8 Best Audiobook Apps For Android & iOS

We all know reading is a very good habit whether it’s a novel, article or document. Nevertheless, busy routines won’t permit us to give much time for reading; and carrying a paper book isn’t possible everywhere. 

So what if you are busy and can’t read? Listen! Audiobooks are a great way to listen to our favorite books anywhere. For some, it will be time-saving, people can do multitasking such as eating, working out, cooking along with listening to their books. 

Audiobooks these days are compatible with almost all devices. Therefore, you just have to grab some good headphones comfortable enough to wear for long hours. 

best audiobook app

Now that audiobooks have become relatively popular there are a nice number of apps to listen to your favorite books in your language anywhere for free or with minimum charges. 

So, we have assembled a list of the best audiobook apps for both Android and iOS. These apps offer free as well as paid audiobooks.

Best Audiobook Apps For Android & iOS

Here are the best audiobook apps that will assist you to pick your favorite audiobooks.

1. Audible

best audiobook app

Audible is a fine revolutionary application as it was embarked in 1995 when we were yet to have iPods or MP3 players and hearing music/ songs were all accomplished with CDs. So, there’s no denying why and how it’s reasonably famous now. 

Audible is the world’s biggest seller and maker of audiobooks making it the leading and the best audiobook app in the market. From audible, you get to hear on-demand audiobooks, newspapers, podcasts, magazines, and radio for a monthly subscription price. 

Its enormous library of over 200000+ from numerous genres such as Arts and Entertainment, Bios and Memoirs, Comedy, Classic, Drama and Poetry, Health, Fiction, History, Mysteries, Spirituality/Religion, Sci-Fi, and the list goes on. 

One can listen to audible audiobooks on Android, Apple, or most online devices. You can download the content to listen to later and listen anytime anywhere from where you left your audio shows. For more convenience one can also slower or faster narration speed from 0.5x to 3x and can also set a timer. 

Furthermore, there is an extra benefit if you become an audible member, you will get credits every month with which you can buy gifts for family or anything you wish to. You can also return any audiobooks you don’t like in exchange for credits. You can also exchange audiobooks with no questions and risks. Overall, audible is worth listening to if you are avid for audiobooks. 

Price: Can start with a 30 days free trial and continue with an audible membership.

PlanCreditsPriceCost per Credit
Gold Monthly1 per month$14.95/month$14.95
Gold Annual12 per year$149.50/year$12.46
Platinum Monthly2 per month$22.95/month$11.46
Platinum Annual24 per year$229.50/year$9.56

2. Kindle

best audiobook app

Now this name- Kindle has become quite synonymous with e-readers however it can also play audiobooks. Kindle is a nice finding for that mood shiftiness and who wants both reading and listening formats.

Contrary to Google Play Books in which you can either listen to or read but not both. Kindle offers an adaptable way by giving you the choice of buying an ebook along with an audiobook for half of the original price as a Whispersync deal making it another best audiobook app.

Kindle Unlimited has audiobooks in all popular genres. Apart from 1 million ebooks, kindle also offers 2000 free audiobooks. 

Not just that you can also switch between reading and listening. The books are also synced between devices helping you to listen or read on any of your devices from where you left. So, yes it is also the best audiobook app.

Price: 30 days free trial, Kindle Unlimited: $9.99 monthly.

3. Google Play Books

best audiobook app

Yes, Google lately added audiobooks to Google play introducing another choice for readers besides audible or iBooks. Users can listen to favorite reads on iOS, Android, web, and home speakers. 

One can save bookmarks, add books to the daily routine, and alter the speed of narration. You will find all the latest best sellers in addition to classics within the Play Books app in tab audiobooks.

Google doesn’t embrace any membership plan or monthly subscription for its audiobooks service. You will have to pay for individual titles at their shelf price. And yeah there’s no return program so once you have bought a book. That’s it. You can preview free samples for audiobooks before buying. 

It’s quite a decent platform for both listeners and readers. 

Price: No free trial, Pay for individual titles. 

4. Media Monkey

best audiobook app

Unlike others, MediaMonkey isn’t an audiobook service to download or buy audiobooks but it is one of the best music players. MediaMonkey plays all types of media for you and is a powerful program to organize large media libraries with no fuss.

 One can bring jointly music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. When it comes to audiobooks, you can play all the audiobooks that you have downloaded and it also supports Android auto. However basic tools are easy and a few advanced features will take a slight time to learn. 

MediaMonkey can sync to your Apple devices and supports Android devices and Microsoft Windows. It has a free version having some strong features but if you want advanced features then buy one of its gold. 

Price: Version4 license: $24.95 (Gold).    Lifetime license: $49.95 (Gold)

5. LibriVox

best audiobook app

Yet another best audiobook app- LibriVox. If you don’t wanna spend much or at all then this is the right app for you. From LibriVox, you will have passage to over 15000 free audiobooks to listen to and download. You can search and download books you want to. 

 LibriVox delivers novels and nonfiction written decades ago such as Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, more like classic ones. There are a bunch of audiobooks read by celebrities and authors. 

The distinct thing is some of its content is read by volunteers. Yeah, ads may irritate in the free version but if you want to get rid of them there’s a premium version of it. 

It may not have all the premium ones like audible however few jewels will make the app worthwhile to use. 

One can download the files to their computer or download apps for iOS and Android. 

Price: Premium for $1.99

6. Hoopla

best audiobook app

Hoopla is a digital media service that enables you to rent audiobooks, movies, comics, ebooks, TV shows, etc. One can download or stream on their mobile devices, tablets, PC, TV to enjoy offline later. Hoopla gives hundreds and thousands of titles to search through, offering you pretty extensive features for both mobile and web.

Yes, it’s a free application and requires a library card from the public library system to use( check if your library supports borrowing media through hoopla). It’s a good deal for cardholders with a great collection of audiobooks.

Price: It isn’t subscription-based and is pay per use( paid by libraries) i.e. free for public library users. 

7. Kobo Books

best audiobook app

Kobo Books is yet another best audiobook app with its rich features and over 6 million books to illuminate your mood. It has a neat and fair user interface and night mode to caress your eyes. One can also shift between reading and listening as per their wish. 

It also provides Cross-Platform syncing ahead with a customizable ebook reader and audiobook player. Audiobooks player of kobo covers playback speed format, timer, duration skip buttons, chapter navigation. 

This app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and the web.

Price: It comes with the 30-day free trial & there’s a $9.99 monthly subscription

8. Scribd

best audiobook app

Scribd. Well this being put at last doesn’t make it any less than other apps and is also the best audiobook app. Scribd boasts over one million titles with good playback controls and a sleep timer. Furthermore, one can add books to the wishlist and listen to a five-minute audio clip to make conclusions.

It’s an ebook and audiobook platform just like others and costs much less than its competitors saving your money. Scribd also supports offline downloads.

It’s a reasonable app where you can easily get access to audiobooks, magazines, news, music, and explore all the latest topics, and also comprises a large array of children’s books. Its content is curated by business executives and editors. 

Scribd lends you three ebooks and one audiobook every month. If you want a way to unlimited audiobooks, magazines, documents, and books then purchase the monthly subscriptions. 

Price: $8.99 per month


These are some of the best audiobook apps you can get your hands on and take pleasure in listening to your favorite books and other stuff. Doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone or Android, as these function with both.

So now you can download any one of these best audiobook apps and begin listening. Do let us know if we missed any and what’s your favorite audiobook app.

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