12 Best Apps Like Funimate For Making Videos In 2022

Video-making apps are nowadays used by many for making their videos for various occasions to surprise family, friends, or for professional reasons. One such popular video maker is Funimate. Indeed, it is a good one and is used by many. 

Funimate provides you with some great features and makes editing relatively easy, however, since you are here we discern you are on the hunt for apps like Funimate. 

And you must be knowing very well there are tons of apps for video editing and that there are apps like Funimate that are worth digging into. Therefore we have listed some best apps like Funimate to make memories and create outstanding videos and bring life to them. 

What Are The Best Apps Like Funimate?

Below are the best apps like Funimate which will let you create fantastic videos.

1. Lomotif

If you wanna create some cool and amazing short videos Lomotif is one of the best apps like Funimate to do that. The app has got really popular in a short period and over 250 million people have downloaded it worldwide. 

Apps Like Funimate

You can instantly create nice short videos from your camera roll itself and add your favorite music or song to it. Its built-in editor is pretty easy to use and you can trim and edit videos quite quickly.

Yeah, there are two formats available- square and landscape. You can add titles that are in various fonts and also emojis to make it real good and expressive. 

Lomotif also provides you with 7 great filters that you can utilize to color your videos. Also, you can format your short videos in just a few seconds and hyper-lapse and fast-mo effects make your videos more interesting. Moreover, sharing your videos on other social platforms is also easy. 

2. Firework

Find, create and share 30 seconds videos with firework. This site also posts its original content and creating videos here is super fun. Just like many other apps, Firework is also a 30 seconds short video form platform.

Apps Like Funimate

You can explore new content, creators, and innovative storytelling experience. You will have a nice experience using this app and it keeps up with your busy schedule and you. All the tools for creating and designing are simplified because of which you can easily put your creativity and bring out great videos in just a few seconds. 

Everything here is pretty curated with inspiration, entertainment, and all the latest videos of other artists. Also don’t miss the unique talents shared by artists, athletes, comedians, etc. One can also follow their favorite creator and repost to their profile. 

3. Instagram

Now, this app is not new to anyone. Almost everyone is on Instagram and knows that it connects closer to people and the things you love. You can share all your daily stuff, routine to your day’s highlights. 

Apps Like Funimate

You must also be aware of this new feature of Instagram reels that has already become very popular that lets you create short videos and share them. 

Bring life into your videos with all the rich special camera effects, and also background music, lots of face filters, and stickers. One can upload their video clip and let others explore you in their feed. One can explore millions of videos made by others and share any of the Instagram reels with your friends. Instagram reels are pretty good and are used by many to get their shot videos done pleasantly. 

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4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another popular one among apps like Funimate and is a nice one to create some video edits. It has some powerful tools and makes it easy to use and create memes, videos pictures, music, stickers, and great sound effects.

Apps Like Funimate

Also, you can edit your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook videos in the best way possible and make it fun. It’s not only a video editor but also a movie scene maker. It has stunning video effects and sharing on other social apps is pretty easy. Unquestionably, you can choose this one as an alternative to Funimate. 

Some of its features are pro video trimmer and cutter, various color filters, crop videos with preferred aspect ratio, HD quality, a keyframe animation tool to adjust direction, speed, record own voiceovers, 1000 different music styles, numerous text styles and fonts, and lot more. 

5. Magisto

Now in this list of apps like Funimate, we have magisto, another amazing app to create your wonderful videos and edit them. I have used this one many times and certainly would recommend you to consider it. 

Apps Like Funimate

It simply takes a few minutes to create your slideshows, videos, and collages with a variety of effects and music. Magisto’s smart editor edits all your pictures or media cleverly, and adds beauty to it with all the graphics, music, stickers, and makes an eye-catching video. 

There are many templates to use for various occasions like birthdays, event invitations, anniversaries, and many more. Can also bring humor to your videos by adding colorful stickers, and customizing your videos with several colors, fonts, text sizes, orienting, cut- trim, and merge. 

If you want to enhance your videos more you can opt for its monthly premium or professional plan which gives you many more features. 

6. Viva Video

Viva video is yet another commonly used video editing app and is a decent one for apps like Funimate. The app has some great features in its free version too and doesn’t disappoint you. It has all the video editing features like cut, trim, crop, merge, add music, soundtrack, stickers, text, and titles. 

Apps Like Funimate

Create your videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some key features of the viva video editor are transitions like glitch video effects and connecting clips smoothly, merging multiple clips and photos in one click, high-quality free music, awesome 3D effects, and exporting video/movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K.

Viva video editor is generally a nice video editor and makes editing quick and easy. Also has a subscription plan for additional features. 

7. TikTok

TikTok doesn’t require any introduction I suppose as we all know how popular it is among youth these days and people make all kinds of videos here from funny to meaningless to amazing. One can make short-form videos on various genres like comedy, dance, academics, and the duration is usually 30 sec to 3 minutes. 

Apps Like Funimate

With TikTok, you can create your own videos that often have music in the background and edit with various filters and effects and speed up or slow down the video and upload them on various social handles or TikTok to other users. 

Popular these days, you can also lip-sync to several popular songs and show your little or more acting skills. You can draft them if you don’t want to upload them yet and react to others’ videos by commenting, etc. You can either keep yourself private or public. 

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8. DubSmash

DubSmash is yet another well-known app that is used by many and has more than 100 million downloads. DubSmash is fun to use and if you are good at lip-syncing then this one’s for you. 

Apps Like Funimate

One can make some awesome lip sync videos with this app on various quotes or movie dialogues or scenes and entertain your friends with those memes. DubSmash has a huge collection of various dialogues and quotes from numerous movies, TV shows, and series from around the world. 

Simply download the app, find your favorite quote, create a lip sync dub of it and share it and edit it a little, and share it with your friends. That’s how simple it is with DubSmash as the name suggests. 

9. Kine master

Kinemaster is also a distinguished app that is used worldwide by 100+ million users. If you are looking for Funimate alternatives then kinemaster is also a good one you can choose to create your videos. The app is completely free to use however you can unlock many more features by buying one of its plans. 

Apps Like Funimate

The app has lots of downloadable content and powerful tools which make video making super fun and easy. Features of kinemaster include import and export projects, tools to cut, splice, and crop your videos, merge videos and photos and edit them with filters, stickers, texts, etc. 

One can also add music, voiceover, soundtracks, and there are 2500+ transitions and you can save your videos in 4K 2160p at 30FPS. Kinemaster is certainly loved by journalists, educators, vloggers, marketers, and creators for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Its premium plan is also worth it. 

10. VideoShow

And now the last one in our list of apps like Funimate is VideoShow which is no less than others above apps and is loved by people globally to create some awesome videos. 

Apps Like Funimate

VideoShow is a vlog, intro, and animated video editor with music. It offers excellent video editing features just like other apps. Powerful video editing tools include splicing, merging, zoom in or out, video dubbing, doodling, themes, filters, stickers, soundtracks FX, etc. 

One can make slideshows or videos quickly and add background music or local songs from your device too and it has stunning filters, fade in or fade out features, and add multiple kinds of music to your videos. The app is probably good and a decent one to make your videos. 


These were some of the best apps like Funimate and if you like creating and editing videos then you can consider the above ones for sure and they will certainly keep you up.

We hope you found the article helpful and let us know which one do you feel is best among the above apps. 

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