8 Best Browser For Mac In 2022

We all know that internet browsers have become everyone’s necessity in today’s world. We simply can’t explore anything without them. You won’t be able to access any information related to any topic, not just tech.

If you are a Mac user, you would be familiar with Safari which is no doubt a very good and strong option. However, you have several alternatives, to experience a change.

8 Best Browsers For macOS Reviewed

Below we have listed out some of the best browser for Mac and let us see what they offer us.

1. Safari

Pre-installed on Mac OS

Best Browser For Mac

This one’s a web browser best known for its effortless and simple interface. It is pre-installed as a default browser for Apple users. Safari is probably the best browser for Mac users. Adding extensions will make it even better.

With extra steps to protect your data & safe browsing, it’s very much secure. It has one of the best features of security to prevent you from all kinds of malicious intrusion.

Like Google Chrome, you will have an incognito mode to select private browsing. Though Safari was made for Apple products like iPhones and MacBooks they can also be accessed by web apps made by other companies.

They are well praised for loading web pages faster than others keeping your browsing experience speedy and flexible.

For Mac users, it stores browsing history, bookmarks in iCloud with its built-in functionality. You can easily synchronize and login across all your Apple devices.

Safari is by far one of the best browser for Mac.


  • Improved battery life.
  • Advanced security measures
  • Loads pages quickly.
  • Enhanced system integration.


  • Lacks customization options.
  • suitable for developers.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

No doubt, everyone knows this popular web browser. We know that most web browsers have nifty features that make our browsing experience better.

Google chrome is no exception here. Chrome is the fastest browser I realized but when you come to security measures, safari and Firefox are much ahead. Chrome has a huge library of extensions such as picking, loom, Grammarly, etc, and bookmarking which gives you a smooth experience.

If you are a person of research, development (functionality) then chrome is best suited for you but if privacy and security come first then, chrome’s isn’t the one as it tracks your search.

It’s not full-featured but chrome offers chrome password management to store login details with enough functions to get the job done and available on both android and iOS.

Google Chrome has an edge over other browsers with its extension support, flawless performance, multi-platform availability. For sorting up bugs and getting updates, chrome constantly updates with new changes to enhance the use.


  • It’s a unified interface and easy to use.
  • Numerous extensions- free to install.
  • Translates pages in languages we understand.
  • Drag tabs in separate windows and go back with no difficulty.


  • Lack of organization.
  • Time-consuming to switch between multiple accounts.
  • A lot of memory (ram) is used up while running chrome.

3. Firefox

Best Browser For Mac

You guys might also be familiar with this one, Firefox browser, and a great one for Mac OS users. It’s an open-source cross-platform, versatile, and feature-packed browser.

To increase user experience, Firefox is lighter, powerful, with several themes. Some of its features include bookmark manager, tab-browsing, autoplay blocking, web extensions/add-ons, in-browser screenshot tool. Just like Safari, Firefox also offers the sync feature.

Firefox has solid security and anti-tracking features, every time one closes it all your history, cookies, passwords erase and also blocks trackers with its private browsing mode. It’s great for audio and video with autoplay blocking.

You will also have access to Pocket with which one can save webpages and videos. With Mozilla’s Firefox quantum one can open more tabs, quickly launch, responsive, without feeling any slowdown but your battery’s gonna drain faster.


  • Strong developer tool
  • Open-source
  • Keeps your privacy and syncs between devices.


  • Sometimes very slow and sluggish
  • Cannot translate page directly
  • Users cannot change keyboard shortcuts.

4. Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge

It may sound weird but Microsoft Edge is also one of the best browsers. Edge chromium is an open-source and sync bookmarks, passwords, and history between different devices on Edge Chromium just like any other browser.

In terms of safety, we all know Safari’s great and chrome – not much. But what Microsoft did is, it made its privacy policies simpler making it much safer than chrome.

You will also have customization options and dark mode. Now that we know it is a Chromium browser, it’s built for speed and visible while using. It also has chrome-based extensions which stand as a plus point for it.

This time Microsoft has put in great efforts to see what Mac users want from browsers and is promising too.


  • Access to chromium-based extensions
  • It easy to set up and import
  • Flexible security tools


  • iCloud password integration isn’t available
  • Syncing is yet to be completed ( not a finished product).

5. Brave Browser

Browser For Mac

The 5th spot on the list goes to Brave Browser. This one’s got quite popular among all the new browsers maybe because it was developed by the co-founder of Mozilla.

It’s free to download and use just like any other browser and less or more standard for exploring websites, to play online content, do general internet stuff, etc…Brave strips online ads and eliminates ad-trackers. It seems like an anti-ad browser.

For iOS, Brave’s built on WebKit just like Safari. It’s speed and privacy are what Brave boasts about. It loads pages twice as fast as Chrome and Firefox which comes as no surprise because it eliminates ad trackers which is why it downloads less content and quickly. It supports a handful of chrome extensions.


  • Pleasing UI
  • Highly secure


  • Some extensions are not compatible
  • Syn doesn’t work properly.

6. Opera

Opera Browser

Another fast and secure browser trusted by millions-Opera. It has almost everything one needs on the web along with 1700+ extensions. You can also customize the browser the way you want.

Some of its handy features include Opera turbo mode, organizing favorite sites, showing relevant content. It offers plenty of features and keeps your operating system happy as it uses the least ram possible.


  • No loading delays
  • Even at a slower connection, it downloads quickly
  • Doesn’t sink your memory
  • Built-in VPN.


  • Isn’t fit for web development
  • Extensions aren’t found easily.

7. Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is also based on Chromium and is compatible with many chrome extensions. It’s fast and secure.

It has a wide range of customization tools like control over keyboard and mouse shortcuts, change fonts, color, themes, capture tool which enables you to capture a full-page or select one, reader view, built-in notes, etc.

One can sync their history, bookmarks, etc by signing up for a Vivaldi account.


  • Web pages can be grouped under a single tab
  • Many features and customization
  • Programmable user interface


  • No automatic page translation
  • Freezes often
  • No warnings, no silent background updates.

8. Torch

Best Browser For Mac

Now we have come to the end of our list, not everyone will be aware of this browser but it’s quite popular among Mac users. The Torch is based on Chromium.

It is safe to use and user friendly. You can save audio and video easily by Media Grabber, download torrents directly with Torch Torrent, search and share instantly with drag and drop tool and download faster with built-in download accelerator, and many more.

Vivaldi focuses on customization and privacy. It might impress heavy downloaders and internet explorer users. It’s built for those who consume more social media.


  • Built-in search
  • Stream media while downloading


  • Unwanted adware and toolbars installations
  • It’s comparatively slower than other browsers.


We have listed the best browsers for Mac users along with their features, which may help you in switching to another browser if you wish to. Do let us know your beneficial suggestions in the comment box.

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