10 Best Apps Like Dave For Cash Advances [2022]

We all have times of emergencies when we need some extra cash in advance. Maybe we have to pay our bills or buy some gifts or can be anything. So, insta cash or cash advances i.e getting paid early before payday for your work, does help you in times of need. Yeah, the amount isn’t that huge to meet a big emergency, however does help in some situations. 

We all know and walk for payday loans whenever required. Nevertheless, yes it helps but that huge interest will someday drown us in debts if we don’t keep track of or manage it. Thus, apps like Dave have come up that charge no interest and ask you to pay tips that are way less than payday loans.

So, Dave is an app that offers cash advances and is certainly good that lets you avoid overdraft fees and allows cash advance which is a little less up to 100$. Nonetheless, there are many apps like Dave that can be opted as alternatives if you aren’t content with Dave. 

In this article, you will find some best apps like Dave to cover your mini shortfall before the next payday.

Best Apps Like Dave 

Here are the best apps like Dave for cash advances that help you meet your monthly expenses more or less. 

1. Earnin

Earnin is one of the best apps like Dave. It’s available for both Android and iOS. You can receive your payment for the hours you work before payday.

Users can withdraw up to 100$ per day and these vary from 100$ to – 500$ depending on the factors like financial behavior, earning, etc.

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And you also pay a few bucks called a “tip” for the withdrawal. Another thing is you will have to be an on-demand employee, salaried, hourly, and freelancers or other remote jobbers are the ones who cannot use Earnin. 

Earnin also tracks you to pay; like you might have to connect your timesheet to the app or upload photos, turn on location, etc. 

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2. Chime

Chime isn’t exactly a payday advance app however unlike traditional banking methods this app makes banking very flexible. Once you sign up here you will have spending and saving accounts along with a debit card. 

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Okay, if you don’t want instant pay but still if you want them(employer) to pay early like 2 days, then this app will help you. One has to set up a direct deposit so that you will get paid 2 days early. Setting up a direct deposit is quite easy and one can also split their direct deposit into their savings and spending accounts. 

The best thing about chime is it is free to use giving you convenient features. You can also overdraft your account up to 100$ with the “SpotMe” feature and that’s also for free with no charge. After you receive your pay they will deduct it from the account. This app sure makes banking easier. 

3. Brigit

Brigit is another nice one in the apps like Dave to cover your monthly expenses and a budgeting app providing you small cash advances. 

The app has some good features like it helps you avoid overdraft fees by transferring money automatically when close to overdrawing, offers up to 250$ cash advances at a time, allows extending due date, and has no late penalty, repayments are deducted automatically, and yeah charges no interest. 

apps like dave

However, all these features don’t come for free, you will have to pay 9.99$ per month membership fee and you also have to qualify to have a cash advance feature i.e Brigit’s score should be 70 or higher- depends on your income, expenditure, banking history.

Brigit is a decent option during emergencies but if you are making it a regular option then maybe you should look into your finances.

4. FlexWage

Flexwage is an on-demand pay and as well as a financial service that provides its services to employees so that they can have the option to receive their earned money before their scheduled payday. 

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And it is the best alternative for payday loans or during emergencies and flexwage gives employees the freedom to have an option to take one day’s wages or the wage they earned during their pay period via a debit card that is issued by flexwage.

Moreover, employees/users get a notification on their smartphone asking them if they want to collect their one-day works paycheck or they can collect their paycheck during their payday. It also charges $3 or $5 for early transfer as a fee. Flexwage is available on android and ios however the user experience of the app is not that good

5. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is yet another decent one among apps like Dave. It has membership programs like offering online banking services, loans, and rewards. 

You can have cash advances up to 250$ upon creating a free account with MoneyLion that gives access to a zero-fee checking account and investment account. 

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MoneyLion also has credit builder plus membership that costs to 19.99$ which gives you the above features as well as credit builder loans up to 1000$ charging an interest that can range from 5.99% APR to 29.99% APR and you should also be approved by them as they look at certain factors like your income, etc. 

It’s quite a good option if you are facing trouble getting a loan as MoneyLion doesn’t perform any hard credit checks. However, the amount is still not huge and shouldn’t be considered for big emergencies. 

6. DailyPay

DailyPay, as the name suggests, is again one of the easiest apps like Dave to get your wage before payday. Some of its features include instant access to earning 24/7/365 days, you can get paid through debit card, bank account, prepaid card or payment card, also can create an auto-saving option to help you save money, and notifications that keep you updated. 

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Moreover, your company should offer DailyPay as a medium to use this app. Quite a decent app to pay your bills on time and meet financial goals. Though its customer service is disappointing. 

7. PayActiv

Another service that will help you in time of need is PayActiv which is again a good one among apps like Dave. Here, employers can receive around 500$ insta cash. There’s no minimum credit score required and 5$ is what you have to pay monthly for advance cash or any loans you take. 

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Once you get the funding you can also pay your bills online, get cash by transferring money to your bank account. Also, PayActiv deducts the amount automatically once payroll is done. Not to forget your employer should integrate with PayActiv. 

You also get discounts at local stores and a PayActiv card that has a wide range of features.  The best thing about this app is that it charges only 5$ is great for borrowers here. 

8. Branch

Another good one to help you in a financial emergency is- Branch that lets you have advanced cash before paycheck. If you want instantly you will have to pay 2.99$ to 4.99$ or you can also choose a standard branch by which you will receive your cash in 3 days. 

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Though how much instant cash you can have is limited and it is interest-free and you can leave a tip in exchange. It has apps for both Android and iOS to help you keep track. 

Also, it automatically deducts amounts to avoid overdrafts. Branch isn’t available for remote workers and requires you to have a traditional job. 

9. Zirtue

Zirtue is again a little different from Dave though it helps us financially and thus we included it. With this app, one can formalize loans between friends and family easily and simply. 

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Unlike other lending apps here in Zirtue you can only lend money from your contacts. The lender and borrower can agree from 20$ to 10000$ and also the repayment terms of the app. 

Once both of their bank accounts are connected to the app, it indicates the transfer and also repayment to the agreed terms. Moreover, Zirtue is free for lenders but borrowers have to sign-up for a subscription.

10. Affirm

Affirm isn’t exactly a payday loan alternative or an app like Dave but does help you financially. It’s more like a “buy now and pay later” one. 

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You can split your purchase into installments and pay them back seeing what schedule fits your best- a three, six, or twelve months plan.

If you need to fund a large expense and to keep track of your expenses then affirm can be a nice choice. And Affirm loans interest rate varies from 0% to 30%. 

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So above were some of the best apps like Dave that will help you come out of a financial crisis. Receiving instant cash before paycheck can really benefit us sometimes. 

Hope you liked the article and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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