10 Best Chromebook Word Processors You Should Check Out

Word Processor is a program that processes your words. Editing, writing, formatting, and some extra features are what it provides you.

There are times, when you have to write an official document, letters, or any writing form, for which, we all need a word processor-a good one, to stay on track and sorted.

However, Chromebook users weren’t having many apps to use in this case for a while, as it doesn’t support third-party apps especially Word Processors. But now even the best Chromebook Word Processors are available at your disposal.

Remember to download the latest version of your Chromebook to have access to all these word processor apps as these wouldn’t work on the old versions.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Chromebook Word Processors to have an easy go on writing, saving, and sharing your documents and files.

Best Chromebook Word Processors In 2021

Here’s our list of the best Chromebook Word Processors you can use on your device:

1. Microsoft Word Online

Best Chromebook Word Processors

Not many may be aware of the Word online as Microsoft doesn’t promote it much. However, it’s an online version and many users consider this as a great alternative to the desktop version of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word online works only for the files stored in its cloud service one drive i.e it always needs a network connection to work. You can access Word Online on your Chromebook browser.

But you’ll have an easy way to get started on something as it provides templates for the report, resume, cover letter. You can do some basic things like adding a picture, insert a link, a simple header. For basic stuff like commenting,  collaborating with people, it’s good.

2. Google Docs

Best Chromebook Word Processors

These days collaboration is the most important thing in the workplace and yeah Google Docs is the best one for this as one can add collaborators who can make changes in the document and multiple members can access and edit the document. You can email, translate it into another language, and convert a word document to Google Docs or a PDF.

Not just that, it’s easy to learn and completely free. Google Docs is also flexible in sending and receiving documents from your friends or colleagues with no compatibility issues/errors. Create, edit, store documents, and can also share them when you are in remote locations. It has various file types like spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, etc.

Flexibility and easy access are what make Google Docs one of the best Chromebook Word Processors. You’ll have 15 GB free with good features but if you want advanced features and more storage then you can also buy a premium plan. Google Docs is best for freelancers, students, and professionals too.

3. WPS Office

Best Chromebook Word Processors

We all know WPS Office is used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s an all in one office suite app. Professionals, institutions can work efficiently with their office tasks.

You will have some benefits like recovering accidentally deleted files, robust editing tools, good templates that can make your presentation stunning, a PDF converter, and is also accessible on iOS and Android mobile.

Yes, WPS office is the only app that offers you a free version for Desktop as well as mobile though with basic limited features. Very much compatible with Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, Microsoft Word in both PC and mobile formats.

4. Writer

Best Chromebook Word Processors

If you are in search of a simple Chromebook Word Processor, Writer is the one.

It runs offline, is flexible enough, and is available on the Chrome Web Store.

You can import and export files as Writer file, HTML, word document, and Markdown. Students can take their quick offline essays, notes, assignments. 

Some of its best features include subtle themes, autosave, set writing goals, drive integration, format text easily by the pop-up toolbar, create and edit various documents at a time, distraction-free, and many more.

5. Open Office Writer

Best Chromebook Word Processors

So, this one is an open-source cross-platform which runs on Mac OS, Windows, Linux. Easy to use and master, as the interface has a similar look. It supports many formats such as Microsoft Office, XML, HTML  WordPerfect, Lotus 123 to open and save your files.

The good thing is its user interface supports various languages over 40. Autocorrect dictionary will help you in correcting all your spelling mistakes in around 70 different languages. Layout languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Hindi are also supported.

Open Office Writer is a free and full-featured Chromebook Word Processor with spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, database access tools. No additional third-party software is required to create PDFs.

6. Zoho Writer 

Best Chromebook Word Processors

An efficient word processor for collaborating, creating, editing, all your documents in real-time. Zoho Writer can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store.

It’s easy to use, has some powerful features, worth the money, good customer support. Main features include- mobile access, thesaurus, spreadsheets, group management, editing, online sharing, version syncing, etc. Security features and built-in themes, cloud library are some more benefits that come with this Word Processor. It’s well integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Zoho Mail.

It’s perfect for anyone such as individuals, small or medium businesses, and enterprises. You’ll need quick learnings of their menu paths, being affordable and easy to use.

7. Dynalist

Dynalist is a tool for writers which helps them to manage and organize all their outlines into a folder. You can add Dynalist to your browser tab. 

Chromebook Word Processors

If you are among those who use word processors and write and have long lists of works or tasks to do and manage. Then Dynalist is the one you should consider to manage all your tasks at the same time.

It is exceptionally the best one to keep yourself organized. You can add as many projects and folders as you want to and also navigate through them without any confusion knowing where you are located. 

Also, you can add bookmarks, move things between various folders or lists, create links among various files, and tag items to help you filter. 

8. Hemingway

Hemingway is a great app you can consider and this is named after Hemingway, master of brevity. Whether you are a content writer, blogger, or student, this helps you make your writing bold as well as clear. 

Chromebook Word Processors

It isn’t powerful as Grammarly but still makes your writing sound clear and understandable

 It also suggests where you can make changes to make your writing more simple, elegant and improve your style. 

It makes suggestions in color code like red, yellow, purple, blue, and green phrases. Its free version works on all browsers and the paid version is compatible with mac and desktop. 

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is an editing tool as well as a word processor and is updated with advanced vocabulary every time. It gives you suggestions, words you can replace, and a variety of synonyms in different contexts.

Chromebook Word Processors

Moreover, Grammarly provides 150+ word corrections and performance stats. It certainly is a great help for writers who can improve their writing and enhance it.

Grammarly checks spellings, punctuations, and also spaces but not limited to these. It also provides you with grammar and syntax. This is a flexible tool and can be installed through extension. 

10. JotterPad

Here’s JotterPad and the name says what function it does. It’s one of the best Chromebook word processors you can consider.

Chromebook Word Processors

This one is a minimalistic app and makes writing easier. JotterPad provides you with many features like a dictionary, thesaurus, nightlight, you can search and replace, rhyming dictionary, both light and dark theme, and an in-app file manager to manage all your files. 

Also, everything you write will be saved automatically, one can post everything they write on social platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, and Ghost. Additionally, you will also find high-resolution pictures that fit your writings and give you unlimited cloud storage. 

Also, one can sync their files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Guess, these word processors will help you to write the best of your documents. It wouldn’t be tough to choose one from these as you don’t have plenty of options. As for now, these are the best Chromebook word processors available. Do let us know if we missed any in the comment box. 

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