10 Best Calligraphy Apps for Android & iOS

There’s a saying “handwriting reflects us” based on how someone writes- neat, bad, messy. Nonetheless, calligraphy isn’t like that, it’s just a special way of writing with beautiful lettering for various occasions or just like that.

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And if you are fond of calligraphy you might be aware that many apps let you jot down anything beautifully and also learn. 

Therefore, in this article, we have listed the 10 best calligraphy apps for Android and iOS which will enrich your calligraphy skills.

Best Calligraphy Apps List

Here is the list of the best calligraphy apps if you are into making fascinating things.

1. Calligraphy Art (Android/ iOS)

Creating traditional calligraphy that has graceful lettering is what you will learn with the calligraphy art app. Calligraphy art is easy to use and lets you create authentic and beautiful letters in style. This is one of the best calligraphy apps because of the way virtual pen mimics real counterparts. 

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A little practice and learning and you will be there creating glorious letters and the fact that it replicates colours, angles, thickness just the way a pen does. The app is divided into three parts- the main page where freehand calligraphy is done, the western alphabet exercise, and the Chinese alphabet exercise. 

2. Focus N Filter (Android/ iOS)

Focus N Filter is another amazing one among calligraphy apps that lets you decorate or stylize your name or anything like a profile picture, signature, or logo. You can have photo backgrounds, flag backgrounds, add stickers, colours, and also change your text colour and fonts. 

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Focus N Filter is a fingertip art and has many features allowing you to make your work beautiful with around 100+ stylish fonts, filters, or magic brush, and high-speed performance. It’s a nice app to create professional name art with good functionality and easy to use interface. 

3. Calligraphy Name (Android/ iOS)

The twisted and dancing lines- attractive and elegant are what calligraphy is. And calligraphy name is just another app to make your artwork beautiful with 100s of fonts and 50 backgrounds to write on.

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You can add more things like 50 symbols to decorate your writings and 30 gradients. With all the symbols, gradients, fonts, backgrounds, you can create your own masterpiece.

4. Calligrapher (Android/ iOS)

We now have the calligrapher app on our list of best calligraphy apps. This app lets you create calligraphic prints and drawings. The interface of this app and the way all tools are visible are very convenient to use. You use pens and pencils to draw or write and there are different pencils like simple, wide, thin pencils that differ in thickness and depend on movement speed. 

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Additionally, you can also set slope angles to get perfection in your work- wide pencils have 0 to 90° and thin pencils up to 360°. And once you have finished your work you can add it to some picture or simply save it. 

5. Cool Fancy Text Generator (Android/ iOS)

As the name sounds, a cool fancy text generator brings you cool and fancy fonts to make your texts appear fancy. The app’s basically a word art, letter, or font generator and is useful for your social handles such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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One can convert normal text to some cool font and also add symbols to make it attractive. Simply, click on some style to copy it and paste it anywhere you want. 

6. Fonty (Android/ iOS)

Another popular calligraphy app is Fonty that helps you to create and provides you with many fonts. With this app, you will be able to create your own fonts and also edit the existing ones. It has stickers to enhance your fonts, visual guides and lettering hints to help you, and brushes to make it more appealing. 

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Another good thing is it has an autosave & draft option so that you don’t lose your work and supports over 15 languages and alphabets. 

7. Stylish Name Maker (Android/ iOS)

And this one is also a great app and you must have understood by its name what it does. Stylish Name Maker enables one to write your names in trendy fonts and they look quite cool.

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You can write them on any image which you can choose from your gallery or from images the app provides that are really good. You can add text with stickers, colours, and also change its format. 

8. Calligraphy & Lettering (Android/ iOS)

Those curly letters look so beautiful and are more than appealing; and how difficult it looks learning how to make those letters dance like that. But this app calligraphy & lettering lets you learn calligraphy from the start and you will enjoy mastering calligraphy. 

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One can design letters with numerous strokes and typography options and can also add various colours, stickers to make your text look unique and beautiful. 

9. Phonto (Android/ iOS)

Phonto is again one of the best calligraphy apps that lets you add creative texts to any image. It is simple and easy to use. The app has more than 200 fonts and you can also install other fonts. 

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Phonto has all the customizing options a calligraphy app should have like text size, colour, the shadow is changeable and rotatable. You can create some amazing pictures with calligraphy on them with Phonto. 

10. Calligraphy collection (Android/ iOS)

Calligraphy collection is useful for those who are learning Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. And these languages necessarily reflect calligraphy. You need some good skills to write those letters comprehensively. 

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The whole app is in Japanese and helps those who are studying those languages and the only drawback is sometimes we may find difficulty in searching for those letters.

These are some more great calligraphy apps you can consider.


I understand calligraphy as an exotic yet gorgeous hobby one can have and writing in such a beautiful way has its magic and impact on others. 

Thus, you can choose any one of the above calligraphy apps and master calligraphy or make creative stuff. Hope you found the article helpful and let us learn if you know any more good calligraphy apps.

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