10 Best Apps Like LetGo To Sell Your Stuff Online

Undoubtedly, most of us have a considerable size of unused items or stuff that take up space and get dusty. Many of us may have the idea of selling them and building space in the cupboards or closet and also make some money.

There are several apps where you can sell and buy stuff online. You don’t have to put up a garage sale to sell or drive around to buy. Now it’s all done with the comfort of your smartphone. 

One such popular app is LetGo that is used by a lot of people though, for some reason or any trouble it brought, you may want to look at its alternatives or apps like LetGo.

Here in this article, we have composed a list of apps like LetGo. So, keep reading to discover a better app than LetGo to sell and buy your stuff online.

What is LetGo? 

As the name suggests LetGo is an app like Wallapop or eBay through which you can sell or let go or buy used items. 

Like all other applications, people here take a picture of their item, add a bit of description and post it. The buyer will contact if he is attracted and then they can decide the kind of payment whether online or in person.

Best Apps Like LetGo 

Here are the best apps like LetGo that you can consider.

1. OfferUp

Note: OfferUp has now strengthened as it has merged the LetGo marketplace onto its app in early 2020.

OfferUp is the best app to start with if you are looking for an app like LetGo or are concerned about buying or selling second-hand stuff. 

apps like letgo

It’s completely free and makes the whole procedure straightforward. Users can search through thousands of local listings, save items, and directly question the sellers. 

You will have to finish the TruYou verification process that utilizes state-issued ID, phone number verification that implies your identity has been officially verified to avoid scams.

One simply has to take photos of their items, put a brief description about them and post it. Moreover, it has a secure messaging system, users can rate their experience with a person boosting transparency.

2. eBay

eBay certainly is the best online shopping apps like LetGo and is incredibly popular. Even if you didn’t use it anytime, you must have heard about it somewhere, and making an eBay account is free. 

It’s a user-friendly site with a refined search and notification system and also can prevent fraud transactions.

apps like letgo

Users can choose to search items nationally or internationally or locally by entering zip code. 

Based on the price you sell your products and for how long you list them, seller fees may vary. Sellers can sell in the auction or fixed price listings. 

You will find almost everything on eBay like discontinued items, vintage, unusual ones, and a lot more. It’s a go-to place for all the collectors. 

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a place where Facebook users can buy and sell with each other locally. It’s used in 70 countries by more than 800 million people.

There are categories like entertainment, vehicles, housing, etc where you can search for items, or browse conveniently by price and location and can save listings for future reference.

apps like letgo

The listing can have approx 10 photos along with the description and buyers can contact the seller directly on messenger.

Since it reaches a large global audience, Marketplace is a great opportunity for businesses.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark exclusively is for buying and selling fashion accessories and clothing online. Primarily, you have to make an account and then start buying or selling.

Users can browse from a wide range of items or search specifically and also attend online parties where they can interact with different stylists and bargain. Interestingly, it boasts around 5000 brands with 25 million items for sale.

apps like letgo

Brands on Poshmark include Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc, and users can purchase via PayPal, credit card, or Apple pay. Just like buying and selling is also super easy.

Nevertheless, Poshmark has to improve in its customer service area, as it often behaves unconcerned and is not responsive.

5. thredUp

The world’s largest online thrift store- threadUp offers a broad range of clothing and accessories.

It has many categories including kids and maternity too. threadUp accepts only those items that are up to their standards ensuring you that the items displayed are worth buying.

apps like letgo

Selling here is also pretty easy. You will have to put your items in the “clean out kit” and send it back for processing.

One can either select to consign or get paid upfront and monitor your items online.

Well, this one’s a reliable app for making some space in your closet or some extra cash and is a good alternative to LetGo.

6. Mercari

Mercari Marketplace is yet another app where you can buy and sell your items. It’s a Japan-based online service. 

You can find a collection of almost everyone’s needs here and as it stepped into the US, Mercari crossed the 45 million mark making it more profitable.

apps like letgo

Users have to sign-up to have an entry in Marketplace and it has very user-friendly browsing and searching features.

Just like other apps, selling and buying on Mercari is flexible. If you are selling make sure the photos and descriptions are clear.

Buyers can choose to pay online or COD for convenience and can return if not satisfied with the product within 3 days.

7. Gone

Gone is also reasonably a good app for selling and buying electronics, small appliances, etc. 

It will take care of all the things like shipping, handling, getting in touch with customers, etc.

apps like letgo

You will have to take the photos or videos of items and post them after which the company will agree to sell or not. 

The shortcoming that sellers may not like here is, it is they(the company) who will decide at what price the item will be sold.

However, Gone makes it clear that items put on sale are qualified and are hand-inspected- a relief for buyers.

8. 5Miles

5Miles is among the nicest apps like LetGo that connects users and buyers. You can not only trade household items, cars, used products but also post services or job listings which makes it different from other apps.

The same procedure applies here if you want to sell your items- take a photo, select a category, and post it. 

apps like letgo

You will receive a message in the app inbox if the buyer is interested in buying your product. Yeah, it’s completely free for both sellers and buyers. 

Some of its features include- sellers can sign-up for a boost feature so that their items will show up frequently and on top, buyers can pay the seller within the app by depositing cash in the 5Miles app.

9. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social networking app for neighborhoods and communities. One has to sign-up for an account by verifying the address. 

apps like letgo

It’s nice to buy and sell items locally. You can exchange suggestions or recommendations and read the latest local news and even let you find new homes.

You can list items for sale in the free or sale section and this will appear in your neighbor’s news feed even if they don’t particularly search for it. 

10. Tradesy

Tradesy is another useful one in our list of “apps like LetGo” where women can sell or buy high-end fashion clothes and accessories. These are quite affordable as they are second-hand.

apps like letgo

Again, a few photos of your item, brand name, size, and condition before posting. Tradesy takes 9% of commission on all sales. 

Make sure that the item is in good condition and not worn out as tradesy only sells authentic ones with minimal wear. 


These are some of the best apps like Let Go where you can buy and sell almost anything and everything staying at home.

However since this is online trading, being cautious is as much necessary to prevent getting scammed and if you are meeting in person to pay, it would be better if you don’t meet in a remote place and meet in a cafe or mall.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned apps have a good reputation, users, popularity, and reviews based on which we have listed them. 

Feel free to let us know if we missed any more good ones and how was your experience in buying or selling online in the comment section.

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