9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online In 2022

So, what is an Evite? It’s a leading digital platform for inviting your friends, colleagues, relatives to all your occasions, whether it’s professional or personal events, making them more memorable through email.

The world has changed, everything’s online these days. Few taps on your phone and there you have everything you want from online shopping, searching for topics, etc.

Similarly, Evite has credited with sending invitations online which is paperless. However, there’s a lot of competition with countless Evite alternatives.

Why Look For The Best Evite Alternatives?

The thing is, it shows numerous advertisements that are irritating, has become slow over time, and offers limited features in its free service leaving users in search of its alternatives.

Here we explore some of the best Evite Alternatives with real good features like Evite having a better user experience.

Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online.

Here are some of the best Evite alternatives for sending online invites:

1. PaperlessPost

Best Evite Alternatives

This comes as the first competitor in the list and my recommended website to send an invitation instantly. One can send invitations to their colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbours for weddings, birthday parties, new year events and what not.? You have around 16 and more categories to look at.

You can customize, design your cards browsing some best designs available, and can also upload your designs. Further features include tracking RSVPs, toggle with background, colors, text effects, and stickers.

I must say, it presents a beautiful interface for users and 100s of free designs. Yeah.! No ads too. Users can also cancel or reschedule their events if they wish to, whenever they want.

  • 50 invites for free
  • 75 invites for $10 (25 Coin package)
  • 150 invites for $20 (100 Coin package)
  • 250 invites for $30 (200 Coin package)

2. Guestboard

Best Evite Alternatives

It is a user-friendly and flexible platform to create event cards and bring your family, friends together. It’s a modular platform where you have tools like chat, shared resources, photo wall, schedule, a message board to customize.

Also, a new feature which arrived recently- video chat, allowing you to feel more real. You can stay up to date by sharing resources, announcements and reminders. Track RSVPs, streamline communication, maximize or minimize attendance.

Can be sent through SMS, email, or an invitation link to your dear and near ones. Build your cards simple and stylish with this platform.

The first 30 guests are free. Subscription costs between $1 and $485. Price may vary depending on commitment.

3. Hobnob

Best Evite Alternatives

The name itself says mix socially.! Plan events stress-free with the number of Hobnob features. Send event updates, add Cohosts, chat, auto reminders, RSVPs, hide or show guest lists are some of its features ., not to forget it’s cool invite flyers.

Using hobnob makes planning effortless. However, this one’s probably best for small groups. One can make custom videos and become personal and also create communities to speak with their group, kinda diplomatic.

Easy to use, simple, and organized offering unique layouts, fonts, additional options to give more details. Nevertheless, users have also complained of a few bugs which are yet to be addressed.

  • Free: 10 invites per month
  • Standard: $4.99 per month – 50 invites
  • Plus: $9.99 per month -100 invites

4. Anyvite

Best Evite Alternatives

A fully-featured event management platform, which allows you to quickly and easily send invitations. The best solution for enterprises.

It manages events, parties, weddings, social media promotions. You can create your design or choose from the provided ones and find possible venue locations. Guests can also add their pictures and videos to invitations.

Customize the invitation description, edit who can see the guest list. RSVPs which is great for large and open events is also available. Keep your guests updated by messaging them.

Pricing starts at $19.95. It has no free version.

5. PurpleTrail

Best Evite Alternatives

This one’s also my favourite as it provides endless cover options. Customization options they offer are worth looking for. To reflect what you are celebrating they offer you a broad variety of layouts, paper options, extraordinary designs.

They also give you very good customer service for all your needs. Make your invitations just the way you want along with pictures, fonts, backgrounds, and also envelopes of your choice.

You will have an abundant stack of templates for all the occasions like baby shower, weddings, graduation ceremony and many more. Make your cards adorable, professional, simple, stylish, any way you want them.

Flat-rate price starting at just $0.79 each.

6. Greenvelope

Best Evite Alternatives

Here’s another good one for you. Greenvelope gives you best-handpicked stationery designs, personalize envelope to every guest, completely customizable design options with 30+ pretty fonts, text colours, card builders and perfect spacing.

Manage clear and efficient guest lists, have complete RSVP information from your guests, schedule reminders, resend invitations to increase open rates, send and receive messages are some of its features.

Wanna have elegant, eco-friendly, effortless cards then greenvelope should be your choice. It’s an easy budget-friendly option for an online invitation service. Works beautifully on smartphones and webpages.

  • 50 People / Mailing $125 / Year
  • 150 People / Mailing $195 / Year
  • 250 People / Mailing $295 / year

7. Punchbowl

Best Evite Alternatives

This one’s quite different and fancy. Users can send by email and text message with free music and dance invitations. You will have lovely designs suitable for all kinds of events which make them more lively.

Send a personalized message to guests, tracks RSVPs, browse the collection of free music and dance invitations are some of its features. Fill in the party details, customize as per your wish and send your guests via email from any device- phone, tablet or your PC.

For first time users, this one would be more appropriate to use, as it also provides you with a party planner and is easy, simple to use.

Free trial for new members. After free trial completes you have to choose one of its paid plans.

8. Minted

Best Evite Alternatives

Unlike all other platforms, this one especially for weddings. Their source designs are from hundreds of independent artists around the globe offering you stylish, affordable wedding invitations. It gives you free wedding websites connecting your RSVP list.

All the templates look gorgeous with limitless theme choices. Minted’s free websites have wedding stationery like goods, gifts, wall arts.

Bridal shower and all the rituals can be added to wedding events and make it either private or not. Although it is for weddings one can create online invitations free for birthday parties, dinner parties and holiday parties.

Not folded – prices begin at $2.33 each, folded cards-prices begin at $2.60 each.

9. Smilebox

Best Evite Alternatives

Create stunning slide shows, flyers and more; add music, make collages and send your invitations to near and dear ones for weddings, parties any occasion you wish to.

Create your cards beautifully with 100+ templates available and customize them as you wish. Though I don’t like the fact that they offer very basic templates in the free version.

Here you don’t have to rely on email, you can send it through Facebook too. It supports all content types, sharing methods and personal media.

There’s a free offering however, many features—including the most popular templates—require the $40/year subscription.


So these were the best Evite Alternatives. From our list of the best Evite alternatives, you can choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have any questions regarding the alternatives mentioned in this list, feel free to comment below.

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