8 Best Apps Like Albert For Mobile Banking In 2022

Banking and finances are quite puzzling and tiring in our lives. All the paperwork for loans or any other stuff is something really annoying. However, many banking applications help you manage your finances and see through your growth in it. 

Also, there are times when you need some extra cash before your paycheck. Maybe this month’s expenditure was quite high or for some other reason. Well, there are apps like Albert for such purpose.

Albert is one of the best apps to manage, save, invest, and bank. You can get up to $250 from your next paycheck and there’s no interest or other fees. It also lets you track your spending and earning and guides you where to invest with the geniuses they have. 

If you felt like looking out for other apps like Albert and since your presence tells us so, you are on the right page. As we have listed some best apps like Albert which are worth considering. 

Here’s The List Of Best Apps Like Albert

Below are the 8 best apps like Albert you can check out and see how they aid you in financing. 

1. Acorns

The first one on our list of apps like Albert is Acorns. It is an American financial technology and services company that works in micro-investing and Robo- investing. Micro-investing can be defined as the tally of the values devoted to retirement. 

Apps Like Albert

Acorns was initiated by the pair of Walter Wemple Cruttenden III and Jeffrey James Cruttenden in 2012. It is to underline private investing, as it is inception, they have expanded to checking account service and retirement IRA products.

With Acorns, you are gonna invest in your retirement, kids, future, and also grow your knowledge in this field. Your banking will become smarter with Acorns and also earn referral bonuses, many rewards. Acorns make investing very easier and are secure enough. It’s certainly a good one to consider in apps like Albert. 

2. CreditKarma

Credit Karma is yet another great one in this list of apps like Albert and is worth considering to manage your finances and banking. It helps you improve your credit score and gives your reports for free. You can control and see how you can build and what affects your credit score and there are no hidden fees. 

Apps Like Albert

Features of Credit Karma include free ID monitoring, free credit monitoring, personalized approval odds, best credit card offers, personalized home loan offers, everything becomes auto, personal loan shopping, and many more. It’s a great app to deal with your finances conveniently and make your financial progress.

3. Dave

Dave is another one among apps like Albert that governs your checking account and gives emphasis to overdraft protection and charges $1 monthly. It lends you a $75 loan with no interest, however, only if you have a stable job with a steady paycheck.

Apps Like Albert

You can also apply for jobs in the economic sector. It is best suited for those who don’t monitor their finances much. if you select Dave banking you will get 32000 fee-free ATMs for which you don’t have any overdraft fees or minimum deposit.

It has two payback options that are either you can pay back earlier on time or else the app will collect from the user’s next deposit paycheck. It is best suited for those who don’t monitor their finances much.

4. MoneyLion

It will rid financial obstacles with their blended financial hub and application. MoneyLion offers you mobile banking, instant cash with no interest that’s up to $250, and free credit monitoring to enhance your credit. There are no maintenance fees and balances so you can easily invest and anyone can open a MoneyLion account. 

Apps Like Albert

If you are willing to boost Your credit and want to combine your Bank investment and installment loan accounts then Money Lion’s the best choice for you. Also, you can earn rewards using a Roar Money account or MoneyLion app and obtain an advance paycheck or instant cash up to $50 at 0% APR. 

It provides Credit Builder Plus that’s very helpful for small businesses or small credit builder loans that are up to $1000. After you sign up you are enrolled in the MoneyLion Roar Money free checking account and MoneyLion Manage investment account. Then you can refer to a builder Plus account and also can customize your investment portfolio.

5. Affirm

Affirm isn’t exactly a payday loan alternative or one in apps like Albert but does help you financially. It’s more like a “buy now and pay later” one. 

Apps Like Albert

If you need to fund a large expense and to keep track of your expenses then affirm can be a nice choice. You can split your purchase into installments and pay them back seeing what schedule fits your best- a three, six, or twelve months plan. And Affirm loans interest rate varies from 0% to 30%. 

6. Possible Finance

Possible Finance is also a nice one among apps like Albert to manage your financial banking and uplift it. With Possible Finance, you can borrow money up to $500 as a $100 advance paycheck may not always be enough. This app lets you build credit and avoid overdraft fees and also gives you access to affordable money instantly. 

Apps Like Albert

Applying for a loan has simple steps here and once approved it comes straight into your account. Also, it gives you flexible repayment options. You can pay back in multiple repayment options in your next few paychecks. Possible Finance will not check your Fico or Vantage or credit score and simply link it to your checking account. 

7. Brigit

Brigit is relatively fair among apps like Albert that offer a paycheck advance of up to $250 without interest. To qualify for Brigit you should have a Brigit score that should be either more than 70 or at least 70 and it calculates this by looking at your banking history, income, and spending history. 

Apps Like Albert

It aids in preventing overdraft fees with the automatic advances feature where it automatically transfers the money to cover the shortcomings. For most of its features to have access we need to pay a $9.99 monthly fee and not everyone is eligible to sign up

8. Chime

Chime isn’t exactly a payday advance app however unlike traditional banking methods this app makes banking very flexible. Once you sign up here you will have spending and saving accounts along with a debit card. 

Apps Like Albert

The best thing about chime is it is free to use giving you convenient features. You can also overdraft your account up to $100with the “SpotMe” feature and that’s also for free with no charge. After you receive your pay they will deduct it from the account. This app sure makes banking easier. 


Above were some of the best apps like Albert and have their features to improve your credit score and uplift you financially. All of them are pretty good and can be considered by visiting the site and learning a little more about them. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have suggestions in the comment section. 

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