9 Best Keylogger for Android To Use In 2022

A keylogger is an app that records and tracks keystrokes on someone’s phone or computer. This is used on both hardware and software devices and keyloggers are used when someone is in possession of sensitive information, to keep track of kids, along with its many more uses. Every keystroke made by a person who has a keylogger installed is recorded and given to the person who installed it. These apps are great to keep track of information and people the people that you care about.

What is a Keylogger for Android?

A keylogger comes in many forms. A keylogger for android is an app that is installed on a person’s phone to track every keystroke that is made by them on their device, the information is then given to the person who installed the application. These are spy apps so the person whose information is being tracked would generally not be aware of the application being present on their phone.

Since a lot of people use an Android phone, it would be easy to install the application. Also, the person who would get the information would be able to access everything from passwords, texts, messages to even Google searches. Keylogger for Android basically gives access to almost all information about a person and lets you in on their secret world.

Uses of Keylogger Apps in Android

There are a lot of uses for keylogger apps. They can be used to protect and track sensitive information about minors from going into the wrong hands, in cases of emergency, these apps can be very helpful. If any illegal activity takes place, a keylogger would provide all the information about a person no matter what kind of application they use on their phone.

9 Best Keylogger For Android

Here are the best keylogger for Android:

1. FlexiSPY

FliexiSPY is considered to be one of the best keylogger apps for Android because of how many functions it is able to perform at once. It works across social media channels, search engines, etc.

The app organizes the information itself and puts them into boxes that are different for each application. It is perfect to keep your child, friend, and employees in check. In fact, if you are considering getting a keylogger, FlexiSPY is probably the best app to get!

keylogger for android

2. Spyic

When it comes to keylogger apps for Android, Spyic is as deep as it goes, this will give all kinds of information about your target including their texts, searches, passwords, and even calculator. All the information is curated carefully and you are even given the time at which a particular text or message has been sent. The updates are pretty quick on the application so if you need to take swift action in certain situations, this the app to go to.

keylogger for android

3. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is probably the best application when it comes to monitoring kids’ activities. Not only does it provide the regular features of a keylogger application but you can also track all phone calls made from a particular device whether it be an outgoing call or an incoming one. You can track up to 5 devices from a single account and you are essentially invisible to the person who is being tracked. The only setback here is that you would need to install this application on the target phone physically as it cannot be installed remotely.

keylogger for android

4. mSpy

mSpy is the perfect application for emergencies. It is one of the top applications when it comes to keylogger applications for Android and for good reason. It provides all the regular functions of a keylogger so that you are updated with the life of whoever you choose to install the application on. Along with this, you also get to track the GPS location of your target at all times so that you know that they are safe. This app is perfect for kids as it also gives you access to their history but you need to have the premium version installed to carry out a lot of tasks.

keylogger for android

5. Minspy

Minspy is the app that you want to have if you don’t want to put too much effort or you are just not a techy person. Like most keylogger apps, you don’t need to root the phone that you want the keylogger on. Minspy offers a plethora of services that you would love and you go completely unnoticed. You track and record phone calls, see messages, and see what they are looking for all without the person’s knowledge.

keylogger for android

6. Cocospy

Cocospy is your regular keylogger app that offers all the services requires to keep an eye on your loved one. With Cocospy, you would be able to see a person’s messages across several social media platforms, their searches, and other online activity. This app is great if you want to make sure that your kid is not hiding anything from you and that you are up to date with their lives and whatever they do.

keylogger for android

7. uMobix

uMobix is also one of the best keylogger apps for Android because it goes the extra mile that you have all the information that you need about your loved one. Yes, it provides all the usual functions of keylogger applications but with an extra touch. You can now also look up the words that you are worried about your child or loved one using! The application works even on incognito mode so you have nothing to worry about. The updates are quick and you get all the information from the moment it is installed on the target phone.

keylogger for android

8. iKeyMonitor

If you want access to all the information on the target’s phone, it does not get better than this application. It will give you access to all key logs, calls, GPS, and even images and videos sent and saved on the target’s phone. The application is pretty simple and straightforward to use.

keylogger for android

9. KidsGuard Pro

This app is also simple and easy to use. It gives all standard information that is required and even works on a clipboard platform. You can even lookup particular words that you want to know your target uses. You would go unnoticed; the app provides quick and accurate updates.

keylogger for android


That wraps up keylogger apps for Android. These apps will help you in keeping track of the people that you love and your kids.

Each application has a standard set of information they provide with some of them going the extra mile to provide you with some exclusive set of information. It is up to you to decide which one works best for you and what caters to your needs!

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