7 Best FirstRowSports Alternatives [2022]

It’s like a dream come true when a sports fan watches the live games or events. Nevertheless, everyone cannot afford to go to games but this thing called the internet and streaming sites lets you watch those live events in the highest quality possible.

The overwhelming emotions and the adrenaline rush while streaming live games are something else. Thus, various sites stream live sports events and matches in better quality, giving you features like- recording it to watch later, chatting with friends, communities while watching live. 

If you are a sports fan, you must be aware of Firstrowsports that is loved most among all sports streaming sites because of the broad features it provides. There are many firstrowsports alternatives too and we will discuss them in this article.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t aware of this amazing site; let us learn what is firstrowsports and why are we looking for firstrowsports alternatives

What Is FirstRowSports?

FirstRowSports is a sports streaming site that streams almost all live matches/ events like tennis, football, baseball, WWE, UFC, cricket, etc for free. The site is very user-friendly and you can watch multiple sports for free. 

firstrowsports alternatives

There are multiple links available if you have bad connectivity or bandwidth. You can also customize audio or video quality and the site works just fine giving you no trouble or glitches. 

Nonetheless, as the site is illegal, few countries have banned it and several proxies have come up and the link given above should be the closest one. Thus there are several firstrowsports alternatives you can consider. 

Keep reading if you are looking for the best FirstRowSports Alternatives.

Best FirstRowSports Alternatives List

Here are the best FirstRowSports alternatives to keep yourself updated and continue live streaming all your favorite sports. 

1. Fubo TV

FuboTV is one of the best Firstrowsports alternatives because of its wide range of channels and simple user interface. It was launched in 2015 focusing more on soccer or football however, it has gained enormous popularity recently. 

firstrowsports alternatives

On the home screen, you will find options such as search, sports, home, movies, guides, recordings, etc. It has top 65 channels next to YouTube TV that has 75 and if you are a hardcore sports fan of basketball, football, MMA, boxing you can definitely sign-up and try because of its diverse channels. It also offers 4K sports programming for a few events. 

You will also find a mix of entertainment, news, and lifestyle though it remains sports-centric. Coming to the cloud DVR you can record for up to 30 hours by default which is quite less but you can upgrade it by 250 hrs or 1000 hrs paying $9.99 or $16.99

You can go for its 7-day free trial or,

  • FuboTV family- $64.99 per month
  • FuboTV Elite- $79.99 per month

2. Watch ESPN

If you love sports you must be knowing Watchespn was the first TV everywhere app. However, to make a one-stop destination and to create the best experience they redesigned the app moving all the watch ESPN content to the new one that also has ESPN+ for $4.99 per month. 

firstrowsports alternatives

Now ESPN is a leading app that covers almost all sports and gives you every minute updates of cricket or football matches or leagues. You can also personalize according to your interests and receive notifications.

 If you are only into news and scores you will not need a subscription. Nevertheless, upon ESPN+ subscription you get access to all the live games from the sports world. 

3. Feed2All

Feed2All is yet another best one for firstrowsports alternatives and the best part about this is it’s completely free! You will find live and on-demand sports like football, cricket, boxing, basketball, ice hockey, UFC, etc. 

It has a simple interface, time zone adjustment and highlights, and multiple links. Not to mention, this site doesn’t work in real-time and lags 1 minute from the actual broadcast. Also, it refreshes every five minutes letting you watch all the latest games without waiting much. 

The interface remains quite stable and since it is free you will certainly face few ads in between and sometimes the links don’t work.  

4. Boss Cast

Boss Cast is again a nice and free one among firstrowsports alternatives. The interface is pretty simple and easy to navigate. It has channels like ESPN, Eurosport, TSN, NBA TV, Fox, Motors TV, NFL Network, etc and you can watch all the events and games on the site itself. 

firstrowsports alternatives

Furthermore, you can change your timezone to your location and get to watch all local matches or events too. And a live chat feature that lets you talk to all the sports fans and communities while streaming the game.

The downside of Boss Cast is it displays ads and popups that are irritating when you wanna focus on the game and the redirecting links are also a headache sometimes. 

5. SportLemons

SportLemons is an amazing site for sports lovers to stream live matches and events without paying a single penny. Here also you will discover all sorts of games such as football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, etc. 

firstrowsports alternatives

The complete site is easy to navigate to let you find your favorite sport. Also, it doesn’t require apps or add-ons to use the site and provides you functioning links to the online streaming sport.

 Another good thing is the site provides real-time streaming without any trouble with surveys or malware. Though it depends on multiple streaming sites to let you watch the live games, however, it’s certainly a decent sports streaming site among firstrowsports alternatives.

6. Roja Directa

Roja Directa is one of the oldest and quite popular sites among sports enthusiasts. It’s a great site if you wanna keep yourself updated with every minute sport details. You get all the info about ongoing and upcoming events here. 

firstrowsports alternatives

The site’s interface isn’t really that good but it has plenty of info coverage on football, badminton, tennis, MMA, eSports, Moto GP, and many more. It also has an active forum where you may find links to live streams through live streaming links that don’t work much. 

As we said it’s a nice site to gather info without any ads or trouble, it gives you real-time updates, can download full matches, and highlights the best video quality. Nice site to stay up to date. 

7. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is yet another on-demand sports streaming service and is a good choice if you already pay for your cable/ satellite or any other streaming service that offers fox sports networks as it is more like an extension to customers with cable or satellite providers. And that means, more or less it costs nothing. 

firstrowsports alternatives

It has a decent interface that has categories like featured, live now, upcoming, and with its split-screen feature, you can watch 4 games at a time and can stream live sports such as MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and NHL and plenty of baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. 

Moreover, it is compatible across several devices and it depends on your TV package for the number of devices you can stream simultaneously. 


These were some of the best FirstRowSports alternatives that will always back you up in case firstrowsports goes down and you do not miss any of your favorite matches. 

Hope the article was beneficial and let us know if you have any questions or more good firstrowsports alternatives in the comment section. 

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