11 Surprisingly Good Apps Like Pinterest In 2022

Pinterest has become one of the most popular growing websites among web users, the best thing about the app is that you can use it on all the various platforms such as iPhones, iPads, and other Android devices, and for all of them they have been individually designed. The website lets you post images influenced by your ideas, interest, and hobbies through pins.

Apps Like Pinterest: 11 Amazing Alternatives You Should Check Out

Although Pinterest has become the show stealer very recently there are still a large number of other websites. Here is a list of other websites that you can use apart from Pinterest.

1. We heart It

Unlike Pinterest, this website is a more narrow spectrum and has specifically targeted the college-going female crowd. As soon as you open the website it shows you a collage of pretty, gaudy images, videos, and articles that share your interest and passion in fields like fashion, travel, cuisines, relationship, and psychological advice, lifestyles, and much more.  You can share and even send a love sign to the images or ideas that can elate your heart. However, it doesn’t let you pin or board.

You can also use it as a publishing platform for putting up articles that are related to a different genre, fiction, film reviews, travel blogs, or select a particular channel that  reminds you of college days TV shows

Download https://weheartit.com/

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2. Dude pins

As the name suggests this is a platform made for capturing and showcasing male areas of interest, still there is no such specificity, as most contents are related to racing cars, travel blogs, tailored suits, scotch whisky that has been deliberately tagged as “dude montages”

The best perk that is associated with it is the ease of getting the images, you just have to use the bookmark tool, in order to pin the images that you find worthy on the internet; and its category wise search option.

So more or less it is a personal board where you can surf and save pictures, videos, and images that catch your interest on the internet, talking about stuff like cigarettes, watches, lifestyles, and even; good brandy.

Download http://dudepins.com

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3. Dribbble

It is basically a designer’s hub or corner, whether you are aiming for graphic designing, interior and home décor, topography, and much more. it provides you a platform where you can showcase share your work and encourage and inspire yourself from the ideas of others related to your field. It also helps you get access if you want to hire designers for personal work or even if you are looking for renowned designers may be to seek an internship.

You can share your work samples in the form of a screenshot clicking on which further pages describing your work will open. It also has a large number app that lets you navigate through its free resources that are available, such as fribble, liiikes, jribble.

Download- https://dribbble.com/

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4. PearlTree

Like Pinterest, this site allows you to create a personal board of your collection of images, videos, documents, and websites, and like some of the above-mentioned sites its post are not targeting a particular group of audience, based on interest and gender. The desgine is although slightly different, and also that the app lets you find people with similar intrest and collections almost automatically. The recent development of the PearlTree in the PearlTrees Education, lets you avail the power of study material available on the internet. A kind of private space made for interaction of teachers and students, in schools to arrange their study material and resources.##

Download- http://www.pearltrees.com/education

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5. FoodGawker

Are you a foodie from the heart then probably you can relate the reflex action and enjoyment of starring at delicious mouth-watering dishes, short clips and videos of your favorite street food, or someone explaining your grandma’s dal makhani recipe,  you couldn’t decode.

Even if you are into food blogging, or live photography then probably it’s the best platform to take down perfect photos for your blogs or even upload your own creativity. You can channelize your search based on different categories like seafood, snacks, salads, breakfast, dinner, and many more. you can also share the most “gawked image” through Fb & Twitter handle.

download hthttps://foodgawker.com/

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6. Fancy

A kind of  Lumberoom if you have a fancy for buying unique products, then probably Fancy is the right place for you weird unique, handpicked, especially Gift items and ideas under different categories such as a Champagne puzzle, magnetic key holders, Amber glasses and many more that you don’t usually see on local shopping e sites. You can also filter out your search results based on your gender, budget, or one that’ll make them smile.

They also launch offers and discounts that are event directed, such as Christmas and New year or an end of season sale.

Download https://fancy.com/

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7. Hometalk

If interior designing and DIY ideas for home décor then probably you should explore this, although the basic ideas of pinning and surfing remain the same as in most of the apps like Pinterest, it has better and well-stocked ideas. There are some special home décor ideas through which you can transform your average looking courtyard and can also manage some space settings through DIY ideas. It has any opt for tiles designs gardening tips, windows and door stylings, bathroom suite and bidets, wall paint, and wallpapers all docked at one place and from all over the world.

Download https://www.hometalk.com/

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8. Juxtapost

In terms of features and user interface, juxtapost is an exact clone of the Pinterest app, it is an old age website that contains robust, interest catching ideas, belonging to different genres. Very much similar and quite a good competition of Pinterest if you don’t consider the ancient website design. It lets you add posts to your personal board and surf through other people’s posts and also add a comment.

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Download https://www.juxtapost.com/

9. VisualiseUs

VisualizeUs is another good platform if you love to create, influence, and even surf for home décor ideas. The user interface is the same as that of Pinterest. You can keep ideas, websites, and images on your personal boards and also share them with your friends. There are many feeds on interior designing and innovative furniture, jewelry boxes, faux fur blankets, unique shower curtains, and chandeliers This may prove to be a  good helping hand in terms of new ideas if you planning to renovate your house, giving it a luxurious new look.

Download- https://vi.sualize.us/

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10. Wanelo

The user interface of the website has been designed such that it will give you the feel of window shopping at some lavish mall, you will see the names of all big brands. A package of around 550K stores selling and showcasing more than 30 million products it has become a choice of many youngsters whose personal style don’t fit a particular category, or even that constant confusion of investing too much on something very petty just in the name of big brands, as it also has some small independent sellers who can never manage a store at those sky scrapping malls. the cherry on the cake is that you may also sell your product on the website

Download https://wanelo.com/

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So these were probably the best apps like Pinterest that you might consider surfing based on the different categories of interests and genre, or the audience that they target. Still, Pinterest remains to steal the limelight as the top websites that you can use to keep your pins on your personal board. And of recently it has also become a good marketing option especially if your product has a female customer base. And what attributes to its success is that it is a big spot and broad-spectrum, informative, inspiring, and yes no discrimination based on any prime membership, its evenly free for all

Tell us in the comment section if you know any other website that I might have overlooked!

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