9 Best Apps Like QuadPay To Shop Now And Pay Later

There are times and situations when we want to buy many things however we do not because of its price or maybe this month your expenditure was already quite high or any other obstacles come in your way. Well, in times like these apps like QuadPay rescue us and let us purchase what we want to and payback splitting our purchase with ease in installments like 2,3, or 4 months.

And QuadPay is one such app that helps us do that by splitting our purchase and paying back later. Nonetheless, we understand your presence tells us you are looking for apps like QuadPay for any reason of yours. 

Therefore you can follow this article in which we have listed the best apps like QuadPay that offer almost the same features and are worth checking. Make sure you go through all of them and select the one that suits you best. 

9 Best Apps Like QuadPay List

Here’s the list of best apps like QuadPay to shop now and pay later as per your convenience.

1. Affirm

Apps like QuadPay? Affirm is one of the best ones you can go for. People love Affirm and it has some best ratings for its services and features. You can purchase whatever you wish to and split your purchases into easy monthly payments. 

Apps Like QuadPay

Affirm will not impose any late fees, penalties, or any kind of hidden fees. It makes things pretty stress-free and also makes things flexible as you will have longer terms to pay back. 

You can buy now and pay later at almost every store, get various offers at 0% APR, can also open a savings account with no minimums and fees, and also manage your account and payments. Affirm is quite reliable and now you don’t have to miss things you love, simply download affirm and pay at your pace. 

2. Klarna

Klarna is another great app to check for apps like QuadPay. You can purchase what you love and pay later at your convenience using klarna. One can split their purchase into 3 and interest-free payments. 

Apps Like QuadPay

Klarna’s app is certainly interesting and gives you personalized inspiration with curated suggestions and deals, can pin your items and share with friends, and get new deals every day. Also once you have ordered, track your purchases from store to door.

Moreover, if there are any price drops you will be notified, and don’t worry about returns too, as you can return your product from the app itself and its login is secure enough with face, touch, or pin ID. Moreover, you can also make early payments or extend your due dates. 

3. Sezzle

Sezzle is also a good one in this list of apps like QuadPay and with Sezzle get what you want and pay later. Once you purchase anything through sezzle you can split the payment into 4 partitions and pay in over 6 months. Also, there will not be any interest put. 

Apps Like QuadPay

Signing up on Sezzle is pretty easy and once signing, get instant approval, and then shop from over 41,800 stores online anything and everything you want. Furthermore, when you shop from Sezzle it won’t affect your credit score. You will find categories such as beauty, women, men, kids, electronics, sports, home, health & wellness, toys, food, entertainment, etc. 

Sezzle’s layout is easy to navigate and uncluttered. You can change your payment method, reschedule future payments, and also get alerts. 

4. Tabby

Tabby is yet another decent app in this list of best apps like QuadPay. With Tabby, you can not only shop now and pay later as per your convenience but also earn cashback from your favorite stores. 

Apps Like QuadPay

Buy anything from Tabby and split your purchase into 4 and pay them later. Yes, this one’s too interest-free, simply make sure you pay back on time so that you don’t have to pay anything extra. You can also earn cashback on partner brands you love on Tabby. The interface of Tabby is pretty decent and minimal. 

Tabby has categories like beauty, home, gifts, travel, sports, baby, fashion, more, etc. You will be notified of the best shopping deals and can shop from brands like IKEA, 6th Street, CentrePoint, Adidas, GoldenScent, and many more.

5. AfterPay

Now AfterPay, the name itself suggests how it’s gonna help us. It’s a nice alternative to QuadPay or apps like QuadPay where you can buy things you want and pay for them later at your convenience. 

Apps Like QuadPay

It’s available in 6 countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. You can sign up to try it and you will shortly realize if you are approved or not. Once you have selected what to buy, simply at check out, make sure you choose AfterPay as a payment method.

If you are shopping in a store then simply add an AfterPay card to your digital wallet. You can pay in 4 partitions in over 6 months. Also, you will have smart limits to stay within budget which increases with on-time payments. And if you are late in paying back, it’s capped at 25% of the purchase price. 

6. Slice

Now this one is an Indian-based company and as the name suggests you can slice your bills and pay them later. You can slice them for over 3 months with no annual fees, hidden charges, or joining fees. 

Apps Like QuadPay

Slice helps you build your credit score and offers a credit limit from 10k to 10 lakh. You can buy the stuff you want to and pay for them later whenever you want. You also get cashback on every slice transaction you made. 

Furthermore, you certainly get discounts and cashback when you shop from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, swiggy, etc. 

Anyone above 18 can apply for a slice card and get insights on your spending habits, can also transfer money from your slice card to your bank account or Paytm within minutes. 

7. FuturePay

And here comes FuturePay. FuturePay is certainly a nice one among apps like QuadPay. This is also an India-based company and future pay is a digital wallet that you can utilize to buy all your accessories and other stuff from future group stores such as central brand factory, fbb, big bazaar, heritage fresh, easy day, and other stores. 

Apps Like QuadPay

FuturePay does make things really flexible, you can also link loyalty cards and earn loyalty points. FuturePay acts like just ready to use cash. Simply add some money using NetBanking, debit, or credit card and get assured of the best prices at their stores.

8. Splitit

And the 8th one in this article of apps like QuadPay is Splitit. Well the name itself makes it very obvious that you can split your purchase and pay the easy way. 

Apps Like QuadPay

One can use their existing credit card to shop and pay overtime keeping your payments low. You don’t have to go through tiring credit checkouts and there’s no interest charge or additional fee. 

It says it’s the only service that lets you use your current credit card with no charges. Like other services, you have to set up monthly payments so that you keep track of them and pay on time being responsible. And not to forget customers say it provides really good customer support or service.

9. PerPay App

The PerPay app is also a good one among apps like QuadPay that lets you buy now and pay later service and also helps you build your credit. 

Apps Like QuadPay

PerPay makes purchases more accessible and no credit check is required. One can shop from 1000+ top brands and stores, pay overtime in small amounts from each paycheck automatically, and each on-time payment helps you build your history and credit score. 

It’s one of the fastest-growing private companies and also increases credit score by an average of 39 points with PerPay. Well, that’s a simple way to improve your credit score without much hassle. 


These were some of the best apps like QuadPay which will help you out to buy your favorite stuff even if your pockets are a little tight. 

It’s fine using the above apps but paying back on time is generally advised to avoid getting trapped in a mess. Hope you found the article helpful and feel free to tell us if we missed any more good ones in the comment section. 

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