20+ Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 13 [Latest 2022]

You must know about Cydia if you are an iPhone user. Many iPhone users are facing the issue of compatibility when it comes to Cydia tweaks in the iOS 10.2 version if you are one of those. You don’t need to worry about this, here in this article we have more than twenty compatible and best Cydia tweaks for you. 

Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 13 

1. FlipControlCenter

best cydia tweaks

This helps you change the control center in your iPhone, you make that look amazing as per your preferences. It has several features that are easy to use, you can arrange the apps as you want. This is an amazing tweak if you are an iPhone user then you know that there is no option to add or remove things from the control center, this is the perfect application you can have to edit the control center. 

2. iCleaner

iPhones also lack features to clear cache data from your phone. You can download this Cydia tweak for this purpose, iCleaner helps you clean all kinds of cache data from your phone. This will help you manage the storage on your mobile phone. 

3. PowerDown

There is only the option to power off the iPhone, there is no direct option for restart like in the android device. This is not convenient to restart by pressing the power keys, you can make this easy using PewerDown. It adds more options such as reboot, safe mode, and respring along with the power off option. 

4. SugarCane

best cydia tweaks

This tweak is amazing as it adds a percentage label in the control center on a different setting like for brightness. Normally you don’t find these features but can have this with the help of SugarCane Tweak.

5. Grupi

best cydia tweaks

It has several features like the design on the notification group, DARKmode, blur view of iOS phones. It also has a mini media player and a setting panel as a shortcut for its features. You should try this tweak as well for yourself. 

6. Auxo 3

You can use this tweak for multitasking, there are several features in this tweak, they are known as a multi checker, hot corners, and multicenter. If you are looking for a tweak that does something like this then it would be the best option. It makes it more convenient for you to use your iPhone and do two different things at the same time. Multitasking is one of the features that everyone needs in their smartphone, you can chat while you watch videos and also look at notes while you play games or other things. 

7. BatteryPercent X

Instead of just looking at the bar, you will always want to know the exact percentage of battery left. This application can be one of the most useful tweaks for you. You should try this for yourself, it would be better to find out how much you can use your phone at a certain percentage. This will help you decide whether or not you should put your phone on the charger, besides that, you can easily use this tweak. 

8. Shuffle

Sometimes this is hard to find apps on your iPhone, it may be because you have a lot of apps on your smartphone. This can be solved with this amazing tweak, it has an amazing feature to categorize all the apps on your smartphone. It helps in navigating the apps much faster and easier, for example, you can find all the social media apps in one category. You should try this, it will surely be convenient and also looks great. 

9. CallBar

The most important feature of phones is that you can make calls and receive calls. Whenever calls come you always see it over the whole screen, it’s not good when you are already doing something on your phone. This tweak can manage this, you will be able to decide where the call details will appear, it also has the features to show you details about the caller.

10. Home Gesture

This is an amazing feature if you like shortcuts, you can access different things by swiping from different corners. You can access the control center by swiping above and also enter the passcode after swiping up. This is an interesting tweak which you should try for yourself. It would be better with these features, it works like shortcuts on your phone. 

11. Smooth Cursor

This tweak helps you have a smooth and seamless experience while using the keyboard. It has several features such as swipe selection, everything is perfect if you want something better than the normal keyboard in your iPhone. You can make things better for yourself, you should try this for yourself. There are some other features you can try as well, it has amazing effects.

12. ColorBadges

If you want anything that makes your phone look great, you need to try this investing and one of the best Cydia tweaks. It makes the color of notifications look similar to the color of that particular application. It will help you differentiate between the notifications you want to see and notifications that aren’t that important. 

13. ColorMyBattery

You need something more amazing for making your phone look great, then this tweak is one of them for you to try. It changes the color of the battery label according to the charge, for every range it has different colors. You don’t need to see some boring battery percentage if you are using this tweak, you can download this by following the link provided here. It’s amazing lightweight and has several other features, you can customize the color as you prefer.

14. HideYourApps

This app has the features to hide apps on your phone, you don’t have to worry about anything. You will still be able to access the apps, you just need to follow some simple steps for this. This also has a feature to put a passcode to access the apps in your phone, they would just be hidden from the app drawer. You can have total privacy and change it as per your preferences, it’s easy to access the apps but only when you know how to do that and the passcode. 

15. KillX

best cydia tweaks

This tweak has several features including, app lock, music detection, appearance customization, etc. You can also close all of your apps in just one swipe, an app like this will help you feel convenient. It detects music playing in the background, app lock feature is also amazing with so many customization options. You can customize everything as you wish which makes this application one of the best for you. 

16. AVLock

While watching videos, you have to face a lot of issues because of some features. This tweak will help you solve the issue of the rotation problem, it will give an extra option over the screen so that you don’t get interrupted while watching videos. This is surely one of the best things, so you should try this tweak once for yourself. 

17. PowerModule

IPhone doesn’t have the feature to reboot or Respring so if you need these features then you should have this tweak. Using this tweak is too easy, you can just access these options in your control center. It has several other options, which can be customized as per your preferences so you must try this. 

18. FloatingDock

This app has got several amazing features that make this one of the best Cydia tweaks for you to try. You can do multitasking that makes everything easy, it’s a feature that everyone wants in their phones. It has got several other features like the dock gestures, notification center, control center, lock device, etc. This app is amazing for you to use, there is nothing to worry about while you use these for yourself.  

19. CozyBadges

best cydia tweaks

Notification is one of the common things that you need to change if you don’t like because you can do that. Not with default features but using this tweak, you can customize several things in the notification panel. You can make your notification look, it has features to change the color of text or background, you can also change the labels and other kinds of customizations with this tweak. 

20. Kalm

You should take things seriously about your phone looking good, there are some apps with an amazing feature that can help you get that. Kalm is one of the best Cydia tweaks that can do this, you can customize your lock screen and have some more things on the lock screen. It makes it look much better than the normal, you have to try this for yourself, it is worth trying because of all the amazing things you can do with this tweak. 

21. Docky

best cydia tweaks

Using this tweak you can customize your iPhone dock, it will make the dock look awesome. You can expand the dock to fit more apps, it will help you easily find your most-used apps. You can also decrease the number of apps as per your preferences. One of the best things about this is that you can double the dock, which makes it look much greater. You need to try this tweak, it’s an amazing thing to have such features. 


Tweaks are amazing if you need these extra features in the iPhone, they make it more convenient for you. Besides that, they are easy to use, you can also download this as we have provided a link here. Every tweak we have mentioned is like the best Cydia tweaks so you should give them a try. You are going to get a better user experience with this, there are a lot of amazing things thanks to this tweak. 

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